January 2022 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for January 2022 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • * Engineering Challenge
6 - 12 years Are you looking for a challenge? Then this workshop is just the thing to spring clean those inquiring minds. This worlshop will include elements of design, engineering, skill, construction, and testing! We will design a contraption to protect an egg and build a boat that will float, both out of everyday household materials, then we'll see how they handle some testing. It will be challenging, but rewarding for those who complete the challenge.
  • * Mad Science Goes Pop
5 - 10 years Did you hear that? Dr Parsec Supernova is up to his old tricks again! This time he is experimenting with things that go pop! Balloons, pop-corn, science experiments, and so much more! With Dr Supernova, you never know what to expect... Only this time, if you blink you might miss it.
  • * Survival Science
6 - 10 years No eliminations, no tribal council, just one goal - to survive! Through science, we will learn how to survive in the wild by ensuring that we have clean drinking water, we can find food, and we can find our way home. These and many more survival skills await anyone who is not afraid to take a chance.
  • * Wild Things: Sensory Sculpture
4 - 7 years Let's model with clay, build with sticks, stones, bells, smells and whistles. Make a sculpture that appeals to all your senses. Add wild eyes and hair and some very sharp teeth. Then we'll let our wild things loose
  • Art Foundations: Quick Draw
8 - 14 years For those who love a drawing challenge. Learn to draw people in action, acrobats and clowns, the ringmaster and animals. Try different styles - cartoon, realistic, stylised, and more. Use graphite, ink, gouache, pencil, and markers.
  • Art Stories: Vincent's Sunflowers
6 - 12 years Vincent Van Gough’s love of painting these cheery flowers inspires. Paint your own sunflowers using acrylic paints with texture mediums. Apply the colour with brushes, palette knives and more. Summer is the perfect season for painting sunflowers.
  • Check Mate
8 - 14 years Kings and Queens, you are invited to a game maker workshop that will have you planning and plotting, crafting and creating. Come to this workshop and you can build your team from the ground up, design your board, and get hooked on one of the world's oldest games. Now it's your move...
  • Circuit Breakers
6 - 12 years Hair-Raising circuitry is the order of the day in this electronic masterclass. We'll play some games, build some circuits, and understand how electricity really works. We'll investigate what makes robots work, as well as piecing together some models with alarming results. It's time to get wired and head for the terminals because this workshop is ready to blow!
  • Dogs in Disguise
5 - 10 years Psst. Who's that? This workshop has dogs, and lots of them. You won't recognise them. They are in disguise. Hiding behind hats and moustaches. We'll create characters for them all. It's sure to be a hit with those who love cartooning.
  • Drawn to Nature
4 - 7 years Nature has treasures to discover and draw. A leaf, flower, a feather, a tree, rock or interesting creature. Look closely. We’ll draw, press, stick and rub. Make a small sketchbook to record your observations. Lots of drawing and making in this nature inspired workshop.
  • Escape Quest
8 - 14 years The countdown is on and there is only 1 way to escape. Work as a team, solve cryptic clues, decrypt coded messages, find the hidden meaning, and finish your quest. A workshop for those who like puzzles with a difference.
  • Everything is Awesome
5 - 10 years Attention all budding master builders. If you love Lego, if you love creating something new, and if you think everything to do with Lego is "awesome", then this is the workshop for you! We'll build, we'll play, we'll create, and we'll make a mess. Whether you are a beginner, or black-belt builder, you will leave this workshop with the tools you need to keep the creativity flowing. Oh, and one more thing... by the time we're done, the awesomeness will have only just begun!
  • Fire in the Sky
12 - 17 years There's a fire in the sky, reds, yellows, deep purples, pinks and oranges. We are going to capture it with paint. This workshop is an introduction to painting with oils. Be inspired by the works of the great Impressionists artists and others. Learn about mixing and applying oil paint. You'll have a finished artwork to take home.
  • Galaxy Portraits
6 - 12 years Following the long tradition of artists painting their own image, this is self portrait art with a difference. Turn your traced silhouette into a universe of your favourite colours and learn experimental painting techniques along the way.
  • Kids Under Constriction
4 - 7 years Do you like to build things with Lego, Knex and more? Are you ready for some challenges? Do you like to have fun? Work on projects? In this workshop we will work together to solve 3 different construction challenges using Lego and K'nex and build, build, build!
  • League of Lego Legends
6 - 12 years There are tales from long ago. Tales of heroes who beat the odds. Tales that have been passed from generation to generation. Join the league and discover techniques that make your still creations come alive. Build a scene, insert your Hero, and watch as a Legend is born.
  • Light Lab
4 - 7 years Optical science is back on the table as we attempt to dissect light in this fun workshop for the junior scientist. We will split colour to see what comes out, try our hand at some different ways to combine colour, and try to understand the relationship between light and shade from the very small to a solar scale.
  • Llama Lunch Bag
8 - 12 years Sewing based workshop using llama patterned washable PVA covered fabric. Design and make a pattern for your bag. Learn how to use a sewing machine. Then sew your own lunch bag.
  • Marbling Art
6 - 10 years The art of marbling is an ancient art. Inks or paints are floated on water and then lifted off onto paper producing fascinating swirly patterns. Come and try it for yourself. It's a lot of fun. Take home some amazing paper.
  • Pinball Science
8 - 14 years Normally, when you play a game of pinball, you have only a single ball to keep track of. That is, until you hear those magical words "Multi-Ball" and we find the point where Fun meets Physics. We'll play plenty of pinball with a surplus of science and a constant chance of collisions. So much we can learn from a simple pinball.
  • Postcards from Paris
8 - 14 years Be inspired by the fashion illustrations of Megan Hess as you explore the world of fashion from the streets of Paris. Use pencil, ink, collage and watercolour. Design with colour, fabric and accessories on your way to developing your own style. Your finished postcards will be original works of art.
  • Shipwreck Detective
5 - 10 years Use a compass as you search the bottom of the sea for wrecked ships and sunken treasure! Learn about deep sea diving and submarines then build a model treasure chest with gold coins. Games, stories, experiments, and a whole lot of fun.
  • Sticker Art Drawing Challenge
5 - 10 years Do you love to draw? Ready for a challenge? This cartooning styled workshop is lots of fun. Start with stickers of all shapes and sizes. Add teeth to a tiger, eyes to an elephant, freckles to a face. Start easy then get tricky. What will you draw?
  • Summer Clay Play
4 - 7 years Clay play is always lots of fun. Use your hands to squeeze, roll, coil, pinch and join as you learn some beginner techniques for working with earthen clay. Includes challenges using air-drying clays. Bring your imagination.
  • The Butterfly Ball
4 - 7 years There is a whispering in fairyland and a fluttering of wings. The Butterfly Ball is about to begin. Butterflies of every colour are coming. There'll be butterfly craft, fashions to design and a lovely butterfly bag to make. Join the parade of fashions, then let the dancing begin.
  • The Charlie Harper Sketchbook
10 - 15 years Fill your Sketchbook with your own Charley Harper inspired bird life as you learn to make graphic style birds. Use pencils, pens and paints. Take home your own Wings of the World poster artwork full of your own feathered creations.
  • The Lost island of Lego
6 - 12 years What could possibly go wrong when you are stranded on an Island with nothing but a pile of Lego? Come sail with us this summer and help construct an Island you want to be stuck on! Places to play, contraptions to provide power, water, and entertainment, and possibly a way off the island? The power is in your hands.
  • The Makers Workshop: Bush Band
4 - 7 years When the sun goes down, the night comes alive! Animals start to jump and jive. Come along and join the band in this musical Makers' Workshop. We'll play musical games, explore different ways to make animal sounds, then use tools to build our instruments. We'll sing and dance, then play all night. We'll make music until the dawning light.
  • The Trick of the Brick
6 - 12 years What do you get when Lego meets magic? A workshop that builds suspense and mesmerises more than mere minifigs! We'll practice palming, build a puzzle box, and design a magic show where the trick is all in the brick!
  • Whale Song
6 - 12 years Can you hear the Whale song? These amazing creatures will inspire our artwork. Learn to paint with watercolours using brushes and sprays. Add the colours of the deep ocean and the sky above. Create a watercolour artwork ready for framing.

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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