April 2019 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for April 2019 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • A Hoppy Lego Easter
5 to 10 years Hop into this Easter this year with your Lego building skills tuned up and ready to go. We'll create with colour, build with bricks, and make sure there are plenty of bunnies and eggs to make this Easter Lego creation as hoppy as can be!
  • A World Made of Bricks
5 to 10 years As the world becomes more global, it is the differences in our cities that makes them stand apart. From the unique to the extraordinary, from Sydney's Opera House, to the floating city of Venice. In this workshop, we will discover where some of the world's most famous landmarks can be found, then get to work recreating them from Lego. Architecture, Travel, Discovery, Engineering, and Design all in 90 minutes!
  • Archaeology Rocks: Egypt
6 to 12 years So much history contained in one location. Great Pyramids reaching to the sky with tunnels and treasures buried underneath. This is one workshop where archaeology, geology, and engineering collide in the shadow of a truly great, and lasting, ancient wonder. Are you ready to rock Egypt?
  • Bilbies Easter Burrow
4 to 7 years The Easter Bunny is on holiday this year and his friend Bilby is helping out. We need to make Bilby's burrow ready for the eggstravaganza and help organise the Easter Games (Bush Olympics) for the rest of the animals. Lots of creativity and energy required!!
  • Bubble Bounce & Blow
4 to 7 years Balloon games, balloon tricks, bubble science, and loads more! Join in the fun as we bounce off the walls, blow up BIG balloons, and explore the possibilities. A surprising number of activities packed into 90 minutes for enquiring minds and active bodies.
  • City on the Moon
4 to 7 years In the not-too-distant future, humans may actually be setting up a colony in space! So, what are we waiting for? Come along to this workshop that is out of this world. We'll learn about space and what's out there, then we'll construct a city for futuristic lunar living. The countdown has started; will you be a part of the crew?
  • Delicious: Cupcake Art*
4 to 7 years Come decorate your own delicious cupcakes ready for Easter. When our cupcakes are at their magnificent best, we will paint their portraits. Learn some simple decorating techniques such as piping, and using rolled icing. Something to eat and something to keep. Sweet fun.
  • Drawing Swords
8 to 14 years Swords, daggers, wands and more from the fantasy realms will be our illustration subjects. In this drawing workshop you will learn techniques for rendering realist looking armoury. Use graphite, inks and metallic mediums and a variety of tools. Your finished artworks will be display ready.
  • Drawn to Art: Ocean Deep
6 to 12 years Draw and illustrate a metre long artwork as we explore the ocean depths. Go deeper as we explore each zone. Draw inhabitants real or imagined. A workshop for those who like to draw in detail. Includes tips for drawing with pens, ink and graphite. Dive in.
  • Drawn to Art: Wild Woods
6 to 12 years A story calls to be told. Enter the wild woods and get ready to draw. Your artwork will build layer by layer. Use of a variety of drawing tools; pens, pencils, markers, charcoal and graphite to build a dimensional artwork suitable for shadow box framing.
  • Dream Horses
8 to 14 years Create your own beautiful horse inspired dream catcher. Creative weaving with natural strings, beads, feathers, charms and gems.
  • Easter Detective*
4 to 7 years Easter is just around the corner and disaster has struck. Literally! Dr. Disaster has taken all the chocolate eggs and has left very little evidence. We need a keen crew of junior investigators who are up to the task of searching for clues, and solving the mystery. We'll play some training games, then work together to solve the mystery and find where Dr. Disaster has hidden the eggs. If the quest is solved, this workshop may contain a chocolate treat at the end. This is the only edible part of this workshop, a non food alternative will be available.
  • Eggstravaganza*
6 to 12 years Join in the fun of this pun filled Easter workshop. Eggs everywhere. Make an eggsellent basket of coloured, marbled and dyed boiled eggs. Paint your own porcelain for Easter and a make an eggstreme egghead.
  • Energy Quest: Hydraulics
8 to 12 years Come and join the quest as we search for ways to harness the energy of water, air, and oil. We'll experiment with the properties of hydraulic and pneumatic substances and discover the secrets of those hidden sources of energy. We will also build a working hydraulic model to take home.
  • Engineering Challenge: Formula 1
6 to 12 years Are you up for a challenge? At the top of the world of Engineering is Formula 1. Vehicle racing at it's finest. Aerodynamics, speed, power, grip, and stability. First, we will understand what it takes to design a Formula 1 car, then step into the gauntlet. If you come to this workshop, you will have to be armed with your imagination & creativity.
  • Erupt: Volcano Art
10 to 15 years Art in awe of the forces of nature. Paint a mixed media artwork exploring the use of texture and flow mediums using a variety of tools. Explore the use of colour for dramatic efects.
  • Escape Quest: Easter Bunny Lockout
8 to 12 years The countdown has started. Easter is just around the corner and a certain Bunny has been locked out of the egg factory! Join puzzle master Justin as we find the hidden meaning, work as a team, and solve problems to escape this horrible situation! If the escape is solved, this workshop may contain a chocolate treat at the end. This is the only edible part of this workshop, a non-food alternative will be available.
  • Fairy Art: Autumn Fashion
4 to 7 years The fairy designers have some beautiful materials and lovely colours to choose from for our Autumn collection. Paint a beautiful fairy dress and wings, add sparkle, shimmer and shine. Make some jewellery and add colour to your accessories.
  • Ink Antarctica
12 to 17 years An art workshop featuring techniques for using inks. The natural environment of Antarctica inspires us. Capture its differing moods with ink effects. Then the animals that inhabit the extremes of the land, sea and air will be our subjects. Take home 2-3 artworks and practise sheets.
  • Kapla Kids: World Wonders
6 to 12 years We are on a world tour of some of the worlds best known buildings and constructions. In this workshop, we will have over 5000 Kapla construction planks to recreate some of these amazing structures in 2-D and 3-D. The best part is, when the construction tour is over, there will still be plenty of time for some KAPLA free building so we can create our own world wonders too!
  • Lego Movie Master
8 to 14 years If Lego was made for building, then the Minifig was made to star in Stop Motion animations! They do what they are told, work long hours, and don't complain about the pay! If you would like to see what it takes to make your very own mini Lego movie, then this is the place for you!
  • Lost Cities of Lego: Hogwarts Hall
6 to 12 years Welcome explorers and muggles alike. This is your chance to follow in the footsteps of the great wizards of our age by building your own slice of magic. Moving stairways, hidden passages, and grand halls are just the beginning as we piece together this stunning work of architecture.
  • Mad Science: Slime Time*
6 to 12 years Oh no! Dr Parsec Supernova is back in the lab and I just heard her say "It's time for slime". We need some capable assistants to help make sure the slime doesn't get out of control! Sticky, slimey, science fun that will make time fly!
  • Manga & More
8 to 14 years A workshop for those who love to draw Manga characters and would like to gain techniques for drawing the tricky bits - hands and feet, action poses, and other challenging things. Take home a character artwork and practise sheets to continue with at home.
  • Mr McGregger’s Garden
4 to 7 years Have you seen Peter Rabbit? He’s in Mr McGreggor’s garden again! Creep in and join him for some gardening surprises. We will paint and plant up a little veggie pot, make a scarecrow, hear a story and look for Peter’s lost shoes. Most of all watch out for Mr McGreggor.
  • Pokemon Paper Caper
5 to 10 years The Pokemon have escaped and are running riot. We need a crew of special detectives ready to help us catch them all! We'll learn to draw your favourites as we create "wanted" posters to display and craft an army of origami pocket monsters to help round up the stragglers.
  • Print Maker Studio
8 to 14 years Enter the printmakers' studio and explore some wonderful techniques for making artworks. Construct a collagraph and pull prints in difering colours. Use gel plates with stencils to print monotypes and and carve a stamp.
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow
4 to 7 years Make rainbows with prisms, crystals and more and mix and all the colours of the rainbow in this art meets science workshop for those who love colour. Lots of mixing, making and experimenting. Take home a painted artwork and more.
  • Sweet Sculpture: Easter Edition*
8 to 14 years For those with a sweet tooth who love a good presentation. Using chocolate and other sweet treats we'll design, mold and assemble an amazing, edible 3 dimensional artwork for display. And yes! All the family can enjoy it too!
  • The Flower Pressed Project
6 to 12 years Pressing flowers to use in your projects is lots of fun. In this workshop explore some ideas for using your pressed flowers. There will be lots of pre-pressed flowers to choose from, or bring some of your own. Complete 2 works ready for display and get ideas for many more.
  • The Great Chocolate Heist*
5 to 10 years It's Easter soon, and Dr Nasty has stolen all the chocolate eggs in Brisbane! We'll look for clues, analyse the evidence, and hopefully solve the mystery. Fingerprints and codes, footprints and puzzles. Join us on a great chocolate adventure! If the mystery is solved, this workshop may contain a chocolate treat at the end. This is the only edible part of this workshop, a non food alternative will be available.
  • Think it, Build it, Move it
4 to 7 years If you can think it, you can build it with our massive collection of Lego, K'Nex, Kiditec, and more! Join us as we build a fleet of cars, trucks, planes and boats and see what they can carry. We'll conduct tests to see which vehicles are best suited for moving different objects, how much they can carry, and how fast they can go. Come along and stretch your imagination in a constructive way.
  • Unicorn Art: Watercolour Magic
5 to 10 years The magic of watercolour and unicorns combine. Play with watercolours - marbeling, blooming, squirting and spraying to create artworks of these magical horses. Mix colours and add sparkle. Make 3 beautiful pictures to decorate a special place.
  • Watercolour Botanicals
10 to 15 years Art using watercolour techniques with a botanical theme. Drawing using pressed specimens and photos will be tried. Techniques will be developed in using Ecoline markers and water pens. Some experimental watercolour techniques will be explored.
  • Where in the World?
5 to 10 years Since the first Global Positioning Satellite was launched in 1978, we have gradually increased our ability to locate anyone, and anything in the world. Test your knowledge, skill, and problem solving ability as we attempt to answer the question "Where in the World?" We'll play a game of global hide and seek, then head out on a virtual treasure hunt in this modern take on a fun school yard game.

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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