July 2019 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for July 2019 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • A SPACE to Explore *
5 to 10 years Are you ready to blast off on a new adventure? We'll see what life is like in space, discover what it takes to make it into space, and craft a space habitat ready for our journey. By the time we are done, you will be able to see just how much space there is still left to explore!
  • A Splash of Colour
8 to 14 years Squish, squash, splatter and splash in this painting workshop all about colour and design. Paint a bright and colourful canvas artwork and be inspired by wonderful abstract artists. Learn about composition and colour. Most of all have fun with art.
  • A Sunburnt Sky: Introduction to Oils
8 to 14 years Guided by our teaching artist, learn techniques in using use oil paints with a variety of tools, including brushes and palette knives. Paint an Australian landscape to make an original artwork.
  • A Winters Tale
6 to 12 years An art based workshop inspired by wonderful stories and pictures from frozen worlds. Use lots of whites, greys and silvers to make a wonderful 3D artwork, matted and ready for framing.
  • Abrakadoodle
5 to 10 years Things are not always what they seem. The art of optical illusion is full of surprises and things to discover. Drawing and more. Make 3 artworks to amaze.
  • Brick Bending:Lego with a Twist!
8 to 12 years Take brick building to another level in this workshop as we master techniques for building curves, arches, circles, and other non-standard creations. Whether you are a beginner with Lego or a black-belt builder, you will surely leave with new ideas for use with your own Lego collections.
  • Cartography:The art of Maps
6 to 12 years On Ancient maps cartographers showed unexplored areas that held sea monsters and sirens. Ships were wrecked, treasure lost and found. Join us as to make your own fantasy map in the style of these ancient treasures. Age your paper and explore techniques using pen, inks and markers.
  • CheckMate
8 to 14 years Kings and Queens, you are invited to a game maker workshop that will have you planning and plotting, crafting and creating. Come to this workshop and you can build your team from the ground up, design your board, and get hooked on one of the world's oldest games. Now it's your move...
  • Curious Kids
4 to 7 years Are you a curious kid? Do you often wonder about the smallest things on our planet right up to the biggest things in the sky? We'll answer some interesting questions, search for the facts, and try to uncover the Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How! We'll use magnifying glasses, take part in hands-on experiments, and travel the globe all without leaving the classroom.
  • Dinosaurs in Disguise
4 to 7 years Who’s that over there?? With the very large feet? Wearing flashing shoes and dancing to the beat. Is it a dinosaur? Which one? Come and join in the fun as the dinosaurs reveal their true identities. There will be stomping and sneaking, music and mayhem, craft and creating.
  • Engineering Challenge Minecraft
6 to 12 years It's time for another Engineering challenge, but this time we will tackle the task in three dimensions. We'll take the tech out of the game and bring it into the real world as we see how Minecraft was designed using real engineering ideas. Pistons and circuits are just the beginning of how this game will challenge our thinking. Are you up for the challenge?
  • Gotham City Gadgets
5 to 10 years Enter the Bat-Lab if you dare. We are developing some new crime-fighting gadgets, but we need your help. If you are up for the task, we will test your credentials, then craft up some goodie gadgets to help stop the baddies. There will be costumes for our crusaders and tools for our belt. Follow the sign in the sky and you will be right where you need to be.
  • Gravity Matters
5 to 10 years From the time when Galileo was observing the universe to Einstein and his theories of all things Physics, gravity has remained constant. If you would like to unpack the question of 'Why?' then this is the workshop for you. We'll investigate Orbital mechanics, forces, and gravity all without leaving the planet!
  • Heroes of the Night
4 to 7 years It's dangerous at night and we need heroes and heroines to save the streets. Just pull on your mask and you are ready to go! We'll develop our hero character, decide on special abilities, activate our special powers, and jump into action. Come dressed in your PJ's and get ready to shout "hooray" because in the night we save the day!
  • High Tea at the Palace
4 to 7 years You are cordially invited join the Queen for a fabulous high tea at the Palace. We’ll dress for the occasion, prepare the table and present the food. We’ll decorate the cupcakes, make some tiny treats and craft a beautiful high tea stand.
  • Impressionist Landscape
12 to 17 years The landscape has inspired artists for hundreds of years. Follow the lead of the Impressionist painters and look for colour and form. An acrylic painting workshop using a variety of tools including brushes and palette knives.
  • Kawaii: Cartooning Cute
6 to 12 years Kawaii is the Japanese art of cuteness. In this cartooning workshop we'll add 'cuteness' to everything. Use markers to draw your characters then add stickers and more to make them even cuter. Lots of drawing fun.
  • Kittens in Mittens
4 to 7 years An art and craft workshop for kids who love kittens. Inspired by the classic tale of 3 Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens. We’ll draw, paint and make a little book. Take home your own mittens.
  • Lego Challenge:City of Bricks
6 to 12 years These days, with land at a premium, our cities are growing ever taller. If you are up for the challenge, we would love for you to come along and help us build a city of bricks! With Lego as our modelling tool, you will design and build part of a city skyline to fit within the challenge rules. Could this be the city of the future? Only time will tell...
  • Light up the Galaxy
5 to 10 years Explore the colours of the solar system as we experiment with watercolours to create a nebula inspired artwork and hanging paper lantern. It will be out of this world.
  • Lotions & Potions *
5 to 10 years Get into the science groove, mixing and making, watching and waiting. A chemistry workshop with a difference. See what happens when you mix different materials together. Experiment with things that fizz, things that smell and things that grow. Lots more science fun.
  • Model Masters
6 to 12 years Whether you consider yourself a model master, or just a beginner to this hobby, there will be something for everyone to take away from this building, painting, and modelling masterclass. Find out about the hobyists tools and techniques as we work to design and create a model scene to bring home.
  • Moss Garden Bowl
8 to 14 years Make a miniature garden in a bowl and it will be green all year round. Prepare the soil, add rocks, maybe a bridge or seat and your soft green moss. This is a tiny garden you will be able to look after easily. Find a shady spot or bring it inside.
  • Ooey Gooey Science *
4 to 7 years Slippery, sloppy, and slimy science. Gloopy, gooey, and gross experiments. Mix concoctions in this hands-on workshop full of messy fun.
  • Paperscape Sculpture
10 to 15 years Create a sculptural lantern filled with light using paper manipulation techniques. Be guided through this simple project step by step. The finished lantern will amaze you when you fill it with light.
  • Pop Up Paris
4 to 7 years The wonderful City of Paris will pop-up at Flying Fox Studios this week. Picnic at the foot of the Eiffel tower, climb the bell towers of Notre-Dame. Craft some delicious eats for our pop-up Cafe. Try plein air painting, and in the spirit of la Ville Lumière (the City of Lights) create a beautiful candle holder as a souvenir of your visit.
  • Puppet Playhouse
5 to 10 years Making a puppet with personality is always fun. Come and make a quirky puppet with moving arms, hands and moulded head. Eyes and crazy hair will add personality. Then it’s up to you to add voice and character. We’ll also design and create a puppet playhouse with curtain so you can entertain anywhere.
  • Robofun
6 to 12 years Dashing through the wire, in a one volt open circuit, down the LED we go, buzzing all the way. Bells will chime and chirp, motors come on line, it's coding done a different way, we make robots fun! Come and explore robots in a hands-on environment as we talk coding, pathing, and logic.
  • The Charlie Harper Sketchbook
8 to 14 years Fill your Sketchbook with your own Charley Harper inspired bird life as you learn to make graphic style birds. Use pencils, pens and paints. Take home your own Wings of the World poster artwork full of your own feathered creations.
  • The Cherry Blossom Garden
6 to 10 years In a special garden a cherry blossom tree is full of flowers. Join in for some art and craft inspired by these beautiful trees. Make your own tiny garden, crafty blossoms and paint a beautiful artwork.
  • The House that Elsa Built
4 to 7 years What sort of house would Elsa build? If you know the answer then this workshop is for you. With lots of different construction materials to choose from there is something for budding builders, engineers, architects and princesses. Sure to be fun.
  • The Island of Mad Scientists *
5 to 10 years Do you love science? Experimenting? And Fun? Join well known mad scientist, Dr Frinklebum on this crazy island adventure as this time we experiment with magnetism and circuitry. As the temperature drops, we will still be able to have some good science fun in the sun!
  • The Sound of Science
5 to 10 years If you wake up to the sound of science, then this is the workshop for you. We'll work with waves, play with pitch, and gather the good vibrations. You'll find out what part your ears have to play in the world of sound, how you can harness sounds, and how you can change your sound. This kind of science was made to be fun!
  • Theme Park After Dark
8 to 14 years The sun has gone down and all is quiet…. but not for long! The lights and rides of our theme park are just switching on. We’ll build coasters and rides, sideshow alley games will be fun. The screams from the haunted house have just begun! A lego and K’nex workshop with a difference!
  • Tiny Town Lego
4 to 7 years It's time to take town planning to tiny scale. We'll have to include a highway for a HexBug Nano, a motorway for a microcharger, a tiny train track to transport the townsfolk, and all sorts of tiny buildings to turn our Lego into a bustling town.
  • Voyage to Venice *
5 to 10 years Bring your imagination and join us for an exploration of this city like no other with a labyrinth of streets, shimmering canals and endless bridges. Make some faux glass art, a mask and a marionette. Before you leave try some of our delicious Gelato because Venice has a sweet tooth.
  • Winter Fairy Land
4 to 7 years It’s winter in fairyland and the fairies are having a party. We’ll make the invitations and decorate our party hats and wings. Everyone is invited. We’ll play fairy games, dance in the ‘snow’, hear fairy stories and have lots of crafty wintery fairy fun.
  • Zebra's Crossing: Art in Black & White
6 to 12 years Art in black and white. Drawing, illustration and collage. Learn about using soft pencils and charcoal for shading and markers for detail. Make realistic drawings and a black and white zebra inspired artwork.

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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