Fox Blocks Curricular

Term 2, 2020

B Blocks: Where in the World?

The world is such a big place, but with modern technology the other side of our planet is just a click away. Join us this term as we explore different cultures, construction styles, and famous buildings that are renowned the world over. Each week, through literacy, we will investigate construction science, see how some ancient places have embraced new technology, Engineer some unique structures, and begin to understand distance and location on our earth. Where in the world will we visit? Come and find out!

Ground Work: Higher, Stronger, Longer

This term we are challenging limits and setting records as we explore STEM through constructing higher towers, building stronger houses, and making machines go for longer. Each week we will work together in teams to build the tallest, strongest, furthest, largest, and longest solutions to our problems. Combining your imagination with our selection of Lego Duplo, Roominate, Quadrilla, and more as we seek to live out the motto "Altius, Fortius, Diu". Are you up for the challenge?

ConStruct: Built to Play

Have you ever been stuck inside on a rainy day and thought "I'd really like to play on the swings, or on the merry-o-round"? Well, in this unit, we will arm you with all the tools necessary to build your very own indoor play centre! We'll be exploring spinning, swinging, zooming, sliding, balancing, roaring, and turning all in a day's work to build those play things you would find at home, at the park, and in your imagination. Scientific investigation and Mechanical Engineering concepts crossed with everyday play.

iBuild: Junior Robotics: Animal Antics

If you would like a taste of what robotics is all about, and you love working with Lego, then this is the unit for you! This term we will be combining gears, levers, pulleys, sensors, and motors with basic Lego bricks to create robots that we can program and control. From a silent & still crocodile waiting to make his move, to an animal band tuned up and ready to play, each week we'll be telling the story of the animal antics. Junior Robotics lays the foundation of coding and programming with a solid understanding of sequencing and logic. A typical lesson will start with coding concepts, then teams will build the model for the lesson, finishing with programming the model ready to show off to our grown up.

C-Zone: Rolling into Robotics

This term we head into the computer age! Thanks to the programmable brick by Lego [NXT], we will be able to build and program a robot to take simple instructions. We will learn how to program commands into the special brick and incorporate these instructions into the robots we build. This term-long project will engage the mind and stretch the imagination into the future of robotics.

Term 3, 2020

B Blocks: Tool Time


Ground Work: Build me a Story


ConStruct: On the Dinosaur Trail


iBuild: Powered Lego Machines & Mechanisms


C-Zone: Future Tech


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