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Fox Blocks is an innovative hands on engineering & construction program for kids. Foster skills, knowledge and a love of learning in the areas of construction, engineering, science, math and technology, Fox Blocks is one of Brisbane's longest running STEM focused kids extracurricular activities.

The Fox Blocks curriculum is so much more than one single branch of the STEM tree. Whether it be learning about physics by building a theme park, discovering historical engineering with the wonders of the world, or coding an coded and powered traffic light, Fox Blocks is unique in every way!

In a Fox Blocks class we combine and integrate a wide variety of materials throughout our entire program. The Fox Blocks program uses educational resources such as Lego, Duplo, K’nex, Quadrilla, LittleBits, Fischertechnik, IQ Key, Snap Circuits, Goldieblox and Magformers, as well as a wide variety of everyday materials.

Each Fox Blocks term has a unique theme, often using different resources and different materials from the term prior. This enables kids to explore a wide variety of tools, and discover concepts and understanding as they learn.

The Fox Blocks program is designed for kids from 3.5 years to Grade 7, and is organised in small classes of 6 to 10 children (depending on age).

Fox Blocks is a full early and primary school years curriculum, where students can begin a class when they are 3.5 years of age and continue to Grade 7 without repeating a unit.

The Fox Blocks program builds expertise and confidence for kids who may be tomorrow’s builders, designers, engineers, architects, artists or inventors. Problem solving, planning, sorting, and inventing are skills developed in an atmosphere of fun and encouragement.

'The important thing is to not stop questioning.

Curiosity has it's own reason for existing'

Albert Einstein

STEM Junior Engineering Classes for Kids


What is a STEM program? STEM stands for for Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths, and a STEM program is a  course designed for extending students in these areas. We have developed our Fox Blocks STEM curriculum to reflect our belief that a top quality STEM course covers topics right across the entire field.

Our philosophy of STEM education is all about hands on learning, combining unplugged STEM with physical resources, and integrating technology in a way that is less screen based, and more real world building. We integrate concepts of coding, programming and robotics throughout our program and have fantastic resources to support these areas, however we also believe the 'T' (technology) component of STEM is only a part of the subject as a whole. Students from Grade 2 up will cover at least one robotics unit each year, with other units selected from the multitude of other science, maths, and engineering fields.

We build bridges with lego, we integrate circuits with LittleBits, we construct class room sized roller coasters with K'Nex, we design and build engineering wonders such as a dam wall, a swing bridge, rockets, racing cars and skyscrapers. We have units that discover geology and palaeontology, space research, mining, and many more over the course of our 8 year program.

The Fox Blocks curriculium is so much more than one single branch of the STEM tree. Whether it be learning about physics by building a theme park, discovering historical engineering with the wonders of the world, or coding an arduino powered traffic light, Fox Blocks is unique in every way.

Photography / Social Media Policy

Flying Fox Studios is a business working with children every day, and right from the start we have been committed to protecting the digital footprint of all our students. That's why you won't find any group photos of our classes shared online, unless children remain unidentified or a media release has been authorised. We want to assure you that enrolling your children in our classes means they won't be used for promotional purposes. Adults and carers are more than welcome to take photos of their own child participating in our classes.

In our Fox Blocks STEM program a photo of each child is taken each week to add to their portfolio. These photos are for personal use only, not for any promotional purposes.

Fox Blocks - Build your own adventure

Ground Work - A fun class designed for kids in the pre-prep age bracket (i.e the year before children begin full time schooling). This class offers an early introduction to group work, planning, problem solving and teamwork. This class is suitable for kids who are happy to have their carer wait outside the classroom. This class will have up to 8 children attending. Ground Work is taught by Christine Wong (Monday), Michael Brinkley (Thursday) and Justin Gilfillan (Tuesday & Friday)

Con-Struct - A busy class for junior builders (Prep to Grade 2). This class offers a small class size (up to 8 children) and is designed for kids in their first years of schooling. Kids at this age are just starting to develop the concept of teamwork, and although this is a major key learning area running throughout the Fox Blocks program, it is a specific focus in the Con-Struct class. Construct is taught by Christine Wong (Monday), & Justin Gilfillan (Tuesday to Saturday)

iBuild - A class for thinkers and tinkers (Grades 2 to 4). Our iBuild class is a fun group lesson, with the kids working together to construct, design and engineer lots of different projects. This 3 year program offers 4 different units each year (one for each school term) covering a range of topics from junior robotics, town planning, space, structures, and lots more fun and creative concepts. iBuild in taught by Justin Gilfillan

C-Zone - Our master builders class (Grade 5 to 7). In C-Zone we look at a wide range of topics in quite fine detail. The Kids use complex building materials including K'Nex and Lego Mindstorms NXT to discover and understand the world around them. Small class sizes mean kids don't just sit back and watch the action, everyone takes part in building, designing, and discovering in this class. C-Zone is taught by Justin Gilfillan

At Flying Fox Studios we offer a free trial lesson for all our term classes (Kindermusik, ZommArt for Kids, & Fox Blocks)

Think, explore, create, construct, imagine, design, test, evaluate.  There’s nothing else quite like Fox Blocks!
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