Winter 2022 Workshop Descriptions

Winter Workshops

Workshop Title Age Descriptions for Winter 2022 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
* Cupcake Art 5 to 10 years

Come decorate your own delicious cupcakes. When our cupcakes are at their magnificent best, we will paint their portraits on canvas. Learn some simple decorating techniques such as piping, and using rolled icing. Something to eat & something to keep, sweet fun!

A Painted Winter 6 to 12 years An art based workshop inspired by stories and pictures from frozen worlds. Use lots of whites, greys and silvers to make a wonderful layered artwork, matted and ready for framing.
Big Cats Acrylic Art 10 to 17 years

Use photos of your favourite big cats as a starting point. Learn techniques for drawing a realistic image of your favourite big cat to transfer to your canvas. Block in colour with acrylic paints. Learn to use a variety of small shaped brushes to bring your painting to life.

Catch the Sun 4 to 7 years An art and craft workshop for those who love sunshine. Paint your faux glass pane and make beautiful sun catchers in your favourite colours using beads and baubles. Catch a rainbow and make a sun print.

Curious Kids

4 to 7 years

Are you a curious kid? Do you often wonder about the smallest things on our planet right up to the biggest things in the sky? We'll answer some interesting questions, search for the facts, and try to uncover the Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How! We'll use magnifying glasses, take part in hands-on experiments, and travel the globe all without leaving the classroom.
Dinosaurs in Disguise 4 to 7 years Who’s that over there?? With the very large feet? Wearing flashing shoes and dancing to the beat. Is it a dinosaur? Which one? Come and join in the fun as the dinosaurs reveal their true identities. There will be stomping and sneaking, music and mayhem, craft and creating.
Drawing Creatures: Great & Small 5 to 10 years Do you love drawing animals? Join our sketching workshop and track down creatures great and small. Learn to draw animals in action and resting. Draw fur and fins, big animals and small.
Drawing Swords 8 to 14 years Swords, daggers, wands and more from the fantasy realms will be our illustration subjects. In this drawing workshop you will learn techniques for rendering realist looking armoury. Use graphite, inks and metallic mediums and a variety of tools. Your finished artworks will be display ready.
Engineering Challenge: Minecraft 6 to 12 years It's time for another Engineering challenge, but this time we will tackle the task in three dimensions. We'll take the tech out of the game and bring it into the real world as we see how Minecraft was designed using real engineering ideas. Pistons and circuits are just the beginning of how this game will challenge our thinking. Are you up for the challenge?
Funky Fluoro 8 to 14 years Funky Fluro colours are stars in this art and craft workshop. Tape and paint your retro 80's themed geometric canvas notice board. While the paints are drying we'll make a funky fluro friendship band.
Gothem City Gadgets 5 to 10 years Enter the Bat-Lab if you dare. We are developing some new crime-fighting gadgets, but we need your help. If you are up for the task, we will test your credentials, then craft up some goodie gadgets to help stop the baddies. There will be costumes for our crusaders and tools for our belt. Follow the sign in the sky and you will be right where you need to be.
Gravity Matters 6 to 12 years From the time when Galileo was observing the universe to Einstein and his theories of all things Physics, gravity has remained constant. If you would like to unpack the question of 'Why?' then this is the workshop for you. We'll investigate Orbital mechanics, forces, and gravity all without leaving the planet!
Lego Challenge: City of Bricks 5 to 10 years These days, with land at a premium, our cities are growing ever taller. If you are up for the challenge, we would love for you to come along and help us build a city of bricks! With Lego as our modelling tool, you will design and build part of a city skyline to fit within the challenge rules. Could this be the city of the future? Only time will tell...
Lego Paper Play 6 to 12 years Have you ever considered combining the creativity of the brick with the properties of paper? Now is your chance. Fold your shapes, punch your holes, blend with bricks, and voila! You have a new way to play and even more creative possibilities.
LegoLab: Space Fleet 8 to 14 years It's time to get back into the lab and experiment with Lego robotics. Start with a Lego NXT shell, then turn it into a spacecraft worthy of the challenge. Once the fleet is complete, we will code a program to complete the missions. It's about time working in the lab was fun!
Lost Tribes of Lego 6 to 12 years Deep in the jungle on a far off world live the lost tribes of Lego. They have lived in peace for hundreds of years, but that is all changing. A battle is about to begin and there doesn't seem to be anything that can stop it. We'll need recruits to build a tribal HQ and a precious tribal totem. Then all that is left is to prepare for the final battle. Lego building with a twist.
Manga Art 8 to 14 years A manga workshop for beginners and the more experienced. With a special emphasis this time on developing your character's face and hairstyles from different points of view. Learn tips to draw symmetrical eyes, nose and mouth styles. Lots of tips about blending with markers. Take home your own Copic marker to add to your collection.
Midnight Horses 6 to 12 years An art based workshop. The horses are running through the night. Learn to draw horses on the move. Using black, white and greys we'll create artworks in charcoal and pastel.
Mind Challenge 6 to 12 years Are you ready to have your mind challenged? Puzzles, games, conundrums, and riddles to test the best. Each correct solution will lead to a key. By collecting keys you are starting to solve the biggest mystery of them all. So what are you waiting for? This challenge waits for no one!
Model Masters: Dragons Keep 8 to 14 years Whether you consider yourself a master, or beginner to this hobby, there will be something for everyone in this building, painting, and modelling masterclass. Find out about the hobyists tools and techniques, then create a model scene to bring home.
Mouse Hunt 4 to 7 years There's a mouse in the house and he's eating all the food. Join us on the hunt as we play games, and build some silly mouse trap mechanisms. We'll also consult our blueprints and build our own Rube Goldberg style mouse trap to save the food!
Paper Plane Lab 6 to 12 years Whether you are a master paper plane builder, or just starting out, this workshop will take you to new heights. We'll investigate the aerodynamics of flight and apply it to our paper plane designs. We'll tinker with the classic design and play around with some advanced theories. There will be plenty of testing and a competition to finish it all off. Will you soar above the pack?
Pixie Science: Kids in the Garden 4 to 7 years Pixie scientists bring your curiosity. Do you like to investigate and experiment? There are lots of interesting things to discover with magnifiers and microscopes. Learn about bees and butterflies as you make an insect watering station. Plant up some seedlings to take home.
Pokemon Paper Caper 5 to 10 years The Pokemon have escaped and are running riot. We need a crew of special detectives ready to help us catch them all! We'll learn to draw your favourites as we create "wanted" posters to display and craft an army of origami pocket monsters to help round up the stragglers.
Rainbow Art 4 to 7 years Use all the colours of the rainbow as you paint your own canvas and more in this art based workshop. We'll play with the colour wheel, make some rainbows with prisms, and mix lots of different colours for our artworks.
The House that Elsa Built 4 to 7 years What sort of house would Elsa build? If you know the answer then this workshop is for you. With lots of different construction materials to choose from there is something for budding builders, engineers, architects and Elsa fans. Sure to be fun.
Ticket to Ride: Arctic Express 4 to 7 years All Aboard! Come and get your ticket on the Arctic Express. We are headed down south to Antarctica where it's mighty cold! We'll play games in the snow to warm up, sit around a camp fire for a story, go ice skating, and finish by constructing our version of "The Arctic Express".
Watercolour Birds 10 to 17 years Do you have a favourite bird? Watercolour is the perfect medium for painting birds. Capture colour, light and texture as you develop your painting skills using this interesting paint. You will paint 3 artworks with quality watercolours using a variety of brushes.
Winter Fairyland 4 to 7 years It’s Winter in Fairyland and the fairies are having a gathering. In this workshop we’ll have lots of crafty wintery fairy fun. We’ll make special invitations to our Winter party, and decorations for our party table. We’ll make beautiful sparkly things to wear and play fairy party games. Everyone is invited. (Play food only)
Zebra's Crossing 8 to 14 years Art in black and white. Drawing, illustration and collage. Learn about using soft pencils and charcoal for shading and markers for detail. Make realistic drawings and a black and white A3 sized zebra inspired artwork ready to display.

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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