January 2024 Workshop Descriptions

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December 2022 Workshops

Workshop Title
Descriptions for January 2024 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
* Little Ice-Cream Shop 4 to 7 years Welcome to our crafty Ice Creamery. It sells ice creams and sundaes with the most amazing flavours and colours. And don't forget the mix-ins! This is a classic art and craft based workshop making all things arty, crafty & ice creamy!
Aircraft Acedemy 6 to 12 years Come along ready to soar in this workshop for those who dream of flying. Planes, Rockets, and Helicopters will all feature as we investigate the aerodynamics of flight and apply it to our designs. Tinker, create, and soar above the pack! Just be sure to glide back home for dinner.
Around the World in 90 Minutes 5 to 10 years Journey with Adventurer Julius Foggius around the world in a workshop inspired by a Jules Verne classic. We'll visit China, America, and England, discover elements about their cultures, and make souvenirs from our trip. This will be a wild ride, using every method of transport we can manage to prove it can be done!
Art Foundations: Penguins Crossing 6 to 12 years Art in black and white are the stars in this foundational skills based art workshop. Use a variety of media including graphite and inks to complete 3 black and white artworks featuring penguins.
Art Goes Wild: Hair Raising 6 to 12 years Portraits with a difference. This is a workshop for kids who like, drawing, painting and a bit of silliness. Draw faces with character and wild and whacky hair styles. Make an A3 sized mixed media artwork with amazing hair!
Brick-Tronics 8 to 12 years When Lego meets electronics, you can get some electrifying results. We'll light up our masterpieces with special LED bricks and make our creations move with something a "LittleBit" extra. This is Lego at another level.
Classic Catch: Summer of Cricket 5 to 10 years Whether you're a fan of the long game, one-day format, or T20 Big Bash, you won't want to drop the ball on this one! This workshop includes training games, cricket craft, and classic cricket catches that will bowl you over. So, wear your whites, or favourite team gear and catch this one before it's been blasted for 6.
Design & Draw: Super Cars 8 to 14 years Supercars will inspire in this drawing class. Learn about proportion and perspective when drawing cars to achieve a sleek sports car shape. Design your own. Explore different techniques using graphite, inks and markers and paint pens.
Engineering Challenge: The Winning Formula 6 to 12 years Calling all Engineers who are ready to race. The challenge these holidays is all in the timing. We will need to apply aerodynamics and show some speed if we are to create the winning formula.
Flow Art: Summer Coastline 8 to 14 years Colours that swirl, dribble and run together are the stars. Flow art explores the exciting and slightly unpredictable medium of acrylic flow paints. Try different techniques for pouring and tipping your colours. Create 3 mini artworks to take home.
Geology Rocks Minecraft Minerals 6 to 12 years If you have rocks on your mind, then look no further! If you choose to dive into this newly-spawned workshop, you will discover why Minecraft has chosen the pallet of blocks they offer! We'll search for the similarities between the game world and real world, talk of terrain, break-down biomes, and create some curious creations. What are you waiting for? Set your spawn-point and away we go!
Glass Art Anime 8 to 14 years For fans of Anime. These artworks are amazing to display. Draw up your character then transfer your design to a glass panel. Choose your colours. This workshop will take you through the process and techniques of painting on glass in a Manga art style.
Heroes in a Half Shell 4 to 7 years It's time to climb out of the sewers and kick some serious shell! We'll craft our disguise, then train our bodies and minds to be a powerful force against the criminals. This workshop will be awesome, tubular, wicked, and will leave your heroes in training shouting "Cowabunga" as they dash into the fray. A Workshop 35 years in the making.
Kids with Cameras 8 to 12 years Have you ever wanted to make it on the big screen? In this workshop we'll be giving the power of the camera to the students. You'll be able to handle the video equipment, play with a green screen, and learn simple editing to create your very own masterpiece. To finish, we'll hold our own version of the academy awards. Don't miss the red carpet!
Lego Craft: World Building 6 to 12 years If you like to build your own adventure, brick by brick, then this workshop is for you! Our large collection of Lego will be at your disposal as you create a world of your own pleasing. Buildings, farms, animals, tools, mobs, portals, mine-shafts, dungeons, or maybe even another dimension. The choice is yours, so grab your pickaxe; it's time to create!
Lego Quest: Arctic Explorers 5 to 10 years On the hunt for the Earth's Poles, the Arctic Explorers will set off on a most epic quest in one of the coldest climates on our planet. What will we find? How will we get there? All will be revealed as we dig through the Lego, piece together the architecture, and uncover the secrets of the Arctic.
Mad Machines: Junior Engineer 4 to 7 years Have you ever heard of a Motor-copter? How about an aero-scooter? That's what mad machines is all about. Let your imagination fly as we play games and build machine creations you can take home. It's going to be mad!
Meercat Art 6 to 12 years What was that? Look over there. No. Over there. If you are a fan of these endearing animals come on in. We'll draw and paint 2 portraits using 2 different styles. Worth popping your head up for.
Moonlight Fairies 4 to 7 years The fairies are playing in the Summer moonlight getting ready for their Summer party. In this workshop we’ll have lots of art and crafty fairy fun. Make a little play world that will glow in the dark. Make tiny fairy puppets with sparkly party outfits. Everyone is invited. Take home your fairy puppets and a small play world.
Outback Engineer 4 to 7 years The Aussie outback is one of the toughest landscapes in all the world. Roads and bridges, bores and mines, the Engineers have made it all work in the harshest conditions. How do you beat the searing heat? What do you do if it rains? and Is there time for fun? We'll answer these questions and more as we learn what it takes to be an Outback Engineer.
Painting Safari 4 to 7 years Do you love animals? Feathers, fur and fins. Join our safari to track down your favourites. Then we’ll capture them with paint. Paint with lots of different tools, brushes and more. Take home 3 painted animal artworks.
Peacocks on Parade: Acrylic Canvas 6 to 12 years Roll out the red carpet, the beautiful peacock fashion parade is ready-start. All birds are coming, wearing their finest feathers. In this workshop we'll design and paint fashions for the birds, using all the wonderful colours of the rainbow. Take home some lovely watercolour birds, painted and ready for display.
Pets of Paris: Draw & Paint 5 to 10 years Cats and dogs of all kinds go with their owners everywhere in Paris. This is a classic art and craft workshop for young artists with a Parisian twist. Choose your pet and we’ll paint their portraits.
Retro Textile Crafts 10 to 15 years A sewing and craft skills based workshop with a modern twist. Watercolour and embroidery are perfect contemporary partners. Learn hand stitch techniques for a variety of stitches. Introduction to using a sewing machine for drawing and embellishing.
Spy Science: Secrets of Disguise 5 to 10 years Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to enter the shadow world of spying and master the art of disguise. Recruits will try their hand at crafting their own disguise and practising the art of deception. When this workshop is over, you won't know yourself!
The Magic Beach 4 to 7 years The Magic beach is full of treasures and surprises. This is a classic art and craft workshop. Use the magic of watercolours and paint with beachy colours. We’ll make a sand casting with a shell and pebble design. Lots of fun and creativity.
The Third Dimension 6 to 12 years It's about time we made it here. The third dimension is mysterious, beautiful, and has so much depth! We'll create a clever 3-D artwork, investigate hologram technology, and learn to draw using all 3 dimensions at our disposal. We will stretch imaginations and show again how maths and art can beautifully work together.
Ticket to Ride 4 to 7 years All Aboard! It's time to get moving on the Flying Fox express. We'll see what it's like to journey through some of the most spectacular places on earth before building a train and an epic track to fill the room. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket for this trip of a lifetime.
Tuxedo Cat Acrylic Canvas 12 to 17 years A Tuxedo cat is the star of this colourful painted canvas. Use acrylic paints and a variety of brushes and techniques. Take home a playful canvas artwork.
Wood Panel Watercolour 8 to 14 years Create a beautiful or quirky artwork on a wood panel. There will be a choice of subjects and styles to explore. Learn some new techniques using watercolours and gouache paints and gel mediums.
* Workshop contains a food ingredient (not necessarily for eating, but for experiments or artwork also) and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


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