January 2019 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for January 2019 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • An Artist's Garden
5 to 10 years A drawing and painting workshop full of inspiration from the artist's garden. Look at artworks by Vincent Van Gough and Claude Monet, Margaret Preston and others. Draw your own flowers or fruit from real life. Make a beautiful painting of the artist's garden to take home.
  • Art Foundations: Quick Draw
6 to 12 years For those who love a drawing challenge. Learn to draw people in action, acrobats and clowns, the ringmaster and animals. Try different styles - cartoon, realistic, stylised, and more. Use graphite, ink, gouache, pencil, and markers.
  • Art Foundations: Sunrise / Sunset
6 to 12 years There's colour in the sky; reds, yellows, deep purples, pinks and oranges. We are going to capture it with paint. This workshop is an introduction to watercolour techniques. Learn about mixing and applying watercolour paints in surprising ways. You'll have a finished artwork to take home.
  • Art Foundations: Urban Sketch
12 to 14 years Take Inspiration from the city around us as we create art with an urban edge. Sharpen your observational drawing skills. Use pencils, markers, charcoal and paint pens. Take home practice pages and a finished artwork.
  • Art Foundations: Watercolour Skies
12 to 17 years Experiment with this wonderful medium as we look towards the Summer sky for inspiration. Learn about mixing and layering colours and using masking methods. Use different surfaces to paint on for a variety of effects.
  • Brick-Tronics
8 to 14 years When Lego meets electronics, you can get some electrifying results. We'll light up our masterpieces with special LED bricks and make our creations move with something a "LittleBit" extra. This is Lego at another level.
  • Candle Crafting
8 to 14 years Warm Summery nights and candles are a perfect match. Candle making is always fun. Melt your wax and try your hand at pouring it into a mold. Add colours, scents, citronella and more. Make a candle holder and 3 different candles.
  • Classic Catch
5 to 10 years Whether you're a fan of the long game, one-day format, or T20 Big Bash, you won't want to drop the ball on this one! This workshop includes training games, cricket craft, and classic cricket catches that will bowl you over. So, wear your whites, or favourite team gear and catch this one before it's been blasted for 6.
  • Cubby House Engineer
4 to 7 years It all starts with a cubby, then before you know it you're designing houses, bridges, and skyscrapers! In this workshop, we'll understand what makes our cubby's stand the strongest and tallest of them all, then build the grandest cubby the world has ever seen.
  • Engineer This: Light & Strong
6 to 12 years The ultimate goal of any Engineer is to maximise strength, whilst minimising weight (and of course, cost). In this workshop, designed to clear away the holiday cobwebs, we will investigate the relationship between shape and strength, then attempt to build a tower that can support a ball with limited materials. Can you Engineer This?
  • Fairy Beach Party
4 to 7 years The Fairies are having a party on the beach. We will dress a fairy friend, design a fairy surfboard and make ourselves a beach inspired necklace to wear for the party. Let’s dance the fairy twist and hang an imaginary ten with our fairy friends.
  • Flow Art: Summerscape
12 to 17 years Develop an artwork using acrylic flow mediums and inks inspired by drone photography of our Summer coastline. Learn about using colours and composition as you explore this exciting medium.
  • Galaxy Art
8 to 14 years Create 2 artworks featuring Galaxy skies that are out of this world. Develop techniques in drawing and painting with inks. Includes an introduction to using masking techniques, pen and brushwork.
  • Hack to the Future
8 to 14 years When you sit back and dream of the future, where does your mind take you? Hoverboards? Flying cars? In this workshop, we will be investigating some of the technology of today and seeing if we can make it better. We will be working out what is possible and prototyping the future. A little hacking and the future will be whatever you make it.
  • Indian Summer
6 to 12 years Be inspired by the colours and patterns of India. An art and design workshop featuring hot pinks, reds, oranges and bright purples, blues and greens. Design mandalas large and small. Use a variety of paint pens and water based paints and more.
  • Kapla Kids: Summer Challenge
6 to 12 years This summer, it's time for our newest Kapla challenge. We will have over 5000 Kapla construction planks to recreate the sights of summer in 2-D and 3-D. Cricket, Beach parties, sun, sand, and surf are just the beginning of what's possible when you bring your imagination!
  • Light Lab
5 to 10 years Optical science is back on the table as we attempt to dissect light in this fun workshop for the junior scientist. We will split colour to see what comes out, try our hand at some different ways to combine colour, and try to understand the relationship between light and shade from the very small to a solar scale.
  • Lost Cities of Lego
5 to 10 years Adventuring like Indiana Jones, searching for the lost city of Atlantis, and treading carefully like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. This is what the Lost Cities of Lego is all about! We'll create Temples with traps, vehicles with treasure hunting modifications, and more as we search our imaginations for the best ways to hide the coolest treasures.
  • Makers Workshop: Bush Band
4 to 7 years When the sun goes down, the night comes alive! Animals start to jump and jive. Come along and join the band in this musical Makers' Workshop. We'll play musical games, explore different ways to make animal sounds, then use tools to build our instruments. We'll sing and dance, then play all night. We'll make music until the dawning light.
  • Meercat Art
6 to 12 years What was that? Look over there. No. Over there. If you are a fan of these endearing animals come on in. We'll draw and paint 2 portraits using 2 different styles. Worth popping your head up for.
  • Minecraft Maker Lab
5 to 10 years Ever wanted to see what you could do with Minecraft outside of a device? Step into the Minecraft maker lab and let your imagination play in this real-world experience of all things Minecraft. From ores to tools, from experiments to circuits, this is Minecraft unplugged!
  • Mini Bot Mayhem
5 to 10 years Are you ready to take on the minibot challenge? In this workshop, where minibots rule, we will work in teams to complete 3 very different coding challenges with 3 very different minibots. The trick will be to identify the similarities that make coding different models easier. Can you solve the challenge? All will be revealed when the mayhem begins this January!
  • Paper Caper
10 to 15 years Paper of all kinds will be transformed for story, cards, tags or to keep for a project yet to be devised. Try a variety of techniques includes marbeling, gel press prints, stamp carving, pop-ups and paper cuts.
  • Planes to the Rescue
4 to 7 years When the alarm sounds, you know the rescue crew are on the case. Spring into action as only the brave know how and make sure you have the right plane for the rescue. We'll solve problems, build flying machines, learn about the brave people who fly into a rescue, and save the day.
  • Puppy at the Palace
4 to 7 years There’s a puppy at the palace. The princess’s first pet. It’s a bit of a rascal and gets into mischief. Come and make a cute little puppy and special palace for it. We’ll make a puppy bed and puppy fashions and teach her tricks to make everyone laugh.
  • Shipwreck Detectives
5 to 10 years Use a compass as you search the bottom of the sea for wrecked ships and sunken treasure! Learn about deep sea diving and submarines then Build a model treasure chest with gold coins. Games, stories, experiments, and a whole lot of fun.
  • Silk Art Summer
8 to 14 years Silk painting and the colours of Summer are made for each other. Be inspired by the colours of our amazing Summer as you learn the special techniques used for painting on silk with vibrant dyes. Take home a stretched silk artwork ready for display.
  • Sketching Safari
4 to 7 years Do you love drawing animals? Join our sketching safari and track down your favourites. Learn to draw animals in action and resting. Draw fur and fins, big animals and small.
  • Small World: Lego Garden
6 to 12 years A Lego building workshop, with a creative twist. Scale your garden down to mini size and build plants using Lego. Design your own mini terrarium to take home, no need to water. Ever!
  • Splat! What's That?
4 to 7 years Doodle art with a difference. Some drawing challenges for you to explore. Strange things to find. Splat and spin. Make amazing some artworks with colour.
  • Star Light, Star Bright
4 to 7 years A crafty workshop making bright shiny starry things. We'll include some faux stained glass art, star bag tag and a beaded starlight catcher.
  • The Butterfly Ball
4 to 7 years There is a whispering in fairyland and a fluttering of wings. The Butterfly Ball is about to begin. Butterflies of every colour are coming. There'll be butterfly craft, fashions to design and a lovely butterfly bag to make. Join the parade of fashions, then let the dancing begin.
  • The Game Maker: Bricktopia
6 to 12 years Are you game to come to a workshop with a difference? From the first roll of the die, this workshop will have you hunting for special bricks and dodging traps, all the while moving ever closer to your goal, Bricktopia. The rest is up to you: rules, tokens, layout, and the prize. So, what are you waiting for? Bricktopia awaits!
  • The Third Dimension
6 to 12 years It's about time we made it here. The third dimension is mysterious, beautiful, and has so much depth! We'll create a clever 3-D artwork, investigate hologram technology, and learn to draw using all 3 dimensions at our disposal. We will stretch imaginations and show again how maths and art can beautifully work together.
  • Tie Dye: Summer Nights
6 to 12 years Fold, scrunch, roll, tie, dip and spray. Tie dye your own sleep shirt with bright colours and glow in the dark dyes for a fun addition to your Summer wardrobe. Bring along a suitable oversize white tshirt to dye.
  • Wild Things, Sculpt & Draw
4 to 7 years Lots of wild things are waiting to be made. Let's draw our wild ideas. Let's model with clay, build with sticks, stones, bits and bobs. Add our wild eyes and hair and some very sharp teeth. Then we'll let our wild things loose.
* Workshop contains a food ingredient (not necessarily for eating, but for experiments or artwork also) and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


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