DECEMBER 2020 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for December 2020 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • 12 Days of Minecraft
6 - 12 years On the first day of minecraft, my seed gave to me... the wood from a grand oak tree. Come along and write the rest of the song, create a Minecraft advent calendar, and have a whole lot of Minecraft fun in this alternate take on a Christmas classic. Creepers need not apply!
  • Batik Art
8 - 14 years Batik is a traditional process of making art on cloth using resist techniques. Make a piece of batik art on a stretched frame using cold resists. Choose your design and paint it up using colourful fabric dyes.
  • Carve: Dragon Art
8 - 14 years Dragons are the most amazing creatures, flying, twisting, circling. Make your artwork 3 dimensional as you design and carve a relief sculpture. (A relief sculpture is flat on the back and carved on the front). Learn to use simple tools to carve into the block. This artwork is suitable for display outdoors once complete.
  • Christmas Clay Play
6 - 12 years Clay play is always lots of fun, more so at Christmas. Use your hands to squeeze, roll, coil, pinch and join as you learn some beginner techniques for working with clay. Clay challenges using air-drying clay and Iclay. Bring your imagination as you design and make for your Christmas display.
  • Christmas Sparkle
5 - 10 years Make your Christmas full of sparkle. An art based workshop using mixed media techniques. You'll design and paint a chandelier or a Christmas tree on canvas that will sparkle with acrylic paints and more. Add LED lights and you'll have sparkle day and night.
  • Clowning Around
4 - 7 years Do you like clowning around? Join us at the Clown Academy and learn how to make people laugh. Play clown games, design and paint your own face make-up, create your costume, learn about mime, and discover some simple clown tricks.
  • Cubbyhouse Christmas
4 - 7 years Christmas is the best time of year for the budding cubby engineer. With boxes, gift wrap, ribbons and more you'll have a chance to build a glorious cubby for sure. So come along and learn some skills of the trade to build christmas cubbys that are "Junior Engineer Made".
  • Elf Engineering
4 - 7 years Some Elves check lists and some Elves wrap presents, but what about the Elf Engineers? Come along and find out as we help Santa the Elf Engineering way by making some fun contraptions to help with the Christmas rush. Present machines, sleigh loading machines, and more await anyone who can find solutions to tough problems.
  • Engineering Challenge: North Pole Power
5 - 10 years Do you have an inquisitive mind? Are you looking for a challenge? Then this Engineering workshop with a Christmassy flavour is just the thing to bring in the holiday season. The challenges will include elements of design, engineering, skill, construction, and testing! First, we'll create a back-up for Santa's sleigh that will move under a certain type of power. Then we will harness North Pole Power to protect a special gift when it is dropped from a great height. Both challenges may seem easy, but will involve limited resources. Will you harness the Power?
  • Escape Quest: Keeper of the Keys
8 - 12 years The countdown has started and the Keeper of the Keys is in control. This workshop requires teamwork and puzzle solving to follow the clues and find the hidden meaning. You beat the Keeper if you complete your quest in time. Are you game for a puzzling adventure?
  • Fire in the Sky: New Years Eve
8 - 14 years Fireworks celebrations light up the sky over the iconic skyline of New York. Paint your own iconic New York work of art. We' use stencil and acrylic paints. Celebrate the new year with a bang.
  • Geology Rocks: Under Pressure
5 - 10 years If you are someone who digs rocks, then this workshop will have you diving to new depths of clarification. This time, we look at the power of pressure over time and dig in to the gem creation process. With experiments, crafty creations, and lots of rocks! Can you handle the pressure?
  • * Gingerbread House Workshop
16+ years Join us for our annual Gingerbread House workshop, a fun evening of Christmas creativity and sugar! In this workshop, we will assemble a gourmet gingerbread house (no cooking required!), then decorate and wrap ready to take home. Will you choose a colour theme, a pattern, a chocolate theme, or another a house style? Bring your ideas with you and get ready to unleash your inner builder and lolly designer.

There will be a few changes this year due to COVID restrictions - more information on that HERE - but noone can change the fun and festive atmosphere!
  • Gothem City Gadgets
5 - 10 years Enter the Bat-Lab if you dare. We are developing some new crime-fighting gadgets, but we need your help. If you are up for the task, we will test your credentials, then craft up some goodie gadgets to help stop the baddies. There will be costumes for our crusaders and tools for our belt. Follow the sign in the sky and you will be right where you need to be.
  • Holiday Hack
8 - 14 years It's nearly Christmas, but not as you know it. Starting with some ordinary decorations then hacking them to our hearts desire. We'll be tinkering with the tree, altering ornaments, and turning the regular into the extraordinary. How will you hack your holidays?
  • Inking Nature
12 - 17 years An art workshop featuring techniques for painting and drawing using inks. The natural environment inspires us. The animals that inhabit the extremes of the land, sea and air will be our subjects. Capture differing moods with ink effects.. Take home 2-3 artworks and practise sheets.
  • Lego Grand Prix Challenge
5 - 10 years On Your Marks, Get Set, Go for Fun! Join a pit crew and build your racers that will compete in the Flying Fox 500. There will be challenges to test even the best mechanics. We'll build a track to test our vehicles in different ways and end with a podium celebration... Who has the speed, reliability, power, and problem solving skill to qualify ahead of the pack? Who will take the checkered flag?
  • Lego Lab: Robo Clause
8 - 14 years It's time to get back into the lab and experiment with Lego robotics. This time we'll be taking our Lego NXT robots to the North Pole in a workshop that is sure to bring the traditional idea of Christmas into the future. Can robots be a useful addition to Santa's workshop? Come along and find out. It's about time working in the lab was fun!
  • Lego Magic: Building Christmas
6 - 12 years Take your brick building to another level as we get festive with Lego this Christmas. We'll learn about selecting just the right block for the situation and building within the bigger picture. Whether you are a beginner with Lego or a black-belt builder, you will leave with new ideas for use with your own Lego collections as well as a Lego decoration for your tree at home.
  • Magicians Bag of Christmas Tricks
6 - 10 years Roll up, Roll up, Roll up... it’s magic time! Step behind the scenes as Justin the Great reveals the truth behind some of his favourite magic tricks. Learn some tricks of your very own, play some magic games, discover the art of mesmerising the audience, and have a huge amount of fun! In this workshop, the Magicians Bag of Tricks holds the secrets!
  • Painting Magic
4 - 7 years Splat, squish, and ooze. Things are not always what they seem. There are strange things to find. Make some amazing artworks with a riot of colourful paint. Make artworks to share with your friends.
  • Pocket Puppies
6 - 12 years This is a crafty maker workshop with some sewing. We'll design and sew the pocket and make a couple of puppies to share the cosy space. Easy for beginners who’d like to learn to sew.
  • Rudolph's Reindeer Rukus
4 - 7 years You are invited to Rudolph, the Red-Nosed, Reindeer's Surprise Party. He has just arrived home at the North Pole after helping Santa deliver presents on a very foggy Christmas Eve! This celebration is sure to get noisy with reindeer games for all, dress-ups, music, dancing, craft, and certainly NO name-calling.
  • Sketch Up: Future Cities
10 - 15 years Whether your interest is in realistic or fantasy genres, this is extreme sketching. Learn to create a unique viewpoint by stretching perspective using grids. Simple methods will give you techniques and tools to take your sketching to another dimension. Develop a coloured artwork of your future city.
  • Small World: Santa's Workshop
5 - 10 years For those who love tiny crafty making workshops. Craft your own fully contained small world. Learn about balance and scale. Build the tiny workshop inhabited by little workers making tiny toys.
  • Star Light, Star Bright
4 - 7 years A crafty workshop making bright shiny starry things. We'll include some faux stained glass art, star bag tag and a beaded starlight catcher.
  • The Balance Machine
4 - 7 years The balance machine is a mysterious machine that has its secrets hidden in Engineering and Science. Understand the basics and unlock the power of the balance machine. Complete the balance challenges, build beautiful balancing beasts, and make science work for you!
  • The Little Christmas Market
4 - 7 years Welcome to the Christmas market with the most amazing gifts. This is a classic art and craft based workshop making all things Christmassy for our stalls. Make some classic Christmas gifts to take home. We’ll wrap and box these beautiful keepsakes. Come along and join in the maker fun.
  • The Third Dimension
5 - 10 years It's about time we made it here. The third dimension is mysterious, beautiful, and has so much depth! We'll create a clever 3-D artwork, investigate hologram technology, and learn to draw using all 3 dimensions at our disposal. We will stretch imaginations and show again how maths and art can beautifully work together.
  • Tie Dye: Holiday Edition
8 - 12 years Fold, scrunch, roll, tie, dip and spray. Tie dye your own holiday T-shirt and socks with bright Christmas colours for a fun addition to your Summer wardrobe. Bring along a suitable white T-shirt in your size to dye. We'll supply the socks.
  • Watercolour Cards
10 - 15 years Learn watercolour painting techniques as you make a series of small scale paintings suitable for cards. Each painting will be smaller than 10 x 10 cm. You’ll paint a variety of subjects including birds, botanicals and landscapes.

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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