Zoom Art Curricular

Term 3, 2019

Scribbers: Hide & Seek

In our Scribblers art class we will be going on a hide and seek adventure this term! We’ll look for hidden things large and small to paint, draw, print, cut, paste and model with clay. We'll investigate camouflage, hunt for mini beasts, search for tiny seeds that grow into huge trees and even go on a treasure hunt! Lots of stories, games and messy art as we make discoveries, use our imagination and inspire our creativity!

Zoomers: Zoomers Hunt

Join the Zoomers as we hunt for hidden things to draw, paint, print, cut, stick, and model with clay. Come and look closely with magnifying glasses, discover camouflage, find treasure, use our imaginations, and explore our world. We’ll create wonderful messy art as we discover things we’ve never seen before!

Art Explorers: Finders Keepers

Uncover a new clue and make a new artwork each week. We’ll look in unexpected places for things to inspire us this term. Maybe we’ll look at a famous painting, or peer through a magnifying glass, look down a microscope, and hone our observational drawing skills. What will you find? We’ll draw, paint and print. We’ll use watercolours, pencils, ink, acrylics and more. It’ll be lots of fun.

Art Discovery: The Lost Things

Come looking for lost things, interesting objects that tell us a story. With an emphasis on drawing and illustration this term, we'll be inspired by wonderful illustrators telling our stories with pictures. We’ll give them a new life in a very ZoomArt way. Hone your observational skills and exercise your imagination as we create artworks in pencil, water-colour, ink, acrylics and more.

Art Keys: Lost & Found

Things are not what they seem. Change your point of view and investigate. Look in unexpected places, find interesting objects and give them new life and character. We’ll draw, paint, print, and assemble. The emphasis is on drawing and illustration this term. We’ll extend our skills in using water-colour, goauche, acrylics and ink to create a series of small artworks.

Art Experience: Term #3, 2019

This group class is relaxed with the teaching artist providing input in skills development and guiding experimentation. Our emphasis this term is on drawing, and illustration techniques. Ideal for those who want to build confidence, explore and develop their skills, and experience a variety of media.

Art Play: Term #3, 2019

This group class is for those who want to build confidence and develop their skills and experience a variety of media including watercolour, acrylics and oil paints. It is a relaxed class with the teaching artist providing input in skills development and guiding experimentation.

Term 2, 2019

Scribbers: We Just Want to Have Fun

Join us for fun this term as we create lots of wonderful active art with painting, printing, pasting, sparkles, drawing, clay and more. All the fun of the playground, the fair, the movies the circus and more. We’ll listen to our favourite stories, make dress ups, create circus art and have lots of fun.


Zoomers: On With the Show

Join us for fun and showing off. We’ll create art full of colour with drawing, painting, printing, pasting, moulding, clay and more. We’ll be clowns at the circus, ticket sellers at the fair, performers in a movie and more. Each Zoomers class features observational drawing with each Zoomer having their own drawing.

Art Explorers: There's No Business Like Show Business

Backstage is lots of fun. This term we’ll take our inspiration from the stage, the circus, games and the movies. There are posters to print, cartoons to draw, costumes to design, pictures to paint. Includes an introduction to creating animated characters. Drawing, painting, modelling and printmaking feature this term.

Art Discovery: Behind The Scenes

Come behind the scenes of the movies, the stage and the circus. Lots of drawing, painting and printmaking this term. We’ll design and print posters, create characters for our favourite movies and stories. Includes an introduction to creating animated characters. We’ll dye fabrics for costumes, create a mask, and build a small stage set. Plenty more behind the scenes.

Art Keys: That's Entertainment

Art from behind the scenes at the movies, concerts, games and more inspires us this term. We’ll create characters of our own using a variety of styles and techniques. Learn to cut stencils and print with screens, plates and blocks. Drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media will feature this term.

Art Experience: T2, 2019

Once a week your class allows you to explore your creativity and enable a different mindspace and connect with other creative kids. Relaxed instruction and guided experimentation in a social environment will help build confidence and skill. Explore a range of media around a common theme. This term has an entertainment theme with a choice of styles and techniques. Cut stencils and print with screens, plates and blocks in addition to drawing and painting.

Art Play: Term #2, 2019


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