January 2020 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for January 2020 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • A Riot of Colour
6 to 12 years Mix, squish, drip, dribble or brush. Join in the fun and make abstract artworks on canvas and paper with all sorts of colours. Use a colour wheel and learn about colour combinations. Be inspired by wonderful abstract artists. Most of all have fun.
  • A Sunburnt Sky: Introduction to Oils
8 to 14 years From the Reef to the Rainforest, explore the great Australian landscape as a subject for your artwork. In this art based workshop you will paint a great Australian landscape on canvas in oils. Learn about choosing a viewpoint, composition, choosing brushes, and mixing and using oil paints.
  • Along Came a Spider
8 to 12 years For those who love to draw using lots of detail real or imagined. This is a drawing and illustration based workshop inspired by arachnids of all kinds. Techniques developed include using pencils, pens and inks to create a true to life styled rendering of a real or imagined spider.
  • Art Foundations: Black & White
10 to 15 years Art in black and white. In this drawing and illustration skills based workshop you’ll learn about using a variety of pencils, graphite, charcoal and inks. Make realistic drawings and a black and white inspired artwork.
  • Art Foundations: Figure Drawing
10 to 15 years Drawing people poses challenges for the developing artist. Whether you want to draw realistic people or characters for your Manga, comic or fantasy art you’ll need an understanding of anatomy and how people move. Be guided In this class through simple steps to draw figures more accurately. Includes reference sheets and tips to take home.
  • Art Foundations: Look & Draw
6 to 12 years Drawing is fun. Build your skills with some observational drawing. Train your eye to look closely and draw what you see. In this drawing workshop we’ll use a variety of pens, pencils, charcoal and ink. Be amazed by what you can draw.
  • Art Foundations: Paint & Pastels
6 to 12 years There's colour in the sky; reds, yellows, deep purples, pinks, oranges, blues and greys. We are going to capture it with 3 different mediums. This workshop is an introduction to using soft pastels, oil pastels and acrylic paints. Learn about techniques for mixing and application in surprising ways. You'll have 3 finished artworks to take home.
  • Art from the Ballet
6 to 10 years Enter the world of the ballet. Dancers, their costumes and the art of Edgar Degas are ready to inspire. Use of a variety of drawing and painting tools; pens, pencils, charcoal and watercolours. Make 3 artworks ready to frame.
  • Classic Catch
6 to 12 years Whether you're a fan of the long game, one-day format, or T20 Big Bash, you won't want to drop the ball on this one! This workshop includes training games, cricket craft, and classic cricket catches that will bowl you over. So, wear your whites, or favourite team gear and catch this one before it's been blasted for 6.
  • Comic Art: Draw a Story
6 to 12 years Is drawing your superpower? Then join us for some comic style action. Traditional comics have characters that may be funny or have superpowers, and tell a story with multiple frames. Learn to draw step by step. Try various layouts and backgrounds. Use different types of pens and markers.
  • Dolphin Magic
6 to 10 years An art and craft based workshop for those who like to draw, paint and make. Paint with cool ocean colours and the colours of warm Summer skies. Learn to draw dolphins with easy steps. Take home a beautiful artwork full of dreamy dolphin fun.
  • Down by the Swamp
4 to 7 years This is the one for dinosaur lovers! Come along and hunt for bones; make your own fossils, footprints, and dinosaur models. Share your knowledge and join in the fun as we find out about those fascinating creatures.
  • Energy Quest
5 to 10 years Come and join the quest as we search through history for the beginnings of energy. Who found it first? How did they store it? What did they do with it? We'll conduct experiments and construct contraptions, looking back as we search for the energy of the future.
  • Engineering Back to Front
6 to 12 years We're taking Engineering and flipping it upside down. We'll start by taking some usual items to investigate how they work & what they're made of. Then we'll take what we find and make something unusual. Engineering, prototyping, investigating, and creating. All the ingredients for some topsy-turvy scientific fun.
  • Everything is Awesome
5 to 10 years Attention all budding master builders. If you love Lego, if you love creating something new, and if you think everything to do with Lego is "awesome", then this is the workshop for you! We'll build, we'll play, we'll create, and we'll make a mess. Whether you are a beginner, or black-belt builder, you will leave this workshop with the tools you need to keep the creativity flowing. Oh, and one more thing... by the time we're done, the awesomeness will have only just begun!
  • Fairy Summer House
5 to 10 years In the heat of summer the fairies move deeper into the forest setting up their summer homes in the shade of the large mushrooms. We will decorate a fairy house for our own fairy and play some summer fairy games.
  • Falling with Style
6 to 12 years Energy, motion, and an imagination for the possible. That's all it takes to start the ball rolling as we let gravity work for us. We'll design and construct our marble path, allow for cause and effect, then let fly as we learn how to fall with style! A workshop for the hands-on scientist.
  • Flow Art
12 to 17 years Develop an artwork using acrylic flow mediums and inks inspired by drone photography of our Summer coastline. Learn about using colours and composition as you explore this exciting medium.
  • Gravity Matters
8 to 12 years From the time when Galileo was observing the universe to Einstein and his theories of all things Physics, gravity has remained constant. If you would like to unpack the question of 'Why?' then this is the workshop for you. We'll investigate Orbital mechanics, forces, and gravity all without leaving the planet!
  • Kapla Kids: World Wonders
6 to 12 years We are on a world tour of some of the worlds best known buildings and constructions. In this workshop, we will have over 5000 Kapla construction planks to recreate some of these amazing structures in 2-D and 3-D. The best part is, when the construction tour is over, there will still be plenty of time for some KAPLA free building so we can create our own world wonders too!
  • Kids Under Construction
4 to 7 years Do you like to build things with Lego, Knex and more? Are you ready for some challenges? Do you like to have fun? Work on projects? In this workshop we will work together to solve 3 different construction challenges using Lego and K'nex and build, build, build!
  • Lego Challenge
6 to 12 years If you love Lego and are running out of ideas, then you have come to the right place. Can you make red out of white? Can you build the tallest stable tower with the smallest number of bricks? Can you beat the clock in the timed challenge? All will be revealed as these challenges, and more, await all who dare to enter.
  • Lost Cities of Lego: Hogwarts Hall
6 to 12 years Welcome explorers and muggles alike. This is your chance to follow in the footsteps of the great wizards of our age by building your own slice of magic. Moving stairways, hidden passages, and grand halls are just the beginning as we piece together this stunning work of architecture.
  • Mini Maze Makers
4 to 7 years The mind-bending fun of the attempt and total satisfaction of solving a maze. That's what we're looking for as we search the globe for inspiration before diving in and making our own mini maze. The trick will be to make sure it can be solved by a minibot, or a human... But who will solve it first?
  • Painting Up a Storm
4 to 7 years Look to the master artists for inspiration. We'll paint windy, rainy and stormy skies using watercolour and acrylic paints. Then the sun will come out and maybe you'll find a rainbow. Then take home your stormy masterpieces.
  • Pinball Science
8 to 12 years Normally, when you play a game of pinball, you have only a single ball to keep track of. That is, until you hear those magical words "Multi-Ball" and we find the point where Fun meets Physics. We'll play plenty of pinball with a surplus of science and a constant chance of collisions. So much we can learn from a simple pinball.
  • Rainbow Art Maker
4 to 7 years What’s your favourite colour? Use all the colours of the rainbow as you paint your own canvas and more in this art based workshop. We'll play with the colour wheel, make some rainbows with prisms, and mix lots of different colours for our artworks.
  • Science Fiction, Science Fact
8 to 12 years Before man visited space, the idea was merely science fiction. Until we carried around a communication device in our pocket, it was only a dream. Come and take a journey through history as we imagine ourselves in a place before certain technologies were available and construct the ideas that brought them to life. Prototyping, imagination, and turning fiction to fact.
  • Spy Science: Secrets of Disguise
5 to 10 years Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to enter the shadow world of spying and master the art of disguise. Recruits will try their hand at crafting their own disguise and practising the art of deception. When this workshop is over, you won't know yourself!
  • Sticker Art: Drawing Challenge
5 to 10 years Do you love to draw? Ready for a challenge? This cartooning styled workshop is lots of fun. Start with stickers of all shapes and sizes. Add teeth to a tiger, eyes to an elephant, freckles to a face. Start easy then get tricky. What will you draw?
  • Survival Science
5 to 10 years No eliminations, no tribal council, just one goal - to survive! Through science, we will learn how to survive in the wild by ensuring that we have clean drinking water, we can find food, and we can find our way home. These and many more survival skills await anyone who is not afraid to take a chance.
  • The House that Elsa Built
4 to 7 years What sort of house would Elsa build? If you know the answer then this workshop is for you. With lots of different construction materials to choose from there is something for budding builders, engineers, architects and princesses. Sure to be fun.
  • The Unicorn's Garden
4 to 7 years Over the rainbow is a secret garden where unicorns like to play. What will you find in this place full of colour? Create your own miniature secret garden, add a little baby unicorn and friends. A making, crafty workshop for those who'd like to take home their own secret garden.
  • To Infinity & Beyond!
4 to 7 years Outerspace beckons for intrepid explorers! Come along for a fun filled intergalactic adventure. Build a space ship and a UFO, walk on the moon, and rocket into the outer realms. This workshop is launching soon!
  • Un-BEE-leivable Summer
5 to 10 years What’s the buzz? Science meets making meets fun and lots of puns in this un-bee-lievable workshop. Quit pollen my leg and learn about how Australian native bees like to spend their Summer. Bee crafts and silliness. We offer air-bee-and-bee here. Assemble your own bee motel to take home. We’ll wing it.
  • Wands, Wings, & Glittery Things
4 to 7 years All things pretty, shiny, glittery, sparkly, and shimmery. Design some fairy wings, a beautiful tiara, a magic wand and more! Workshop includes stories and games.
  • Watercolour Birds
8 to 14 years Do you have a favourite bird? Watercolour is the perfect medium for painting birds. Capture colour, light and texture as you develop your painting skills using this interesting paint. You will paint 3 artworks with quality watercolours using a variety of brushes.
* Workshop contains a food ingredient (not necessarily for eating, but for experiments or artwork also) and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


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