December 2019 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for December 2019 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • 12 Days of Minecraft
5 - 10 years On the first day of minecraft, my seed gave to me... the wood from a grand oak tree. Come along and write the rest of the song, create a Minecraft advent calendar, and have a whole lot of Minecraft fun in this alternate take on a Christmas classic. Creepers need not apply!
  • A Beaded Christmas
8 - 12 years Beading fun with a Christmas theme. We will put together a gorgeous beaded Christmas ornament for the tree and also a Christmas themed bracelet, or key chain, to show off at your Holiday festivities. Bring your beading ideas and we will supply the Beads, Bells, and Bling!
  • A Fancy Christmas
4 - 7 years Ooh-la-la! In the spirit of the Fancy Nancy series of books this one is splendiferous! Make a spectacular Christmas wreath and tree decoration using bright and beautiful bling! We will also celebrate the festivities with music and dancing. Ta da!!
  • A Painted Christmas
4 - 7 years Painting for Christmas is lots of fun. Mixing our favourite colours and using lots of different tools. There’ll be wrapping paper, decorations for the house and some painted presents. Painting for everyone.
  • Brick to the Future
6 - 12 years Some say "The future is not written", but we can still dream. Some say "The future is now", but what about progress? In this workshop, we will imagine possibilities and build our concept of future shopping, transport, accommodation and leisure. Come and join in the futuristic fun.
  • Build a Lego Christmas
6 - 12 years What do you think of when you consider Christmas? Spending time with family, a beautifully decorated tree, a traditional story, singing carols, snow, Santa, or a scorching summer's day? In this workshop, we will build Christmas in every way shape and form. A traditional wreath, a tree, decorations, and a traditional Aussie BBQ. When you work with Lego, the possibilities are endless...
  • Cartooning Christmas
5 - 10 years Do you love to draw? Join us for some cartooning action as we develop our cast of Christmas characters. Cute styles, serious or silly. Learn to use different types of pens and markers and try various layouts and backgrounds.
  • Christmas at the Castle
4 - 7 years The places are set, the invites have been sent out, and the tree is ready for decorating. The only thing missing is the castle! We'll need the help of all the King's horses, and all the King's men to build some stables, bedrooms, towers, walls, and a banquet hall fit for a great royal Christmas party.
  • Christmas Calligraphy
10 - 15 years Calligraphy is an ancient art featuring beautiful letters drawn and painted. Use brush markers, liquid watercolour, inks and masking fluid. Choose a Christmas themed word or phrase and create a unique artwork on quality watercolour paper. Take home your own water brush or calligraphy marker.
  • Christmas Fairy Secrets
4 - 7 years Join our favourite festive fairy, Miss Christmas Eve, for this wonderful fairy adventure. Lots of glitter, lots of pink, fairy dust, fairy stories and games. We will create Christmas fairy fashions, a fairy garland and some Christmas fairy bells.
  • Clay Keepsakes
8 - 14 years Make original ornaments and decorations to your chosen theme - birds, bells, stars and more. Begin with white Das air drying clay. Then Mix and marble your chosen colour. Roll, cut and shape the clay. We'll create a set of 2D hanging ornaments and small 3D object.
  • Clay Play Christmas
4 - 7 years Clay play is always lots of fun, more so at Christmas. Use your hands to squeeze, roll, coil, pinch and join as you learn some beginner techniques for working with clay. Clay challenges using air-drying clay and Iclay. Bring your imagination as you design and make for your Christmas display.
  • Drawing Magic
5 - 10 years Things are not always what they seem. The art of optical illusion is full of surprises and things to discover. Learn some drawing tricks and techniques, step by step. Make 3 artworks to share with your friends in this skills based art workshop.
  • Flow Art Summer
8 - 14 years Develop an artwork using acrylic flow mediums and inks inspired by the great Australian Summer. Learn about using colours and composition as you explore this exciting poured painting medium.
  • Forensic Frenzy: Who Stole Christmas
5 - 10 years We need our best agents on the job. In the ultimate case of "Who done it", someone has stolen Christmas! If you would like to know the answers to "who?", "what?", "when?", "why?", "where?", and "how?", you will have to join the gang and get on the case. If we ever hope to find who stole Christmas, we'll need to look for clues, ponder the puzzle, and analyse the evidence hunt. All in a day's work for a junior detective!
  • * Gingerbread Cottage
5 - 10 years Take a walk down the candy road to decorate your own delicious gingerbread cottage. Choose some colourful sweets from the famous Flying Fox lolly buffet. Add a garden full of yummy treats. Wrap and take home to enjoy at Christmas.
  • * Gingerbread Family Workshop

Family / groups


We are excited to see the return of our Gingerbread House Family Workshop. Due to space restrictions, numbers for this workshop will be very limited and family / groups on a single booking need to be no more than 5 people. If you have more than 5, please book two spots. Each booking will make one Gingerbread house per group. 

This event is planned as an outdoor event using our fabulous backyard area. In the event of wet weather (or a heatwave!), we will host this workshop in our classroom space.

In this event we will assemble a gourmet gingerbread house (no cooking required!) and then decorate and wrap ready to take home. Will you choose a colour theme, a pattern, a chocolate theme, a house style? Bring your ideas with you and get ready to unleash your inner builder and lolly designer.

Cost: $49 per family (up to 5 people per table) which includes everything you need to build, decorate and wrap one Gingerbread house. We recommend this event for families with children aged over 4 years. Please let us know the size of your family group upon booking this workshop.

To book this workshop you will need to have an adult registered on your account. Kids are not able to attend this workshop without an adult.

  • * Gingerbread House Workshop
Adults Join us for our 10th annual Gingerbread House workshop, a fun evening of Christmas creativity and sugar! In this workshop, we will assemble a gourmet gingerbread house (no cooking required!), then decorate and wrap ready to take home. Our lolly buffet is legendary, who knew there were so many different types of lollies available. Will you choose a colour theme, a pattern, a chocolate theme, or another a house style? Bring your ideas with you and get ready to unleash your inner builder and lolly designer.

Cost: $45.00 per person which includes everything you need to build, decorate and wrap your house. This event is adults only.
  • Happy Gearsmas
8 - 14 years This workshop has gone to the gears! We'll spin and turn our way to understanding how gears can move for us, then put them to work in a crafty project with a Christmassy twist. How many gears can you pack into 90 minutes? Come and find out as we wish you a happy gearsmas and a happy new gear.
  • Light up the Night
5 - 10 years When you look at the night sky, what do you see? Some see fireflies that got stuck up on that big bluish-black thing. Others see balls of gas burning billions of miles away. In this workshop, we'll discover the science of the night sky and piece together the patterns that astounded astronomers of the past. You will never look at the night sky the same again.
  • * Mad Science Christmas
8 - 12 years Oh No! There's a problem at the North Pole. The elves have gone mad and are creating science chaos! We need some keen minds and enthusiastic scientists to find out what they have done. So if you like science and have a knack for experiments, you'll love this MAD Christmas experience.
  • Made in Moscow
6 - 12 years Matryoshka dolls are a favourite in Moscow. Hear their stories. Learn about Russian crafts and modern and traditional designs. Then draw and paint your own wooden nesting dolls to take home.
  • Magicians Christmas Crackers
5 - 10 years Justin the Great is back and he's gone festive in this magical workshop. If you want to get into the Christmas spirit and learn a little bit of Christmas magic, this is the workshop for you! You'll learn tricks to wow the Christmas lunch crowd, practice jokes that will have the family in stitches, and pack a very special cracker to take home. The real trick will be to have it last until Christmas!
  • North Pole Puppet Party
5 - 10 years Production is really ramping up at the North Pole, but there still has to be time for fun! Come along and create some amazing puppets to tell magical stories of the night before Christmas, as they enjoy the frozen festivities. Who said the elves have all the fun.
  • Over the Rainbow
4 - 7 years Make rainbows with prisms, crystals and more and mix and all the colours of the rainbow in this art meets science workshop for those who love colour. Lots of mixing, making and experimenting. Take home a painted artwork and more.
  • Paper Marbling Art
12 - 17 years The art of marbling is an ancient art. Inks or paints are floated on water and then lifted off onto paper producing fascinating swirly patterns. Come and try it for yourself. It's a lot of fun. Take home some amazing paper.
  • Postcards from Lapland
8 - 14 years Make a series of postcard sized artworks drawn and coloured with watercolours, soft pastels, inks and pencil as we imagine a visit to Lapland this Summer. You can expect a glow that lights up the sky in a magical way. There is a Christmas market lined with twinkling lights, reindeer, and lots of snow.
  • Prehistoric Christmas Calamity
4 - 7 years Oh No! The dinosaurs are mixing up Christmas! DinoTown needs your help to put things right before the Dino family celebrate the silliest Christmas of all time. The tree has shrunk in the wash, the tinsel is in knots, and the lights have no power. Through games, craft, and a whole lot of fun, we'll have a fossil of a time and make sure all is ready for Santasaurus.
  • Retro Draw: Classic Cars
8 - 14 years Classic cars will inspire in this retro drawing class. Learn about proportion and perspective when drawing cars to achieve a sleek sports car shape, cute boxy Mini, vintage racer, or elegant Jaguar. Explore different techniques using graphite, inks and markers.
  • Santa's Secret Service
4 - 7 years It's nearly Christmas Eve again and that means that one of the most important journeys is about to begin. But who will protect Santa this year? We are looking for the bravest and cleverest of you to join the secret service for 2019. We will train hard, make our mark, and prepare for the toughest assignment of them all! Are you up for the challenge?
  • * Shrink it Science
6 - 12 years Step into the lab and gain a little perspective in this workshop where size is everything! Whether something is large or small sometimes depends on where you are standing, other times it's about the manipulation of molecules. We'll take a hands-on approach and watch things grow and shrink through experimentation and observation. Are you ready to dive down the rabbit hole?
  • Small World Wonderland
5 - 10 years For those who love tiny crafty making workshops. Craft your own fully contained small world inside a glass container. Design to your chosen theme. Learn about balance and scale. Build a tiny stone structure and a tiny bridge. Who will live in your small world?
  • Sound Effects: Movie Master
8 - 12 years A Door opens... Creeeek! A person walks in... Step! Step! Step! The wind blows the door shut... Bang! Ever wondered how to add sounds to a video? Here is your chance to create the soundtrack to a short film. We'll make an FX kit to take home and complete a recording to present to the waiting fans... CHEER!
  • * Sweet Sculpture Junior
6 - 10 years For those with a sweet tooth who love a good presentation. Using chocolate, lollies and other sweet treats we'll design, mold and assemble an amazing, edible 3 dimensional artwork for display. And yes! All the family can enjoy it too!
  • * Sweet Sculpture Master
8 - 14 years For those with a sweet tooth who love a good presentation. Using chocolate and other sweet treats we'll design, mold and assemble an amazing, edible 3 dimensional artwork for display. Learn some piping, shaping and colouring techniques using icing. And yes! All the family can enjoy it too!
  • Tiny Town Lego
4 - 7 years It's time to take town planning to tiny scale. We'll have to include a highway for a hot wheels car, a tiny train track to transport the townsfolk, a habitat for a Hexbug Nano, and all sorts of tiny buildings to turn our Lego into a bustling town.
  • Un-BEE-leivable Christmas
5 - 10 years Honey we’re home. We’ve all been on our best beehaviour this year and we can’t wait for Christmas. This is a punny, crafty workshop swarming with fun. Make a beeswax candle to light your way. Assemble your own bee hotel (air bee and bee) and craft tiny decorations to fit it out for Christmas. You can take it home and set it up outside for our Australian native bees.
  • Watercolour Wildlife
10 - 15 years Australian wildlife to paint. Capture colour, light and texture as you develop your watercolour painting skills and techniques. Using photo references you will sketch and paint 2 artworks with quality watercolours using a variety of brushes.

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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