Spring 2020 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for Spring 2020 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • A House for a Mouse
4 to 7 years Be enchanted by the tales of Brambly Hedge as you create a comfortable home, fully spring cleaned, for your own little mouse. In this workshop you will make a little mouse house, small furniture, a little furry mouse and a lovely little painted artwork.
  • Bee-Caso
5 to 10 years Who is a bee’s favourite artist? It’s Bee-casso of course. This slightly silly art based workshop will look at pictures made by the artist Pablo Picasso, and others. Take a punny bee’s eye view of the world as you make art with a difference. We’ll draw some bees and paint 2 small canvases to hang together. Join the buzz?
  • Can We Fix It?
4 to 7 years Yes we can! We'll need all the help we can, so after we finish our tool box we'll get-work fixing all the problems we can find! There will be malfunctioning machines and defective devices, so make sure you come with all your parts well oiled and your head screwed on straight. We can't let the tools have all the fun!
  • Cherry Blossom Art
6 to 10 years Art in mixed media inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms of Japan. Using collage, inks, pastel and watercolour we'll make 3 artworks celebrating the fleeting flowering of the Sakura.
  • Dolphin Dreaming
6 to 10 years An art and craft based workshop for those who like to draw, paint and make. Paint with cool ocean colours and the colours of warm Summer skies. Learn to draw dolphins with easy steps. Take home a beautiful artwork full of dreamy dolphin fun.
  • Escape Quest: Far Away
8 to 12 years Once Upon a Time, in a land Far away, where puzzles and hidden messages rule supreme, there is a quest.  We need a team of problem solvers to work together and complete the quest before the time runs out and the reward turns into a pumpkin. Will this story have a happy ending? You decide in this workshop with a difference.
  • Haute Couture: Floriana
8 to 14 years Be inspired by the world's best designers and fashion events. Learn conventions for designing and illustrating Haute Couture fashions with a floral theme. Your finished design will be ready to frame as an amazing original work of art.
  • Illusion, Science, or Magic?
5 to 10 years Do your eyes deceive you? Come along and enter a world where you won't know what to believe. You'll see puzzling pictures, create tantalising brainteasers, watch chemical reactions, and practice slight of hand. Everything explainable to those who know what they are doing. To everyone else there will be much head scratching. What side do you want to be on?
  • It's a Dogs Life
10 to 15 years Dogs are the perfect subject to draw from life. Join Bridie, the littlest member of the Flying Fox family, as she poses for you to draw her portrait. Bridie is a King Charles Spaniel and very placid, the perfect subject to draw. Learn how to draw some of our other favourite dog breeds, their shapes and sizes, paws and fur.
  • Kawaii: Cartoon Cute
6 to 10 years Kawaii is the Japanese art of cuteness. In this cartooning workshop we'll add 'cuteness' to everything. Use markers to draw your characters then add stickers and more to make them even cuter. Lots of drawing fun
  • Lego Lab: Ball Hunter
8 to 14 years It's time to get back into the lab and experiment with Lego robotics. This time we tempt fate as we create a hunting robot, harmful only if you are a coloured ball! We'll consolodate our knowledge of the NXT sensors then write a program to activate our predator. It's about time working in the lab was fun!
  • Lego Mini: Mini Golf
6 to 12 years In this miniworkshop for Lego building fans, we will be transforming the fun game of mini golf by shrinking it down to size. We'll design a course, learn Lego building tricks to create a challenging hole, and add putt our way to victory! If you love Lego, then consider this workshop a slice of heaven.
  • Little Flower Shoppe
4 to 7 years Welcome to our little Flower Shoppe. It sells the most amazing flowers. This is a classic art and craft based workshop making all things floral. We'll craft daisy chains, make paper posies and paint a floral artwork. Come in and shop.
  • Macrame: It's a Hoot
8 to 14 years Macrame is a vintage craft making a modern comeback. Join us as we learn some simple knots, some amazing knots and add some beads. Design and make an owl wallhanging with a retro vibe.
  • * Mad Science Goes Pop
5 to 10 years Did you hear that? Dr Parsec Supernova is up to his old tricks again! This time he is experimenting with things that go pop! Balloons, pop-corn, science experiments, and so much more! With Dr Supernova, you never know what to expect... Only this time, if you blink you might miss it.
  • Mighty Makers
4 to 7 years It's time for the junior makers to try their hand at creating a mighty model. We'll prepare the parts, design the floor plan, lay the foundation, and raise the roof in this workshop for the budding builder. New or ruined? Tall and narrow or short and long? What will you create?
  • Minecraft Maker Lab
6 to 12 years Ever wanted to see what you could do with Minecraft outside of a device? Step into the Minecraft maker lab and let your imagination play in this real-world experience of all things Minecraft. From ores to tools, from experiments to circuits, this is Minecraft unplugged!
  • Model Masters: Castles & Ruins
6 to 12 years Whether you consider yourself a model master, or just a beginner to this hobby, there will be something for everyone to take away from this building, painting, and modelling masterclass. Find out about the hobyists tools and techniques as we work to design and create a model scene to bring home.
  • Mosaic Art Botanicals
12 to 17 years Use glazed mosaic tiles in a variety of pre-made shapes to create a piece of mosaic art that can be put in your garden or hung on a wall. Designs feature botanicals in a variety of colours. Glue and grout to finish.
  • Outback Engineer
4 to 7 years The Aussie outback is one of the toughest landscapes in all the world. Roads and bridges, bores and mines, the Engineers have made it all work in the harshest conditions. How do you beat the searing heat? What do you do if it rains? and Is there time for fun? We'll answer these questions and more as we learn what it takes to be an Outback Engineer.
  • Painting the Outback
12 to 17 years Oil painting inspired by great Australian landscape painters. Choose an outback scene, then be guided through the process of layering and blending colours using water soluble oil paints to complete your painting on canvas. A great introduction to painting with oils.
  • Painting the Universe
8 to 14 years Inspired by NASA photos of planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and more. Use acrylic painting techniques with brushes and palette knives to paint up 2 artworks.
  • Paper Plane Lab
6 to 10 years Whether you are a master paper plane builder, or just starting out, this workshop will take you to new heights. We'll investigate the aerodynamics of flight and apply it to our paper plane designs. We'll tinker with the classic design and play around with some advanced theories. There will be plenty of testing and a competition to finish it all off. Will you soar above the pack?
  • Pokemon Paper Caper
5 to 10 years The Pokemon have escaped and are running riot. We need a crew of special detectives ready to help us catch them all! We'll learn to draw your favourites as we create "wanted" posters to display and craft an army of origami pocket monsters to help round up the stragglers.
  • Ponies Day Out
4 to 7 years It’s the ponies’ spring carnival. Bring along your little ponies for a fun day out. There’ll be races and a pony fashion show. Design a picnic day hat for yourself, and accessories for your pony.
  • Rocking Dot Mandala
8 to 12 years Mandela’s with a twist! We will practice the art of dot Mandala painting and then create our own stone artwork. A workshop with a focus on fine details, so bring your concentration and be amazed at the patterns you create to bring your Mandala work of art to life.
  • Splat! What's That?
4 to 7 years Doodle art with a difference. Some drawing challenges for you to explore. Strange things to find. Splat, squish, and spin. Make some amazing artworks with a riot of colourful paint.
  • The Artists Palette
6 to 12 years The artist’s palette holds all the colours you can imagine. Play with colour combinations. Use a colour wheel and mix tints and shades. Join in the fun and make colourful painted artworks on canvas and paper.
  • The Lost Lands of Lego
5 to 10 years The lost lands of Lego are home to some of the most masterful creations. Under the watchful eye of our tour guide, UniKitty, we will discover all the places Lego has lived, then create a lost land of our own. I'll bring the inspiration, you bring your brick building skill, and we will meet in the land of Lego.
  • Ticket to Ride
4 to 7 years All Aboard! It's time to get moving on the Flying Fox express. We'll see what it's like to journey through some of the most spectacular places on earth before building a train and an epic track to fill the room. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket for this trip of a lifetime.
  • Unicorn Watercolour Art
5 to 10 years The magic of watercolour and unicorns combine. Play with watercolours - marbeling, blooming, squirting and spraying to create artworks of these magical horses. Mix colours and add sparkle. Make beautiful pictures to decorate a special place.
  • Watercolour Art: Birds & Beasts
6 to 12 years Watercolour is the perfect medium for painting birds and animals. Capture colour, light and texture as you develop your painting skills using this interesting paint. You will paint 3 artworks with quality watercolours using a variety of brushes.
  • Wild Things: Sculpt & Draw
4 to 7 years Lots of wild things are waiting to be made. Let's draw our wild ideas. Let's model with clay, build with sticks, stones, bits and bobs. Add our wild eyes and hair and some very sharp teeth. Then we'll let our wild things loose.
* Workshop contains a food ingredient (not necessarily for eating, but for experiments or artwork also) and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


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