Fox Blocks Curricular

Term 2, 2017

B Blocks: Build me a Story

Once upon a time there was a tale of construction, team work, and problem solving, but the story doesn't end there. We need a team to build some traditional tales from the ground up! Will the story finish the way it does in legend, or will we build an alternate ending? All I have left to say is this is story telling the Fox Blocks way!

ConStruct: Building History

From the Romans, who built the first roads, to modern towers that reach to the stars, we have a rich history when it comes to building some of the greatest structures ever known! There have been statues that soared above the townsfolk below and other ancient buildings, like the Pyramids in Egypt & the Great Wall of China, that are still around today! Join us this term as we dive into history, investigate these wonderful structures, and build our little piece of history.

iBuild: World Wonders

Through the course of history, mankind has build some impressive structures. Some, like the Great Pyramids of Egypt are still with us today... others, like the Colossus of Rhodes and Hanging Gardens of Babylon were reduced to rubble a long time ago. This term, as we build recreations of World Wonders we will discover the highs and lows of civilization through great feats of construction, temples, statues, towers, bridges, and tombs. Come along and fill your mind with wonder!

C-Zone: Rolling into Robotics

This term we head into the computer age! Thanks to the programmable brick by Lego, we will be able to build, and program, a robot to take simple instructions. We will learn how to program commands into the special brick and incorporate these instructions into the robots we build. This term-long project will engage the mind and stretch the imagination into the future of robotics.

Term 1, 2017

B Blocks: Marvellous Machines

This term we’ll create marvellous machines for air, sea, land and space travel as we construct and explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths concepts. Each week, we will combine your imagination with our selection of Lego Duplo, Goldie Blox, Tech Machines, Superstructs, and more to build our machines. We’ll also learn about the design process and develop our team work skills as we solve problems together. It’ll be Marvellous.

ConStruct: Moving on Through

We use technology everyday to move things from one place to another. Cars, wagons, trains and trolleys. This term we’ll dive into this STEM unit by conducting Science experiments and understanding the Technology behind movement. We'll Engineer mechanisms to help us move, and see how Maths can be useful for moving materials. We'll build vehicles, paddle boats, wells, marble runs, and steering mechanisms in teams as we play with inclined planes, wheels, axles, chassis, and more. Moving has never been this fun!

iBuild: Junior Robotics: Animal Antics

If you would like a taste of what robotics is all about, and you love working with Lego, then this is the unit for you! This term we will be combining gears, levers, pulleys, sensors, and motors with basic Lego bricks to create robots that we can program and control. From a silent & still crocodile waiting to make his move, to an animal band tuned up and ready to play, each week we'll be telling the story of the animal antics. Junior Robotics lays the foundation of coding and programming with a solid understanding of sequencing and logic. A typical lesson will start with coding concepts, then teams will build the model for the lesson, finishing with programming the model ready to show off to our grown up.

C-Zone: Rollercoaster Physics

This term, we'll learn about the physics behind one of the most favoured thrill rides of all time as we build and test roller coasters and marble runs. We'll introduce the students to scientific concepts such as: projectile motion, 3-D measurement, forces, acceleration, and energy in a super fun way. Each week, we'll work together to build models, primarily with K'Nex and FischerTechnik, then we'll experiment, test, and solidify our understanding of STEM principles. All the thrills of riding a rollercoaster without even leaving the floor!

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