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By purchasing products from Flying Fox Studios or using this website, the purchaser ("The Customer") agrees to the following terms and conditions of sale:

  • Consumer Guarantees Act 1993: Where the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 apply, these terms will be read subject to the application of that Act, and in the case of any conflict, the provisions of that Act will apply.

  • Business Customers: The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply to business customers (where "business" is as defined by the Act). Business customers agree that where products are purchased for the purpose of a business, the Act does not apply.
  • Limitation of Liability: Flying Fox Studios shall not be liable to the Customer for any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the purchase, use, or performance of products or services, even if Flying Fox Studios has been advised of their possibility. In no case shall the maximum liability exceed the cost of the original order.
  • Refunds: Refunds will be given at the discretion of company management.
  • Addressing: If a product is found to be mis-addressed by Flying Fox Studios, then Flying Fox Studios shall be responsible for the re-delivery, replacement, or refunding of the product. If the Customer is found to have given incorrect or insufficient details, then Flying Fox Studios will not refund or resend the product, and all responsibility for correcting delivery will be borne by the Customer
  • Cancelling Bookings: Flying Fox Studios reserves the right to cancel bookings that we believe to be fraudulent or constitute a misuse or a promotional or marketing activity, or where an error has occurred, including but not limited to errors relating to pricing. Flying Fox Studios reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any student, at its sole discretion, who engages in behaviours, whether intentional or not, that breach our behaviour policy, disrupt the learning of other class members, or impede the teacher's ability to effectively conduct their class or workshop. Additionally, Flying Fox Studios maintains a zero-tolerance policy for any threatening, intimidating, or violent behaviour. Violent, aggressive, or unacceptable incidents on-site will result in the cancellation of an enrollment. Flying Fox Studios reserves the right to cancel an enrollment due to continual late collection at the end of class.
  • Site Access: Flying Fox Studios hereby grants you permission to access, view, and download the content appearing on this site, for personal, non-commercial use only. You agree not to use any device, method, or software to interfere with the proper functioning of this site. Without the expressed written permission of Flying Fox Studios, you may not use any device, method, or software including, but not limited to: spiders, robots, avatars, agents, data mining, gathering or extraction tools, and attempts to probe, scan, or test or breach security and authentication measures.
  • Copyright & Trademarks: You agree that the content you access, view, or download and the software used to create it, remain the property of Flying Fox Studios as defined by Australian and International Intellectual Property Laws, including but not limited to Copyright and Trademark laws. You agree not to modify or alter the content in any way or make it available to any third parties.
  • Communications: By creating an account with Flying Fox Studios, you consent to receiving electronic communications from Flying Fox Studios. These communications will include: account status updates, order status updates, promotional and marketing materials, and other information relating to the service


Flying Fox Studios reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any student, at its sole discretion, who engages in behaviours, whether intentional or not, that breach our behaviour policy, disrupt the learning of other class members, or impede the teacher's ability to effectively conduct their class or workshop. Additionally, Flying Fox Studios maintains a zero-tolerance policy for any threatening, intimidating, or violent behaviour. Violent, aggressive, or unacceptable incidents on-site will result in the cancellation of an enrollment.

  • Workshops: Payment is required in full on booking to secure a place in a workshop.
  • Term Classes: A deposit must be paid to ensure your place in a class. Full fees are due 7 days before classes commence. Flying Fox Studios reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a student where fees are outstanding for more than 14 days after the start of term.
  • Age Recommendations: The age recommendations outlined for classes have been carefully constructed to best group children in an age and developmentally appropriate way. Therefore, it is important that your child be at least the minimum age by the start of the term for the class in which you are enrolling. Flying Fox Studios does not offer out-of-age enrollments; students are required to enroll in the class that matches their age/grade at the current time.
  • Class Enrollment: Although you may join our classes at any time, please register early since class sizes are limited and many fill quickly. If you enroll after the start of the semester, tuition will be prorated accordingly.
  • Teacher Illness: In the event of teacher illness, an alternate teacher will be arranged. If this is not possible, classes will be cancelled and made up at a later date.
  • Make-Up Classes: In the event of child or parent illness, you are welcome to a different class as a makeup lesson during the term. All makeup lessons must be booked in advance and are to be completed by the end of your enrolled unit. A maximum of three make-up classes can be issued per student for each term. Make-up classes must be booked through our office, either via email or by phoning our studio. Online bookings for make-up classes are not available, as these are manually allocated. Please note that your class will still run, despite your absence, and your place is still held in each class even if you do not attend. Therefore, we do not refund or credit any missed classes. Make-up classes are only available in classes as per our current published timetable. Bookings are essential. Up to 3 make-up lessons, per child, can be booked each term. Make-up classes must be used within your enrolled unit. They will not be rolled over to another term or used as a future lesson credit. Make-up classes can be used in the same week of term as your missed class or an alternate week (meaning you might miss a lesson one week and attend two lessons in the same week at another point in the term). Make-up lessons may be booked in advance of your absence. We reserve two places in each class for make-up students. This means that even if a class is listed as booked out, there are two places available for make-up lessons. Make-up lesson spots can fill quickly towards the end of term. Please make sure to book your make-up class in advance if you will need one on the last week or two of term. We cannot guarantee a make-up lesson time will be available to suit your needs. Students can attend a make-up lesson in any term program (Kindermusik, ZoomArt for Kids, Fox Blocks) that is suitable for their age. For example, a Kindermusik student may attend an Art or Fox Blocks class as a make-up. Make-up lessons cannot be used for Holiday Workshops. If you are unable to attend a make-up lesson, you may invite a friend to use your make-up class in your place. If your child misses 3 or more consecutive lessons due to illness or unexpected personal circumstance, you may apply for roll over credit. Medical documentation where appropriate will be required. Credits may not be granted for other reasons. This includes absences due to holidays, exams, school camps, or clashes with other activities. When arriving for your make-up lesson, please check in at our office and pick up a make-up lesson slip. This is to be handed to the teacher at the start of your make-up class.
  • Toilets Protocol: Should the use of toilets be required as part of participation in an activity, the following protocols are to be followed:
  • For a child under school age, the following steps are to be followed:
    • Teacher will call out for a parent/carer at the classroom door, while also observing the students inside the classroom
    • If a parent does not quickly respond to this call or is not on site, the teacher will delegate responsibility to a second staff member to take over. For this reason, Flying Fox Studios requires staff members on site who may be requested to escort a child to the bathroom to hold a valid blue card, or blue card exemption.
    • Staff member will assess the urgency of the situation. At times, circumstances necessitate immediate decision-making, leaving no opportunity to locate a parent or carer if a child urgently requires the use of the bathroom.
    • Should the staff member determine the situation as urgent, indicated by cues such as a child expressing urgency or displaying distress while awaiting their accompanying adult, they will proceed with the following steps:
    • Staff member will check if the bathroom is empty.
    • Staff member will show the child where the bathroom is (at no point entering the bathroom with a child).
    • Staff member will close over the door for the child's privacy.
    • Staff member will immediately seek to locate a parent on site to take over toileting.
    • If no parent is located on site, our staff will wait away from the bathroom door in our kitchen or breezeway area, then take the child back to class when they are ready.
    • Collection Arrangements: Flying Fox Studios Persons will notify Parents and Guardians of collection procedures when students check into class for the first time. Flying Fox Studios Persons must comply with the following procedure: It is desirable that the Flying Fox Studios Person who is in the office supervise an uncollected child/young person in the even of unexpected delayed parents or guardians. This will enable the Flying Fox Studios supervisor or teacher to concentrate on making contact with the parent/guardian/carer of student. Ensure that up to date contact details are maintained for students when parents plan to leave site while lessons are in progress. All students must be collected promptly at the end of their lesson. Flying Fox Studios reserves the right to cancel an enrolment for students frequently collected late from class.

Statement of Commitment: Flying Fox Studios is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who use its services, and is dedicated to protecting them from harm. The organization therefore:

Ensures that all workers treat children and young people with respect and understanding at all times.
Ensures that those who regularly deal with children and young people within the organization undergo the Working with Children Check and hold a positive notice Blue Card (where exemptions do not apply).
Prohibits any forms of abuse against children.
Carefully selects, screens and monitors people whose roles require them to have regular contact with children.
Ensures the organization’s Code of Conduct for Interacting with Children and Young People is promoted, enforced and reviewed.
Provides clear procedures for raising concerns or complaints.
Provides education and/or information on child abuse and child protection.

  • Child Protection Policy: Flying Fox Studios has developed this Policy and Procedure to foster a safe and supportive service environment for children and young people by identifying potential risks of harm to children and young people and implementing strategies to minimize this risk in relation to the activities and the services provided by Flying Fox Studios.


Act means the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000.
Children and young people are individuals under the age of 18 years.
Complainant means the person making a complaint.
Contractors are external providers contracted to provide goods or services, which may include without limitation, teachers who are sole operators or employed by Flying Fox Studios.
Disclosure of harm occurs when a person, including a child and young person, tells a Flying Fox Studios employee/contractor about harm that has happened or is likely to happen.
Harm involves any detrimental effect of a significant nature on the child and young person’s physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing. Harm may be caused by physical, psychological or emotional abuse or neglect or sexual abuse or exploitation. Harm can be caused by a single act, omission or circumstance or a series or combination of acts, omissions or circumstances.
Parents and Guardians means a parent, carer or guardian of a Flying Fox Studios student who is under 18 years of age.
Flying Fox Studios Student means a person under the age of 18 years enrolled in a class or workshop.
Flying Fox Studios Persons means all persons working for or with Flying Fox Studios in classes or workshops.
Suspicion of Harm involves any detrimental effect of a significant nature on the child or young person’s physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing. This may include a concern regarding significant changes in behavior or the presence of new unexplained and suspicious injuries.

Code of Conduct for Interacting with Children and Young People: Flying Fox Studios Persons hold a special position of trust arising out of the unique nature of their work in teaching extracurricular classes and workshops for children and teenagers. To ensure Flying Fox Studios students are kept safe and always protected it is imperative that all Flying Fox Studios Persons strive to establish, build and maintain positive relationships with students, by abiding by the practices and procedures contained in this Policy and Procedure.

Who Must Comply with this Policy and Procedure? This policy applies to all persons working for or with Flying Fox Studios or working at or from the Flying Fox Studios premises, including but not limited to Flying Fox Studios staff, Flying Fox Studios students and Parents and Guardians.

Our Child Protection Policy Includes:

Safe Environment: We provide a safe and secure environment for all children, free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
Screening and Training: All staff undergo thorough screening processes, including being issued with a working with children Blue Card, before working with children.
Code of Conduct: We have a clear code of conduct that outlines appropriate behaviour when interacting with children. This includes guidelines on physical contact, communication, and maintaining professional boundaries.
Reporting and Responding: We have procedures in place for reporting any concerns or suspicions of child abuse or neglect. All reports are taken seriously and investigated promptly, in accordance with legal requirements.
Flying Fox Studios has a clear code of conduct relating to the behaviour of students in class towards other students.
Support and Advocacy: We provide support to children who disclose abuse or neglect, including access to counselling and advocacy services.
Compliance: We comply with all relevant legislation and regulations related to child protection, including the Child Protection Act.

  • Flying Fox Studios is committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive. We are dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect and will take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every child in our care. Please contact our office for a full copy of our child protection policy and procedure if required.
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