JULY 2020 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for July (Previously April) 2020 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • A Piece of Pi
8 - 12 years Calling all math detectives. If you hear the word "Pi" and start thinking about apple, potato, or meat fillings, you're thinking of the wrong Pi! We'll explore circular puns, crunch the numbers, skirt the circumference, and investigate the reality of this random ratio. You can count on it.
  • A Winters Tale
5 - 10 years An art based workshop inspired by wonderful stories and pictures from frozen worlds. Use lots of whites, greys and silvers to make a wonderful layered artwork, matted and ready for framing.
  • Book of Secrets
8 - 14 years Make your own art journal to fill with your own art and story ideas. Hand make an intriguing cover using polymer clay. We'll use a range of papers, carefully crafting and painting some pages. The Workshop includes ideas for stories and illustration, and a beautiful book to take home.
  • Cats with Capes
6 - 12 years Cartooning with super powers. These quirky characters have personality. Draw your favourites and learn some new ones. A fun workshop for kids who like to draw.
  • City Brick Builders
4 - 7 years What do you need in a city? Police, Fire, Ambulance, Construction, Roads, Houses, Cafe’s, Public Transport, shops, petrol pumps, and a whole lot of bricks! Can we create a city in 90 minutes? Come and find out.
  • City of Dreams
4 - 7 years In the city of dreams anything is possible. Draw, paint and craft your own city artwork inspired by the quirky artist Friedrich Hundertwasser. Full of bright colours, it’s sure to be fun. Take home a piece of art ready for framing.
  • Cubby House Engineer
4 - 7 years It all starts with a cubby, then before you know it you're designing houses, bridges, and skyscrapers! In this workshop, we'll understand what makes our cubby's stand the strongest and tallest of them all, then build the grandest cubby city the world has ever seen.
  • Drawing Dragons
6 - 12 years These mythical animals are fun to draw. Try lots of ideas and techniques. Draw a baby dragon hatching, dragons in flight and for the daring dragons up really close.
  • Drawn to Art:
    Wild Woods
5 - 10 years A story calls to be told. Enter the wild woods and get ready to draw. Your artwork will build layer by layer. Use of a variety of drawing tools; pens, pencils, markers, charcoal and graphite to build a dimensional artwork suitable for shadow box framing.
  • Winter Detective*
5 - 10 years Winter is just around the corner and disaster has struck. Literally! Dr. Disaster has taken all the stored food and has left very little evidence. We need a keen crew of junior investigators who are up to the task of searching for clues, and solving the mystery. We'll play some training games, then work together to solve the mystery and find where Dr. Disaster has hidden the food. If the quest is solved, this workshop may contain a chocolate treat at the end. This is the only edible part of this workshop, a non food alternative will be available.
  • Escape Quest:
    Math Master
8 - 12 years Welcome to a quest like no other. Your job is to work as a team and escape the lair of the Math Master. Plenty of codes, clues, locks, and combinations for anyone nutty for numbers. You will need a keen eye to find the connections, teamwork to solve the puzzles, and endurance to escape before the time runs out.
  • Flipping Forces
8 - 12 years Bring flipping and spinning into the lab as we turn science on it's head in this workshop for the curious mind. We will ask the fun questions, Hypothesise and Experiment, then Analyze our results towards making playing into serious science fun!
  • Flower Child
6 - 12 years An art and craft workshop full of flowers. Draw and paint a beautiful flower wreath using watercolour pencils on quality watercolour paper. Then make a tiny cut and folded paper garden for a special flower child.
  • Geek Out:
    Quiz Master
8 - 12 years Do you want to learn how circuits work? Do you want to see logic in action? Are you a Quiz Master? If you answer YES to any of these questions, then this is the workshop for you. We'll discover the secrets of circuit logic, then build a quiz box that puts you in control. The perfect place for the curious inventor.
  • Geology Rocks:
    Gem Hunters
6 - 12 years Come along and hunt for something special in this workshop that rocks. We'll talk about tools, get into geology, and wreck rocks. All in a days work for the gem hunters.
  • Lego Bakehouse:
    Sweet Treats
6 - 12 years If you love making and creating with Lego, you'll agree that everything we have cooked up for you this time is super sweet. Building, creating, crafting, and decorating combine as we hone our skills in the Lego bakery. We'll take time to design and invent, then finish with a special Lego building bakeoff. The only problem is you can't eat your creations in this kitchen.
  • Lost Tribes of Lego
6 - 12 years Deep in the jungle on a far off world live the lost tribes of Lego. They have lived in peace for hundreds of years, but that is all changing. A battle is about to begin and there doesn't seem to be anything that can stop it. We'll need recruits to build a tribal HQ and a precious tribal totem. Then all that is left is to prepare for the final battle. Lego building with a twist.
  • Made in Mexico
6 - 12 years Learn about colourful Mexican folk art and traditions in this workshop. Metal embossing is an ancient art you’ll be keen to try. We use a thin sheet of metal to design and emboss a traditional Mexican design. Try more design as you make and paint a small pinch pot using air drying clay.
  • Manga & More
8 - 14 years A workshop for those who love to draw Manga characters and would like to gain techniques for drawing the tricky bits - hands and feet, action poses, and other challenging things. Add your character to a choice of prepared backgrounds. Take home a character artwork and practise sheets to continue with at home.
  • Polymer Clay:
    Jewellery Maker
8 - 14 years Design and make small colourful jewellery pieces using polymer clay , a clay press and modelling tools. Bring your creativity and focus to achieve original, intricate and fun designs. Your polymer clay items will require baking at home.
  • Prehistoric Animal Parade
4 - 7 years Come along and join in the fun as the Dinosaurs prepare for the Prehistoric Animal Parade. Warm up with the band, practice your stomping and roaring, and create a costume to fit right in! We'll have a roaring good time.
  • Robolab
6 - 12 years It's time to get into the lab and experiment with robotics. We'll construct models, build programs, and make sure our robots can follow some simple instructions. We'll discover how to use sensors properly and finish with our very own RoboLab challenge.
  • Sandpit Science
4 - 7 years Today, we are bringing the sandpit inside to Engineer, Create, make, and discover the science of the sandpit. There is so much more to sand than meets the eye, and this workshop will begin to open your eyes to the truth. Sand art, sand moulding, and sand experiments are just the beginning of what is sure to be the start of something sand-a-riffic.
  • Shipwreck Detective *
5 - 10 years Use a compass as you search the bottom of the sea for wrecked ships and sunken treasure! Learn about deep sea diving and submarines then Build a model treasure chest with gold coins. Games, stories, experiments, and a whole lot of fun.
  • Small World Terrarium
8 - 14 years Craft your own fully contained small world inside a glass container. Design to your chosen theme. Learn about balance and scale. Build a tiny stone structure. Add moss, rocks and plants. Includes instructions on taking care of your terrarium.
  • Stunt Park After Dark
5 - 10 years The sun has gone down and all is quiet…. but not for long! There will soon be sounds, lights, and squeals of delight as the stunt park comes alive. We’ll build tracks, loops, jumps, tricks, food stalls, minifigure seating, and more as we practice stunts that will thrill and excite. Hot Wheels cars and Lego have never had so much fun together!
  • The Bunnies Banquet
4 - 7 years The bunnies are preparing for their wonderful Winter festivities. We will play fun games, make a cute bunny, and prepare pretend food for our own Woodland themed banquet. Let’s hop to it!!
  • The Little Chocolate Shoppe *
4 - 7 years Welcome to our little Chocolate Shoppe. It sells all things yummy. Decorate a real chocolate egg with edible paint to and make some chocolate sweets for our little shop. Then we’ll use clays to make some play food to take home to continue the fun.
  • The Pixie's Magic Garden
4 - 7 years Pixies are curious little creatures who love to explore their garden. Join this making, crafty, sciency workshop. Try nature based crafting. Includes some simple experiments that are always fun. Take home your own plant in a special pot. Great for busy, curious pixies and friends.
  • Wands, Wings & Glittery Things
4 - 7 years All things pretty, shiny, glittery, sparkly, and shimmery. Design some fairy wings, a beautiful tiara, a magic wand and more! Workshop includes stories and games.
  • Watercolour Waves
12 - 17 years The wild stormy seas and tranquil sandy beaches inspire this painting workshop for young artists who like to learn new skills using a variety of brushes and masking techniques. Use watercolours to paint waves, beaches, and tidal pools.
  • Watercolour Winter
6 - 12 years Watercolour painting with a Winter theme. Try some new techniques. Learn marbeling with watercolours for amazing effects. Add glue or salt. Take home some beautiful cool themed artwork.
  • Watercolour Special Effects
10 - 15 years In this water colour workshop be prepared to experiment and learn some new things. Try some simple techniques to provide special textural effects with your watercolour painting. Use different types of watercolour paints and see how to vary the effects. Learn about using resists. Try using a variety of tools including brushes, sponges and plastic wrap. Paint up an original using your choice of techniques.
  • Windmills & Whirlygigs
4 - 7 years If you can't get enough of things that spin, then this workshop will blow you away. These crafty creations will have you harnessing the energy of the wind in a fun way. We'll also learn the basics of spinning machines as we build simple, clever, and creative whirligigs that will mesmerise your friends.

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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