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Our Fox Blocks STEM classes use so much more than just bricks to build with! We love Lego (and it is one of our core resources) but we also use a really wide range of resources that are available across the education sector. Just as an artist learns to use all types of paints, papers, brushes and media, we believe a top quality STEM program for kids will offer a resource rich program, exploring the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in a creative and fun way. For lots more pictures of our day to day classes, check out our instagram page that is dedicated to Fox Blocks, and great educational STEM resources we come across.

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Lego Town STEM engineering class
BBlocks Engineering class
BBlocks Engineering class BBlocks Engineering class
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Fox Blocks BBlocks class
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Our Fox Blocks STEM classes for kids use a wide variety of construction materials in class. Much like artists use large and small brushes, a mix of papers, different type of paints and pencils, so to does the Fox Blocks curriculium.

In class we simply view all resources as learning tools, and our teachers guide the lessons using those tools. This means you may see Duplo in our older age groups, electronics in our preschool class, recycled materials in an engineering class, cardboard, tubes, balls, and other items you may not expect to find in an engineering program. This is by design, to build creative thinkers who view all resources as a tool, and can solve problems by thinking 'outside the box'.

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