Fox Blocks Curricular

Term 3, 2018

B Blocks: Marvellous Machines

This term we’ll create marvellous machines for air, sea, land and space travel as we construct and explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths concepts. Each week, we will combine your imagination with our selection of Lego Duplo, Goldie Blox, Tech Machines, Superstructs, and more to build our machines. We’ll also learn about the design process and develop our team work skills as we solve problems together. It’ll be Marvellous.




ConStruct: The Need for Speed

Do you feel the need for speed? Join us this term in this revved-up unit to discover how cars, boats, planes, and other man-made machines keep getting faster and faster... We'll watch video clips of professionals in action as whey whizz around circuits in record time... Get in quick, or you might miss it!



iBuild: Junior Robotics: Mechanical Mayhem

If you would like a taste of what robotics is all about, and you love working with Lego to build new and interesting contraptions, then this is the unit for you! This term we will be combining gears, levers, pulleys, sensors, and motors with basic Lego bricks to create robots that we can program. From a silent & still crocodile, waiting to make his move, to a soccer goalie making that spectacular save in the cup final, we will have fun programming our robots and solving some problems along the way.



C-Zone: Robotics in Space

The countdown is complete, it’s time to explore Mars using Lego's programmable brick. We'll build a Martian lander, various rover models, and design the right program for our models to carry out tasks just like the pro's. We'll learn about the real Mars missions as we build and discover the possibilities and pitfalls of these dangerous missions. This futuristic unit will be out of this world!


Term 4, 2018

B Blocks: Higher, Stronger, Longer

This term we are challenging limits and setting records as we explore STEM through constructing higher towers, building stronger houses, and making machines go for longer. Each week we will work together in teams to build the tallest, strongest, furthest, largest, and longest solutions to our problems. Each week we will combine your imagination with our selection of Lego Duplo, Roominate, Quadrilla and more as we seek to live out the motto "Altius, Fortius, Diu". Are you up for the challenge?




ConStruct: I've Got the Power

We use power every day, but where does it come from? Hydro, Solar, Wind, and Chemical energy are the focal point of our construction projects this term as we build models that move. Lego, K'Nex, Fischer Technik, and many other materials will build our understanding of energy and power, whilst continuing to develop team work and problem solving skills. Have you got the power?



iBuild: Bridgeneering

This term we will investigate real bridges from around the world, learn their history, look at how they were made, and then construct them from K'Nex! We will build the Sydney Harbour Arch Bridge, London's Bascule Bridge, Sydney's ANZAC [Cable-Stayed] Bridge, Brisbane's [Cantilever] Story Bridge and more! We will investigate the strength of these bridges, how they hold their load, identify their differences, and find out why they are so different. Are you ready to cross over to the other side?



C-Zone: Outback Engineering

Choose the Lapis, and the story ends here. Choose the redstone and you'll discover how deep the mineshaft really goes! From earthquakes and volcanoes to mining and drilling, it's all here. We'll construct machines, extract gems, mine minerals, drill deep and unearth something oresome!


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