December 2018 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for December 2018 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • Aargh Pirate's Night Before Christmas
4 to 7 years On board all you scallywags for a Christmas adventure with a difference. Come along and travel with pirates as we dream of treasure this Christmas. Decorate a ship in pirate style, play pirate games, hang pirate stockings, and create a chest for all our treasure. If you miss out on this one, you'll feel like you've walked the plank!
  • Beading Christmas
8 to 14 years Beading fun with a Christmas theme. We will put together a gorgeous beaded Christmas ornament for the tree and also a Christmas themed bracelet, or key chain, to show off at your Holiday festivities. Bring your beading ideas and we will supply the Beads, Bells, and Bling!
  • Cartooning Christmas
6 to 12 years Do you love to draw? Cute styles, serious or silly. Join us for some cartooning action as we develop our cast of Christmas characters. Learn to use different types of pens and markers and try various layouts and backgrounds.
  • Christmas Sparkle
6 to 12 years Make your Christmas full of sparkle. An Art workshop based using mixed media techniques. You'll design and paint a chandelier or a Christmas tree on canvas that will sparkle with acrylic paints and more. Add LED lights and you'll have sparkle day and night.
  • Clay Keepsakes
12 to 17 years Make original ornaments and decorations to your chosen theme - birds, bells, stars and more. Begin with white Das air drying clay. Then Mix and marble your chosen colour. Roll, cut and shape the clay. We'll create a set of 2D hanging ornaments and small 3D object.
  • Clay Play Christmas
4 to 7 years Clay play is always lots of fun, more so at Christmas. Use your hands to squeeze, roll, coil, pinch and join as you learn some beginner techniques for working with clay. Clay challenges using air-drying clay and Iclay. Bring your imagination as you design for Christmas display.
  • Dolphin Dreaming
6 to 12 years An art based workshop for those who like to draw and paint. Paint with cool ocean colours and the colours of warm Summer skies. Learn to draw dolphins with easy steps. Take home a beautiful artwork full of dreamy dolphin fun.
  • Engineering Challenge: North Pole Power
5 to 10 years Do you have an inquisitive mind? Are you looking for a challenge? Then this Engineering workshop with a Christmassy flavour is just the thing to bring in the holiday season. The challenges will include elements of design, engineering, skill, construction, and testing! First, we'll create a back-up for Santa's sleigh that will move under a certain type of power. Then we will harness North Pole Power to protect a special gift when it is dropped from a great height. Both challenges may seem easy, but will involve limited resources. Will you harness the Power?
  • Escape Quest: Before Midnight
8 to 12 years The countdown has started and you have to escape if you would like to celebrate the New Year in style. You will have to work as a team to the solve cryptic clues, decrypt coded messages, find the hidden meaning, and finish your quest before the clock strikes 12. A fun way to look forward to the new year with puzzles, friends, and fun.
  • Everything is Awesome
5 to 10 years Attention all budding master builders. If you love Lego, if you love creating something new, and if you think everything to do with Lego is "awesome", then this is the workshop for you! We'll build, we'll play, we'll create, and we'll make a mess. Whether you are a beginner, or black-belt builder, you will leave this workshop with the tools you need to keep the creativity flowing. Oh, and one more thing... by the time we're done, the awesomeness will have only just begun!
  • Forensic Frenzy: Christmas Chaos
5 to 10 years It's nearly Christmas and there is chaos at the North Pole. One of the mischievous elves has hidden three keys. One, which will unlock the door to the reindeer shed, one to open the padlock on Santa's sack, and one to start the magic sleigh engine. We don't have long to follow the clues, find the keys, match each with their lock, and solve the crime. Christmas is coming!
  • * Gingerbread Cottage
5 to 10 years Take a walk down the candy road to decorate your own delicious gingerbread cottage. Choose some colourful sweets from the famous Flying Fox lolly buffet. Add a garden full of yummy treats. Wrap and take home to enjoy at Christmas.
  • * Gingerbread Family Workshop
Adults For the first time ever we are excited to launch a Gingerbread House Family Workshop. Due to space restrictions numbers for this workshop will be very limited, and family groups on a single booking will need to be no more than 5 people.
In this workshop we will assemble a gourmet gingerbread house (no cooking required!) and then decorate and wrap ready to take home. Will you choose a colour theme, a pattern, a chocolate theme, a house style (we have had log cabins, two story houses, contemporary homes and Queenslanders in previous years). Bring your ideas with you and get ready to unleash your inner builder and lolly designer.
Please phone our office on 38551528 to book this workshop, as we will need to know numbers to organise our space. We will open a few spots that can be booked online, however if you do book online please send us an email confirming your family size. thanks!
For the latest information on this workshop, please check the event page on Facebook HERE.
  • * Gingerbread House Workshop
Adults Join us for our 9th annual Gingerbread House workshop, a fun evening of Christmas creativity and sugar!
In this workshop we will assemble a gourmet gingerbread house (no cooking required!) and then decorate and wrap ready to take home.
  • Holiday Rescue Pups
4 to 7 years When the alarm sounds, you know it's that time again. Spring into action as only the brave know how and join in the rescue. We need a crew of Rescue Pups who know how to solve problems and deal with danger. So, put up your paws, build machines, and help us save the day.
  • Lego Christmas Bakehouse
5 to 10 years If you love making and creating with Lego, you will love what we have baked up for you here. Building, creating, crafting, and decorating come together with a Christmas twist as we develop our Lego bakery skills. We'll design and invent, then finish with a special Lego building bakeoff. The only problem is you can't eat your Christmas creations.
  • Lion Kings
8 to 14 years An art based workshop including drawing and painting, you'll be inspired by these kings of the jungle. Draw lions in action and at rest. Learn to use acrylic mediums to create texture to complete your own canvas artwork.
  • Llama Art
8 to 14 years Art based workshop featuring lamas. These fascinating animals are interesting to draw and to paint. Learn how to capture their curious character. Techniques involving the use of acrylic paints and graphite will be explored as you complete 2 different artworks.
  • Mad Science Christmas
8 to 14 years Oh No! There's a problem at the North Pole. The elves have gone mad and are creating science chaos! We need some keen minds and enthusiastic scientists to find out what they have done. So if you like science and have a knack for experiments, you'll love this MAD Christmas experience.
  • Manga Art: Faces & Features
8 to 14 years Learn some simple techniques that will help you draw Manga style faces. Add your own style. Cute and cool characters. Learn about adding colour and blending with inks and brush markers. Includes a Copic marker and a blending card to take home.
  • Macrame: Knot a Pot
8 to 14 years Macrame is a vintage craft making a modern comeback. We'll design and make a pot plant hanger. Join us as we learn some simple knots, some amazing knots and add some beads. Add the plant and find a place to show it off.
  • Model Masters: Castles & Ruins
8 to 14 years Whether you consider yourself a model master, or just a beginner to this hobby, there will be something for everyone to take away from this building, painting, and modelling masterclass. Learn about the hobyists tools and techniques, then create a model scene to bring home. This time, the focus will be castles. Your choice is whether you build a new building, or ruins.
  • Not so Silent Night
4 to 7 years A noisy, musical Christmas workshop full of Christmas carols, Christmas craft, Christmas stories, and lots and lots and lots of Christmas excitement. It will be loud, it will be fun, most of all, it will be Christmassy.
  • Origami Paper Caper
6 to 12 years Arigato origami masters. Sensei Justin's Paper Caper is about to begin. He will train your skills from planes to cranes and help you make sense of valleys and mountains. We will add a face to a folded pocket monster and make a few unique decorations for your tree. Puppets, presents, fliers and enough paper to craft them all.
  • Paper Cuts
10 to 15 years Learn to use a knife pen designed for cutting out as you create a shadow box that tells a fabulous tale. This workshop will give you an introduction to this fascinating craft. Includes an introduction to designing for machine cutting. Take home a completed 3D artwork. *NB This workshop uses sharp tools*
  • Retro Game Maker: Summer of Cricket
8 to 14 years Summer in Australia means... Searing heat, the smell of freshly cut grass, and cricket! This retro gaming experience will involve putting down the screens and picking up the tools. We'll take a look at retro machines, investigate different cricket games and the mechanics we want to include in our game, then make a unique tabletop game to bring home. Tools, time, and teamwork is all it takes to make retro come alive.
  • Superhero School
4 to 7 years Welcome to superhero school. Learn to break walls, balance a bird on one finger, fly faster than a rocket and save the world before breakfast! Design and make your own costume, choose your super equipment, and be ready for anything.
  • Small World Wonderland
5 to 10 years Create your own itty bitty Christmas scene in jar. We’ll craft our own landscape and use a variety of miniatures to create a jolly little Christmas world.
  • * Sweet Sculpture
8 to 14 years If the best part of the gingerbread house are the lollies, then this workshop is for you, because we are using only lollies. Build your sculpture, layer by layer, choosing from a sweet assortment of sugary treats. Delicious treats in 3 dimensions to share with family and friends.
  • The Great Lego Race
4 to 7 years Rev those engines, it's time to race. If you're slow to jump, you'll have to chase. Getting faster, pick up the pace. Here comes the wall, you had better brace! Build the lanes, vehicles, starting gate, and finishing line, then test, test, test! If you can build with Lego, you can compete in the Great Lego Race.
  • The Little Christmas Market
4 to 7 years Welcome to our Little Christmas market. It sells the most amazing things. Yummy food, toys, gifts, clothes and more. There'll be music and buskers. This is a classic art and craft based workshop making things for our stalls. Come along and shop.
  • The Magical Christmas House
4 to 7 years A small world workshop for those who like making. Fill your magical house with sparkle and fun. Decorate your tiny tree and add colourful lights. Bring some of your favourite magical friends to share the fun. Bursting with Christmas surprises.
  • The Sugarplum Fairies
5 to 10 years The beloved classic, The Nutcracker, inspires this workshop. Music, dancing and crafting for those who love the story told at Christmas. Make your own Sugarplum Fairy and Toy Soldier. Then let the dancing begin.
  • Tie Dye: Holiday Edition
6 to 12 years Fold, scrunch, roll, tie, dip and spray. Tie dye your own holiday T-shirt and socks with bright Christmas colours for a fun addition to your Summer wardrobe. Bring along a suitable white T-shirt in your size to dye. We'll supply the socks.
  • Toy Makers Workshop
6 to 12 years For the toymaker, the comeback kings of toys are the absolute classics. Come into this workshop and you will find out what makes slap bands, fidget spinners, and yoyo's tick, before getting to work making our own toys that spin, slide, roll, and bounce for maximum effect. We'll breathe new life into some classics and look toward the next toy hit.
  • Twas' The Night Before Christmas
6 to 12 years 'Twas the night before Christmas...... We’ll design and up a paint a canvas full of christmas lights inspired by the traditional poem. Paint up your canvas then choose your design and complete the picture with strings of LED lights. Behold your masterpiece.
  • Wands, Wings, & Glittery Things
4 to 7 years Get ready for a crafty fairy Christmas. We'll make a sweet little Christmas fairy doll. Then there are wings to decorate and fairy fashions and accessories to design and make for you and your fairy With story games and lots of glittery, shimmery, giggly fun.

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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