December 2023 Workshop Descriptions

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Spring 2023 Workshops

Workshop Title Age Descriptions for December 2023 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
'Twas the Night: Acrylic Canvas 6 to 12 years

'Twas the night before Christmas...... We’ll design and up a paint a canvas full of christmas lights inspired by the traditional poem. Paint up your canvas then choose your design and complete the picture with strings of LED lights. Behold your masterpiece.

* Christmas Candy Science 6 to 12 years

If you are feeling festive, and you love science, then this workshop is the perfect place for you this Christmas. There will be things to make, things to eat, and plenty to play with! We will be experimenting, mixing, and creating some cracking good chemistry fun.

* Gingerbread Cottage 6 to 10 years

Take a walk down the candy road to decorate your own delicious cottage shaped gingerbread. Add a garden full of yummy lolly treats. Wrap and take home to enjoy at Christmas.

* Mrs. Claus' Kitchen:
Sweet Christmas
4 tp 7 years

Step into the magical, delicious and fun world of Mrs Claus’ Kitchen and cook up some tasty treats! Create beautiful Christmas biscuits and an edible Christmas Tree! Workshop includes cooking, stories, craft and fun.

* Rudolph's Science Party 4 to 7 years

There is talk of a reindeer with a shiny red nose, which lights the way wherever he goes. He helps out Santa one night every year, then hosts a party full of christmas cheer. This Science workshop is for those who want to know, about reactions and solutions and things that glow!

* Starry Night Lolly Mosaics 8 to 14 years

For those with a sweet tooth who love their art. Gaze into the Starry Night of Vincent Van Gough’s inspiring painting. Turn your attention to your palette- coloured lollies! On an edible base to create your own mosaic starry night masterpiece.

12 Days of Minecraft 6 to 10 years

On the first day of minecraft, my seed gave to me... the wood from a grand oak tree. Come along and write the rest of the song, create a Minecraft advent calendar, and have a whole lot of Minecraft fun in this alternate take on a Christmas classic. Creepers need not apply!

A House for a Christmas Mouse 4 to 7 years

Shh. It's Christmas Eve and the house is still. Marnie the Christmas mouse is busy getting her tiny house ready some special visitors. She has tiny decorations to put up, a tiny tree to decorate and tiny food to prepare. And don't forget the little presents. Join her and make your own tiny Christmas house.

A painted Christmas 4 to 7 years

Make some amazing artworks with a riot of colourful paint to share with your friends. Paint a canvas Christmas tree complete with LED lights. Paint your own gift bag artworks. We’ll paint some cards too. Art to give to your special people.

A String Art Christmas 8 to 12 years

At fist glance, Christmas and string may not seem to fit. On closer inspection, as patterns begin to appear, Christmas will become stringy and fun. First, we'll give you the tools to create your own line art, then the 2-D will become 3-D as we create some beautiful stringy art for Christmas.

Boho Style: Canvas Art 8 to 14 years

This canvas artwork will feature colours and designs, faces and fashion that is the boho style. Choose a pre-drawn design, select your colour palette, then paint up your canvas with acrylic paints.

Botanical Art: Carnivorous Plants 6 to 12 years

Carnivorous plants are the amazing subjects in this drawing and painting workshop. Zoom in close. Techniques will be developed in using watercolour markers, pencils and pans. Some experimental watercolour techniques will be explored. You will take home samples and a finished artwork.

Christmas in Camelot 4 to 7 years

Brave Knights, I bid you welcome to Camelot this festive season. There is much in readiness, but still more to achieve. We need to prepare the table settings, craft a meal fit for a king, shine the swords, and decorate the tree of the round table. So, come and join the knights at Camelot whose deeds will be retold throughout the centuries.

Circuit Science: Light up Bugs 6 to 12 years

Have you been bitten by the circuit bug? It doesnt hurt but it will lead to electrifying results! These holidays, come and light up your mind as we wrestle with resistors, isolate the insulators, and build some bugs (the light-up kind).

Cubby House Engineer 4 to 7 years

It all starts with a cubby, then before you know it you're designing houses, bridges, and skyscrapers! In this workshop, we'll understand what makes our cubby's stand the strongest and tallest of them all, then build the grandest cubby city the world has ever seen.

Energy Quest: Solar Racer 6 to 12 years

Come along and join the quest as we search for sustainable solar solutions. We will start by understanding the basics of solar cells, then we will make a solar racer move by harnessing the power of the sun. Photons and electricity, sunlight and speed, the super solar energy quest starts here!

Escape Quest: Ministry of Magic 8 to 12 years

Lockdown at the Ministry can only mean one thing, the nameless one is close by. There is a plan to escape but it will require teamwork, puzzle solving, and bravery. Bring your unique talents, eye for detail, and sense of adventure. A magical mystery made for muggles who like mischief.

Forensic Frenzy: Who Stole Christmas? 5 to 10 years

We need our best agents on the job. In the ultimate case of "Who done it", someone has stolen Christmas! If you would like to know the answers to "who?", "what?", "when?", "why?", "where?", and "how?", you will have to join the gang and get on the case. If we ever hope to find who stole Christmas, we'll need to look for clues, ponder the puzzle, and analyse the evidence. All in a day's work for a junior detective!

Glass Art Anime 8 to 14 years

For fans of Anime. These artworks are amazing to display. Draw up your character then transfer your design to a glass panel. Choose your colours. This workshop will take you through the process and techniques of painting on glass in a Manga art style.

Kawaii Cute Christmas 6 to 12 years

Kawaii is the Japanese art of cuteness. In this cartooning workshop we'll add 'cuteness' to Christmas. Use markers to draw your characters then add stickers and more to make them even cuter. Lots of drawing fun.

Lego Magic: Building Christmas 6 to 12 years

Take your brick building to another level as we get festive with Lego this Christmas. We'll learn about selecting just the right block for the situation and building within the bigger picture. Whether you are a beginner with Lego or a black-belt builder, you will leave with new ideas for use with your own Lego collections as well as a Lego decoration for your tree at home.

Lost Cities of Lego: North Pole 5 to 10 years

Santa is renovating and has put the call out to all interested parties to create a new and inspiring base for Christmas fun. You'll need to fix up a place for the reindeer, a workshop for the elves, a place for Santa & Mrs. Claus to live, and anything else you think Santa might need. Join resident Engineer, Justin, and build an imaginative Lego world full of Christmas magic.

Magicians Bag of Tricks 5 to 10 years

Roll up, Roll up, Roll up... it’s magic time! Step behind the scenes as Justin the Great reveals the truth behind some of his favourite magic tricks. Learn some tricks of your very own, play some magic games, discover the art of mesmerising the audience, and have a huge amount of fun! In this workshop, the Magicians Bag of Tricks holds the secrets!

Not So Silent Night! 4 to 7 years

A noisy, musical Christmas workshop full of Christmas carols, Christmas craft, Christmas stories, and lots and lots and lots of Christmas excitement. It will be loud, it will be fun, most of all, it will be Christmassy.

Postcards from Lapland 6 to 12 years

Make a series of postcard sized artworks drawn and coloured with watercolours, soft pastels, inks and pencil as we imagine a visit to Lapland this December. You can expect a glow that lights up the sky in a magical way. There is a Christmas market lined with twinkling lights, reindeer, and lots of snow.

Retro Poster Art: Give Peace a Chance 12 to 17 years

This workshop has a retro theme featuring posters from the 60s and 70s. Using stencils, paint and paint pens explore techniques for creating amazing peace themed artworks. Classic.

Sketching Studio: Paper Dolls 5 to 10 years

Be inspired by fashion illustrators from around the world. We’ll create a Summer collection for our paper dolls. Learn conventions for designing and illustrating fashions. Your finished designs will be ready to display as amazing original works of art.

Splat! What's that? 4 to 7 years

Doodle art with a difference. Some drawing and painting challenges for you to explore. Strange things to find. Splat and spin. Make amazing some artworks with lots of colour.

Wood Artistry Christmas 10 to 16 years

An introduction to simple carving, wood burning and colouring techniques. Learn about pyrography, the art of drawing with a heated pen. Use burning, carving and painting techniques to decorate small wooden gifts and decorations. Suitable for beginners.
(Safety Note in this workshop heated and sharp tools will be used and shared)

* Workshop contains food and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

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