Zoom Art Curricular

Term 3, 2018

Scribbers: Are We There Yet?

We’ll go traveling around Australia visiting lots of different places as we make our art this term. We’ll visit cities and farms in the bush, attend a birthday party for wombat, go swimming in the sea, visit dinosaur digs, and lots more adventures. Painting, mixing, drawing, collage, puppets, clay modelling, story and fun.



Zoomers: Australian Safari

Are we there yet? Come and travel around Australia, visiting lots of different places in this wonderful land. We’ll go snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, wander through the Daintree rainforest, visit dinosaur digs and a whole lot more. Painting, drawing, collage, puppets, clay modelling, story and fun.



Art Explorers: Race Around Australia

Pack your bags. We’re off on the trip of a lifetime. There’s so much to see in this wonderful land of ours. We’ll learn about Australian landscape painting and Indigenous art. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, wander through the Daintree rainforest look up at Uluru and visit lots more interesting places. Painting, drawing, collage, printmaking. Art making is a whole lot of fun.



Art Discovery: Aussie Adventure

Inspired by Australian landscape art and Indigenous art. Come with us on an Aussie adventure to lots of exciting and secret places. The Great Barrier Reef, Daintree rainforest, Kakadu and a whole lot more. Drawing for landscape, painting, collage and printmaking. Includes exposure to a variety of Australian landscape painting styles.



Art Keys: An Australian Journey

Art inspired by the Great Australian landscape will be our goal this term. From the large landscapes of the Centre, to the secret places of the rainforest. We'll discover how fellow Australian artists have portrayed our land. Techniques and experiences in painting, drawing, pastels, mixed media and sculpture. Includes an introduction to using oil paints.



Art Experience: Great Southern Land

The colour and form of our great Australian landscape inspires our art making this term. This term we'll explore painting with oils, experimental watercolour techniques, pastels, mixed media and using acrylic mediums. Paint a larger scale work of a favourite place.



Art Play: Term #3, 2018: I Love a Sunburnt Country

The colour and form of our great Australian landscape inspires our art making this term. Gain experience in painting, drawing, pastels and mixed media as we explore oils, experimental watercolour techniques and using acrylic mediums. Paint a larger scale work of a favourite place in your choice of medium.

Term 4, 2018

Scribbers: Who's Who in the Zoo?

Animals from all over the world have come to visit us! Cats and dogs, kangaroos and possums, lions, elephants and more.
This term in Scribblers is all about animals. We will create a menagerie of animal art, hear stories about animals, build nests & explore animal homes. We will draw, paint, mix colours, glue, cut, thread play with clay and have lots of messy fun.
Come join us!



Zoomers: Animal Antics

Come and meet the speedy rinocerostrich or the tame little guineapiguana or even the prehistoric kangasaurus. Animals of all shapes and sizes will become part of our making this term, with lots of animal based art and crafts. We will explore animal shapes and faces, animal homes and animal colours.
We will draw, paint, mix colours, glue, cut, thread, mould with clay, make models and have lots of messy noisy fun.



Art Explorers: Carnival of the Animals

Watch out. Was that a monkey? A possum? A whale? Animals of all size and shape are our inspiration. See them resting, running, climbing, or swimming. We’ll draw with pencil, charcoal and pastel. We'll paint, create sculpture and make a wonderful mixed media artwork



Art Discovery: Animal Kingdom

Be inspired by the wonderful kingdom of animals in all their shapes and sizes, real and imagined. Use graphite, charcoal, pastel and ink to draw feathers, fur, fins and scales. We’ll draw Manga animals with markers. We’ll paint, create sculpture, explore mixed media and printmaking.



Art Keys: Anamania

A focus on animals inspires our art making this term. Get up close and personal with a crocodile, stare into the fascinating faces of chimps and gorillas, or create your own fantasy or Manga creature. Observational drawing aids with developing techniques for drawing realistic animals at rest and in motion in charcoal, graphite and pastel. We’ll use paint, printmaking, and explore mixed media.



Art Experience: Term #4, 2018

Animals inspire our art making this term. Tips and techniques for using photography and observational drawing as aids in developing techniques for drawing animals will be covered. Use a variety of drawing media including charcoal, graphite, marker and ink. We’ll use watercolours, acrylics and explore combining a variety of media.



Art Play: Term #4, 2018

This group class is for those who want to build confidence and develop their skills and experience a variety of media including watercolour, acrylics and oil paints. It is a relaxed class with the teaching artist providing input in skills development and guiding experimentation.
With an emphasis on depicting people this term there is room for growth and building skill and confidence. In a gentle encouraging environment we'll play with some simple techniques designed to build your skills in drawing and painting people. By the end of the term you will have created a realistic portrait, among other things, and had lots of fun along the way. Suitable for beginners or the more experienced.

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