Spring 2019 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for July 2019 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • A Piece of Pi
8 - 14years Calling all math detectives. If you hear the word "Pi" and start thinking about apple, potato, or meat fillings, you're thinking of the wrong Pi! We'll explore circular puns, crunch the numbers, skirt the circumference, and investigate the reality of this random ratio. You can count on it.
  • Art Foundations: Make Your Mark
8 - 14 years Drawing is fun. Make lines, marks, dots, dashes, squiggles and more. In this drawing workshop we’ll explore different styles of drawing and use a variety of pens, pencils, charcoal and ink. Train your eye with some observational drawing, stretch your imagination with a comic style page and complete a graphite sketch with a realistic style.
  • Art Foundations: Watercolour Birds
8 - 14 years Watercolour is the perfect medium for painting birds. Capture colour, light and texture as you develop your painting skills using this interesting paint. You will paint 2 artworks with quality watercolours using a variety of brushes.
  • Art Quest: Mouse Tales
5 - 10 years Bring your imagination and be ready to draw. Learn to use pencils, markers and pens in your art to illustrate the tale of your Mighty Mouse. Make a small book that tells your story in pictures.
  • Cartoon Art: Llamas in Pyjamas
6 - 12 years Cartooning with a twist. Learn about cartooning with animal characters. Draw some of our old favourites and make new characters of your own. Develop a story picture that features our characters having fun.
  • Collage & Keep
4 - 7 years Create an original artwork inspired by the illustrations of Eric Carle. We'll make our own special papers with marks and paints. We'll draw, cut and stick and create unique collages to keep.
  • Concept Art: Fantastic Journey
10 - 15 years For those who love to draw. A concept artist creates a world and makes art for stories - for movies, games, animations etc. Be guided by our teaching artist as you design and draw your chosen environment for a fantastic journey. Then develop characters, creatures, architecture, furniture or vehicles for your world.
  • Cubby House Engineer
4 - 7 years It all starts with a cubby, then before you know it you're designing houses, bridges, and skyscrapers! In this workshop, we'll understand what makes our cubby's stand the strongest and tallest of them all, then build the grandest cubby city the world has ever seen.
  • Drawn to Nature
4 - 7 years Nature has treasures to discover and draw. A leaf, flower, a feather, a tree, rock or interesting creature. Look closely. We’ll draw, press, stick and rub. Make a small sketchbook to record your observations. Lots of drawing and making in this nature inspired workshop.
  • Engineering Tricky Traps
6 - 12 years Take constructing to the next level in this Engineering workshop full of tunnels and traps, perils and pitfalls. We'll begin with some building techniques to make our creations look enticing, yet dangerous, then engineer some traps to make safe the loot. What will you catch? How will you lure your target? All will be revealed soon by our team of tricky engineers.
  • Escape Quest: Baker Street
8 - 12 years The setting is London, the address is Baker Street, and the clock is ticking. You will need to work as a team and find the hidden meaning if you hope to find the solution before the countdown reaches zero. This time, you will follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest detectives in history as we attempt to solve a double-layered mystery. A workshop with a difference for those who love codes, cyphers, and puzzles.
  • Fairy Beach Party
4 - 7 years The Fairies are having a party on the beach. We will dress a fairy friend, design a fairy surfboard and make ourselves a beach inspired necklace to wear for the party. Let’s dance the fairy twist and hang an imaginary ten with our fairy friends.
  • Fantastic Beasts & How to Draw Them
6 - 12 years Fantasy art is full of wonderful subjects. Be inspired by J.K.Rowling's world in this drawing workshop. Learn to draw beasts based on real animals. Use a variety of media for creating differing effects, detail and atmosphere.
  • Get Up & Stomp
5 - 10 years A get up and stomp class teaches the language of imagination through the rhythm in our body. A music based class teaching foundation level drumming techniques. Mixing sounds while hearing the beat we will create a final performance to show at the end of class.
  • Hotel for Pets
5 - 10 years We holiday and we travel, but what about our fluffy friends? Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and all the rest also deserve to holiday in comfort too. So what are you waiting for? We'll take care of their needs, give them a place to play, and make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Bring a small stuffed animal, or borrow one, as you become the lead project engineer and construct a pet's paradise.
  • Hummingbird Dreaming
8 - 12 years Spring is a wonderful time for hummingbirds and butterflies. We will be making a beautiful hummingbird dreamcatcher mobile. You will be able to add your own special touch with paint pens and a variety of coloured ribbons and beads.
  • Kaleidoscope of Butterflies
6 - 12 years A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. The swirling colours and patterns of these beautiful creatures will inspire us. Experiment with several different watercolour techniques. Take home a lovely butterfly artwork ready to frame.
  • Lego Lost Cities: Atlantis
6 - 12 years Adventuring like a minifig, searching for lost cities, and treading carefully like a Tomb Raider. This is what the Lego Lost Cities is all about! We'll create Temples with traps, vehicles with treasure hunting modifications, and more as we search our imaginations for the best ways to hide the coolest treasures in one of the most mysterious locations in legend.
  • Light Lab
4 - 7 years Optical science is back on the table as we attempt to dissect light in this fun workshop for the junior scientist. We will split colour to see what comes out, try our hand at some different ways to combine colour, and try to understand the relationship between light and shade from the very small to a solar scale.
  • Limited Edition: Tie Dye
6 - 12 years Add some colour to your wardrobe. Tie dying is fun to do and to wear. Try lots of different patterns. We'll dye some socks for you to take home. Bring a white tank top or T-shirt in your size and we'll dye that too!
  • Manga Art
8 - 14 years A manga workshop for beginners and the more experienced. With a special emphasis this time on developing your character's face and hairstyles from different points of view. Learn tips to draw symmetrical eyes, nose and mouth styles. Lots of tips about skin tones and blending markers. Take home your own Copic marker to add to your collection.
  • Outback Engineer
4 - 7 years The Aussie outback is one of the toughest landscapes in all the world. Roads and bridges, bores and mines, the Engineers have made it all work in the harshest conditions. How do you beat the searing heat? What do you do if it rains? and Is there time for fun? We'll answer these questions and more as we learn what it takes to be an Outback Engineer.
  • Paper Plane Challenge
6 - 12 years Whether you are a master paper plane builder, or just starting out, this workshop will take you to new heights. We'll investigate the aerodynamics of flight and apply it to our paper plane designs. We'll tinker with the classic design and play around with some advanced theories. There will be plenty of testing and a competition to finish it all off. Will you soar above the pack?
  • Roving Robots
5 - 10 years Moving does not seem that difficult as our brains talk to our bodies constantly, but for a robot it is a little trickier. We'll begin by building a Lego NXT robot, then understand how to give the correct instructions. When we are done, our machines will be ready to take on the roving robot challenge. So, are you ready to reach for new realms with robots? Then this is the place for you.
  • Shifting Shadows
5 - 10 years Shadow play at it's finest. Illusion and intrigue are the two key ingredients in this workshop that will play with your mind. We'll build a mysterious layered picture, make crazy marionettes, and practice telling a tale filled with light and shadow.
  • Small World: Frogs Hollow
5 - 10 years Ribbit. Ribbit. The frogs of The Hollow are calling. Science meets making meets fun in this workshop. Learn about frog habitat and create your own small world model with tiny pond and plants.
  • Space City Lego
4 - 7 years In the not too distant future, humanity will undoubtedly take to the stars in search of habitable worlds. As a logical first step, we will set up space cities for people to live and work in microgravity. So, come and join the team of Lego engineers and help to create a Lego version of this future. Most important will be the high 5: of food, water, air, warmth, and shelter, when space is such a challenging environment to explore. How will you and your team tackle this titanic task?
  • * Spring Sparkle
4 - 7 years Art, craft and edible sparkle. We have it all! Cupcakes to eat and a porcelain cupcake to paint and keep. Learn some simple decorating techniques such as piping, and using rolled icing to decorate your own Spring treats. Sweet, sparkly fun.
  • Textiles As Art
12 - 17 years Create a work of art using threads and fibres. Fuse together fibres in a variety of colours to make a new fabric background. Cut, stitch, felt and embellish. Includes lots of ideas and techniques with sewing and embellishing machines. Suitable for beginners or the more experienced.
  • The Artist's Garden
5 - 10 years A drawing and painting workshop full of inspiration from the artist's garden. Look at artworks by Vincent Van Gough and Claude Monet, Margaret Preston and others. Draw your own flowers or fruit from real life. Make a beautiful painting of the artist's garden to take home.
  • The Little Flower Shoppe
4 - 7 years Welcome to our little Flower Shoppe. It sells the most amazing flowers. This is a classic art and craft based workshop making all things floral. We'll craft daisy chains, make paper posies and paint a floral artwork. Come in and shop.
  • The Song Writers' Workshop
8 - 12 years Many young musicians are bursting with creative energy that can be transformed into original music. Learn about the process of writing songs, from brainstorming to writing to rehearsing. Take home a recording of your very own song and the inspiration to continue writing music!
  • The Trick of the Brick
6 - 12 years What do you get when Lego meets magic? A workshop that builds suspense and mesmerises more than mere minifigs! We'll practice palming, build a puzzle box, and design a magic show where the trick is all in the brick!
  • Unicorn Art: Watercolour Magic
5 - 10 years The magic of watercolour and unicorns combine. Play with watercolours - marbeling, blooming, squirting and spraying to create artworks of these magical horses. Mix colours and add sparkle. Make beautiful pictures to decorate a special place.
  • Up, Up, & Away
6 - 12 years It's Up, Up, & Away in this workshop for anyone with a flair for engineering the excentric. We'll be designing, creating, testing, and investigating the possibility of the movie 'Up'. Can you rise to the occasion & prove the theory? There is only one way to find out...
  • Wild Wolves
12 - 17 years Art based workshop featuring wolves in the wild. These fascinating animals are interesting to draw and to paint. Learn how to capture the character of your wolf, it's eyes and fur. Techniques involving the use of acrylic paints and graphite will be explored as you complete 2 different artworks.

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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