Fox Blocks iBuild

iBuild STEM class
The Thinkers, Tinkers and Makers class

Term 1, 2022
Unit: Lego Machines & Mechanisms

A class for thinkers, tinkers, and makers (Grades 2 to 4). Our iBuild class is a fun group lesson, with the kids working together to construct, design and engineer lots of different projects.

How is an iBuild class structured? A typical iBuild class will see the students working on a project in pairs or small groups over the 60 minute class. During the class there is a short lesson explanation time and a build time. At the end of the lesson the adults are invited into the classroom to explore what the kids have constructed during class, and hear a short summery from the teacher.

How many kids are in a class? There are 8 to 10 children and one educator in an iBuild class.

What materials do you use? As with all our Fox Blocks courses, iBuild uses a mix of resources throughout the 3 year curriculum. Each term has a core resource (usually Lego, K'Nex, or Fischertechnik) and then adds complimentary resources such as LittleBits, Quadrilla, Snap Circuits, Light Stax, Plus Plus, IQ Key, or Magformers.

In Fox Blocks we teach kids that all resources, big or small, simple or complex, are simply a tool to learn how something works. Often the more simple a resource, the more scope there is for design, invention, creativity, and original ideas. In this way we mix and max our resources to suit our projects. This enables kids to use their 'tools' in ways they may not have used before, and to discover new resources they have not seen before.

How long does a class run for? Each class runs for 60 minutes, and each unit is 9 weeks long.

What do the kids take home each week? Each week a photograph is taken of each child with their completed model. Over the term this builds into a portfolio of work that is collected in the final week of each unit. 

What topics are covered in iBuild? iBuild is a 3 year  curriculum, offering 4 different units each year (one for each school term), and covering a range of topics from junior robotics, town planning, space, structures, and lots more fun and creative concepts.

Coming up in 2022 our units will be as follows:

  • Term 1 - Lego Machines & Mechanisms - Mechanical Engineering & Experimentation
  • Term 2 - Engineering Marvels - Civil & Mechanical Engineering
  • Term 3 - Toem Planners - Mechanical & Civil Engineering
  • Term 4 - Technical Revolutions- Inventing & Mechanical Engineering

Where did the Fox Blocks program come from? The Fox Blocks program has been designed and developed by our team of Flying Fox Studios teachers, right here in Brisbane. We have been running the program for over 8 years from our Everton Park studio, and have seen thousands of children attend our classes over the years.

We are passionate about creating a curriculum that focus on all branches of the STEM tree, and not just one part. So throughout our entire Fox Block curriculum you will see all the elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths at play.

Term 1, 2022
Lego Machines & Mechanisms

In this unit, we will gain a solid understanding of simple machines, structures and mechanisms.

We will investigate and experiment with balanced and unbalanced forces, friction, energy, motion, speed and pulling power. We will also begin to measure distance, displacement, time, speed, velocity, and weight as we experiment with student-led modifications to their stock models.

Term 4, 2021

This term we will look at real bridges around the world, learn their history, look at how they were made and then construct them! We will build the Sydney Harbour Arch Bridge, Tower Bascale Bridge, Golden Gate Suspension Bridge, Dames Point Cable-Stayed Bridge, Firth of Forth Cantilever Bridge and more! We will investigate the strength of these bridges and how they hold their load as well as learning a little about their history too.

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Transport Tycoons


Students must meet the correct age / grade requirements for enrolling in a class at Flying Fox Studios. Students enrolling in iBuild during 2020 must be attending Grades 2, 3 and 4 in 2021. This is our standard policy across all classes, programs, and age groups. Students that are Grade 2 age, but attending Grade 1 in 2021 will be able to enrol into this age group in 2022. This is a firm policy, and out of age enrolments will not be accepted.

Fox Blocks is a program unique to Flying Fox Studios. Written by educators and engineers, it combines play based learning for the littlies, instructional learning for the older kids, and lots of teamwork! You wont' find Fox Blocks in any other studio in Australia as it has been especially designed for Brisbane kids by our Flying Fox Studios educational team.

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