JANUARY 2021 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title
Descriptions for January 2021 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
  • * The Island of Mad Scientists
6 - 12 years Do you love science? Experimenting? And Fun? Join well known mad scientist, Dr Frinklebum on this crazy island adventure as this time we experiment with magnetism and circuitry. As the temperature soars, we will have some good science fun in the sun!
  • All Aboard the Dino Train
4 - 7 years Ticket's Please, Mr. T-Rex... All Aboard please, Mr. Allosaurus... Take Your Seats please, Mr. Triceratops... The train is about-leave on an amazing adventure through the time of the dinosaurs... We'll stomp, build, sing, play, and ride with these ancient reptiles in an adventure that will get your heart racing and your mind flowing with creativity!
  • Chain Reactions
5 - 10 years If you would like to know how a marble can move a bowling ball, then come along and find out. We'll start with a marble and use Isaac Newton's 2nd Law of physics as we build to a large effect at the end of our chain. Lego, levers, ramps, forces, energy, and as many chain reactions as we can fit in 90 minutes!
  • City on the Moon
4 - 7 years In the not-too-distant future, humans may actually be setting up a colony in space! So, what are we waiting for? Come along to this workshop that is out of this world. We'll learn about space and what's out there, then we'll construct a city for futuristic lunar living. The countdown has started; will you be a part of the crew?
  • Drawing Kingdom
5 - 10 years In this Kingdom everyone loves to draw. Our favourite illustrators will inspire us and we'll create our own story in pictures. Draw and colour. Learn to use markers and watercolours and make your own small book.
  • Drawn to Art: Wild Woods
6 - 12 years A story calls to be told. Enter the wild woods and get ready to draw. Your artwork will build layer by layer. Use of a variety of drawing tools; pens, pencils, markers, charcoal and graphite to build a dimensional artwork suitable for shadow box framing.
  • Epic Landscapes
8 - 14 years Discover how to draw and paint landscapes with perspective based on amazing film journeys. Join the Hogwart's Express, travel through space and time and be inspired by the epic landscapes of Tolkien's Middle Earth. Enjoy making a perspective view of your own incredible journeys!
  • Fairy Fashions
4 - 7 years Drawing and designing for the new Summer collection. All things pretty, shiny, glittery, sparkly and shimmery with some beautiful materials to choose from. Design and make some fairy wings, jewellery and accessories. Your fairy fashions are suitable for display and framing as a lovely artwork.
  • Game maker: Master of Mind
8 - 12 years Enter the realm of the Game Maker and tackle the task before you! This time, the project is all about bending the mind and mastering the method of problem solving. We provide the materials, you make the game to take home. Are you a mind master?
  • Land of Lego Legends
6 - 12 years Have you heard the rumor? There is a new type of legend in town! Made of the sturdiest bricks and taller than any minifig alive. In this workshop, we will discover techniques for creating larger than minifig sized characters and practice our skill as we create the newest batch of Lego Legends.
  • Lego Faraway Tree
6 - 12 years The faraway tree is a magical tree that leads to numerous lands of creativity, imagination, and exploration. In this workshop, we will use our Lego to create the lost cities of the Faraway Tree. Bring your own ideas or come ready to be inspired by the stories of Enid Blyton as we transform our collection of Lego into a magical world for our minifigs.
  • Lego Lab: Battle Bots
8 - 14 years Lego NXT has never been this fun! Building from a base model, in teams you will make changes and additions with the goal of winning the battle. Mechanical Engineering and Programming will need to come together in harmony if you want your bot to succeed. Do you have what it takes?
  • Lego Movie Master
8 - 12 years If Lego was made for building, then the Minifig was made to star in Stop Motion animations! They do what they are told, work long hours, and don't complain about the pay! If you would like to see what it takes to make your very own mini Lego movie, then this is the place for you!
  • Lost Cities of Lego: Hogwarts Hall
6 - 12 years Welcome explorers and muggles alike. This is your chance to follow in the footsteps of the great wizards of our age by building your own slice of magic. Moving stairways, hidden passages, and grand halls are just the beginning as we piece together this stunning work of architecture.
  • Manga Art: Tricky Bits
8 - 14 years A manga workshop for beginners and the more experienced. With a special emphasis this time on developing the tricky bits ; hands, feet and faces from different angles. Lots of tips about drawing hands and feet in a variety of poses. Take home some reference and practise sheets and a developed artwork.
  • Midnight Horses
6 - 12 years An art based workshop. The horses are running through the night. Learn to draw horses on the move. Using black, white and greys we'll create artworks in charcoal and pastel.
  • Minecraft Maker Lab
5 - 10 years Ever wanted to see what you could do with Minecraft outside of a device? Step into the Minecraft maker lab and let your imagination play in this real-world experience of all things Minecraft. From ores to tools, from experiments to circuits, this is Minecraft unplugged!
  • Monet's Garden: Light & Colour
10 - 15 years This is an art workshop full of colour and light. Paint your own canvas in the style of the great Claude Monet. Learn about mixing and applying colour using oil paints. Tips for keeping fresh light colours.
  • Painting Up a Storm
4 - 7 years Look to the master artists for inspiration. We'll paint windy, rainy and stormy skies using watercolour and acrylic paints. Then the sun will come out and maybe you'll find a rainbow. Then take home your stormy masterpieces.
  • Panda-Monium
5 - 10 years It is time for the Dragon Warrior to train the next batch of Kung Fu younglings. Do you think you have what it takes to be the next master? Training games, ninja craft, New Year's Festivities, music, and more fun than you can poke a stick at in this workshop to bring out the inner panda in anyone.
  • Peacocks on Parade
5 - 10 years Roll out the red carpet, the beautiful peacock fashion parade is ready-start. All birds are coming, wearing their finest feathers. In this workshop we'll design and paint fashions for the birds, using all the wonderful colours of the rainbow. Take home some lovely watercolour birds, painted and ready for display.
  • Pencil Art
12 - 17 years Using both graphite and coloured pencils we’ll explore the possibilities for creating amazing artworks using these simple materials. This workshop is suitable for those who love drawing and who like to take their time creating 1 or 2 artworks. Techniques will be introduced and 1-2 artworks developed. Take home some practise sheets and your finished art.
  • Pop Up Paris
4 - 7 years The wonderful City of Paris will pop-up at Flying Fox Studios this week. Picnic at the foot of the Eiffel tower, climb the bell towers of Notre-Dame. Craft some delicious eats for our pop-up Cafe. Try plein air painting, and in the spirit of la Ville Lumière (the City of Lights) create a beautiful candle holder as a souvenir of your visit.
  • Space Wars Academy
4 - 7 years Calling all younglings. It’s time to join the academy to hone your skills and receive your training and equipment. We’ll build with Lego models, make recycled droids and light sabres. We’ll strategise as we organise our ships and prepare ourselves for the Space Wars.
  • Surf School Summer Art
10-15 years The Summer surf school is a great place to observe people and how they move; standing crouching, twisting, balancing. Use a series of reference photos and manikins as you learn to observe and draw people. You’ll do a series of sketches and complete a painted artwork based on your sketches and reference photos. For anyone who wants to improve your figure drawing for any genre.
  • The Great Space Race
5 - 10 years Take a trip in this intergalactic workshop for the young intrepid explorer. We'll journey to planets near and far and meet alien life forms with a story to tell. Then we'll design and build a space ship that will be able to race to the stars in the great space race!
  • The Invention Convention
6 - 12 years Attention young inventors. Do you like solving problems and do you like to keep cool in the summer heat? This time at the invention convention, we'll be making things that involve a wet element. Whether we create a new kind of water wheel, a plastic bottle water squirter, or something else completely original. You can be sure that we'll only be limited by our imaginations, and we might get wet!
  • The Red Turtle
10 - 15 years An art based workshop inspired by the classic animated fantasy movie. Illustration techniques using watercolour and gouache will be developed. Create mood with colour and composition. Take away 2 beautiful, calming artworks ready for display.
  • The Unicorn's Garden Market
4 - 7 years The Unciorns have been growing a garden full of amazing magical plants. There are beautiful flowers and yummy things to eat. Today they are setting up a market stall. Join in the fun of this crafty workshop. Make your own little stall and craft lots of lovely paper based treats and beautiful things. Take home and continue the play.
  • Watercolour Botanicals
8 - 14 years Art using watercolour techniques with a botanical theme. Drawing using pressed specimens and photos will be tried. Techniques will be developed in using Ecoline markers and water pens. Some experimental watercolour techniques will be explored.
* Workshop contains a food ingredient (not necessarily for eating, but for experiments or artwork also) and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


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