December 2021 Workshop Descriptions

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Descriptions for December 2021 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • * Gingerbread Cottage
5 - 10 years Take a walk down the candy road to decorate your own delicious gingerbread cottage. Choose some colourful sweets from the famous Flying Fox lolly buffet. Add a garden full of yummy treats. Wrap and take home to enjoy at Christmas.
  • * Mrs. Clause's Kitchen
4 - 7 years Step into the magical, delicious and fun world of Mrs Claus’ Kitchen and cook up some tasty treats! Create beautiful Christmas biscuits and an edible Christmas Tree! Workshop includes cooking, stories, craft and fun.
  • * Sweet Sculpture
6 - 12 years For those with a sweet tooth who love a good presentation. Using chocolate and other sweet treats we'll design, mold and assemble an amazing, edible 3 dimensional artwork for display. Learn some piping, shaping and colouring techniques using icing. And yes! All the family can enjoy it too!
  • 12 Days of Minecraft
6 - 12 years On the first day of minecraft, my seed gave to me... the wood from a grand oak tree. Come along and write the rest of the song, create a Minecraft advent calendar, and have a whole lot of Minecraft fun in this alternate take on a Christmas classic. Creepers need not apply!
  • A Painted Christmas
5 - 10 years Make some amazing artworks with a riot of colourful paint to share with your friends. Paint a canvas Christmas tree complete with LED lights. Paint your own gift bag artworks. We’ll paint some cards too. Art to give to your special people.
  • A Pet for Christmas
4 - 7 years We are wishing for a pet for Christmas. Let’s pretend (no actual animals). Get your own tiny plush puppies and kittens to love. Pet training is fun. We’ll need some toys! We’ll craft a bed, collar, lead and bowl. Take home your pet to love.
  • Art Stories: Starry Night
6 - 12 years Be amazed with Vincent as you gaze into the Starry Night sky. Use acrylic paints and texture mediums as well as a variety of brushes and palette knives to paint your own starry place.
  • Art to Glow
6 - 12 years Art made for the dark. In this workshop we’ll use colours that glow under ultraviolet light. Draw and paint your canvas using paints, markers and tapes that will glow in the dark. Create a sculpture featuring glow in the dark beads and strings. Includes a blacklight torch to take home.
  • Brick Flicks: Home Alone
8 - 14 years It's Christmas at the Movies: Lego-style! Join us these holidays as we re-create one of the most iconic Christmas movies EVER. As Kevin says "This is My House, I have to defend it!" We'll devise a plan, set the traps, and learn building techniques that make our still creations come alive.
  • Chalk Art Studio
5 - 10 years Use chalks, chalk pens and soft pastels. Create chalk art on your own chalkboard. Learn techniques in using soft pastels as you blend colours. Take home your chalkboard and a soft pastel artwork.
  • Fantasy Art: Mythical Animals
8 - 14 years A workshop for beginners and the more experienced? Mythical creatures are fun to draw. Try lots of ideas and techniques. Learn how understand the anatomy of real animals to bring realism to your fantasy creatures. Draw dragons and other flying, creeping and crawling creatures. Take home some useful reference materials.
  • Flow Art Colour Run
10 - 17 years Colours that swirl, dribble and run together are the stars. Flow art explores the exciting and slightly unpredictable medium of acrylic flow paints. Try different techniques for pouring and tipping your colours. Create 3 mini artworks to take home.
  • Forensic Frenzy: Who Stole Christmas?
5 - 10 years We need our best agents on the job. In the ultimate case of "Who done it", someone has stolen Christmas! If you would like to know the answers to "who?", "what?", "when?", "why?", "where?", and "how?", you will have to join the gang and get on the case. If we ever hope to find who stole Christmas, we'll need to look for clues, ponder the puzzle, and analyse the evidence hunt. All in a day's work for a junior detective!
  • Glitter & Glow
4 - 7 years Step into a magical world where everything is shiny, sparkly or glowing. Create art with papers, paint, pencil and more. Includes cutting, gluing, modelling and making. Your creations will be amazing.
  • Illusion, Science, or Magic?
6 - 10 years Do your eyes deceive you? Come along and enter a world where you won't know what to believe. You'll see puzzling pictures, create tantalising brainteasers, watch chemical reactions, and practice slight of hand. Everything explainable to those who know what they are doing. To everyone else there will be much head scratching. What side do you want to be on?
  • Kawaii: Cartooning Christmas
5 - 10 years Kawaii is the Japanese art of cuteness. In this cartooning workshop we'll add 'cuteness' to Christmas. Use markers to draw your characters then add stickers and more to make them even cuter. Lots of drawing fun.
  • Lego Magic: Building Christmas
6 - 12 years Take your brick building to another level as we get festive with Lego this Christmas. We'll learn about selecting just the right block for the situation and building within the bigger picture. Whether you are a beginner with Lego or a black-belt builder, you will leave with new ideas for use with your own Lego collections as well as a Lego decoration for your tree at home.
  • Model Masters
8 - 12 years Whether you consider yourself a model master, or just a beginner to this hobby, there will be something for everyone to take away from this building, painting, and modelling masterclass. Find out about the hobyists tools and techniques as we work to design and create a model scene to bring home.
  • Paper Plane Challenge
6 - 12 years Whether you are a master paper plane builder, or just starting out, this workshop will take you to new heights. We'll investigate the aerodynamics of flight and apply it to our paper plane designs. We'll tinker with the classic design and play around with some advanced theories. There will be plenty of testing and a competition to finish it all off. Will you soar above the pack?
  • Postcards from Lapland
6 - 12 years Make a series of postcard sized artworks drawn and coloured with watercolours, soft pastels, inks and pencil as we imagine a visit to Lapland this December. You can expect a glow that lights up the sky in a magical way. There is a Christmas market lined with twinkling lights, reindeer, and lots of snow.
  • Retro Draw: Music Art
12 - 17 years For those who love to draw, this workshop has a retro theme featuring musical instruments set in the style of 60s and 70s album cover art. Using graphite, coloured pencils and markers, explore techniques for creating amazing artworks. Learn about proportion and perspective when drawing objects. Classic.
  • Rudolph's Reindeer Rukus
4 - 7 years You are invited to Rudolph, the Red-Nosed, Reindeer's Surprise Party. He has just arrived home at the North Pole after helping Santa deliver presents on a very foggy Christmas Eve! This celebration is sure to get noisy with reindeer games for all, dress-ups, music, dancing, craft, and certainly NO name-calling.
  • Santa's Secret Lab
5 - 10 years Do you wonder what Santa gets up to when it's not Christmas Eve? Toy testing, of course! Come on down to the lab and experiment Christmas-style. We'll learn "why" some toys behave the way they do, Understand "how" to create variations, and make some models to bring home. Sounds like science fun to me!
  • Space City Lego
4 - 7 years In the not too distant future, humanity will undoubtedly take to the stars in search of habitable worlds. As a logical first step, we will set up space cities for people to live and work in microgravity. So, come and join the team of Lego engineers and help to create a Lego version of this future. Most important will be the high 5: of food, water, air, warmth, and shelter, when space is such a challenging environment to explore. How will you and your team tackle this titanic task?
  • The Christmas Express
4 - 7 years All Aboard... The Christmas Express is leaving! Join the journey as we travel across the world to the North Pole. We will visit our very own Christmas cave, go ice skating in the snow, sip (imaginary) hot chocolate, make some beautiful decorations and more!
  • The Third Dimension
6 - 12 years It's about time we made it here. The third dimension is mysterious, beautiful, and has so much depth! We'll create a clever 3-D artwork, investigate hologram technology, and learn to draw using all 3 dimensions at our disposal. We will stretch imaginations and show again how maths and art can beautifully work together.
  • Watercolour Calligraphy
10 - 15 years Art of calligraphy exploring watercolour techniques with a Christmas theme. Use brush markers, water pens and paints including some experimental watercolours. Calligraphy styles will also be introduced. Take home a completed watercolour artwork ready for framing.
  • * Gingerbread House
Adults Only Find more information about Gingerbread workshops HERE
* Workshop contains a food ingredient (not necessarily for eating, but for experiments or artwork also) and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


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