Fox Blocks Curricular

Term 1, 2019

B Blocks: Hide & Squeak

Join us this term as we extend our imagination by exploring animals through literacy & construction. Each week, we will read a story together, then construct elements from that story. As we build and construct animals, hiding places, and environments this term, we will be highlighting the connections between early literacy and areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics [STEAM] that the students are beginning to explore. Whether we construct an engineered creation, engage and play with science, begin our investigations of numbers, investigate construction technologies, or craft our story, this class is going to be a whole lot of building fun!

Ground Work: Build Me a Story

Once upon a time there was a tale of construction, team work, and problem solving, but the story doesn't end there. We need a team to build some traditional tales from the ground up! Will the story finish the way it does in legend, or will we build an alternate ending? All I have left to say is this is story telling the Fox Blocks way!

ConStruct: Race into Space

Not since the 1960's has there been this much competition to build Space Ships! Join the FFSSA [Flying Fox Studios Space Association] as we construct model rockets and satellites, and blast off into outer space. We will learn about the planets in our solar system and recreate the tension of the moment man set foot on the moon. All this and more as we look to the future of space flight, missions to Mars, and life in outer space!

iBuild: Lego Machines & Mechanisms

In this unit, we will gain a solid understanding of simple machines, structures and mechanisms. We will investigate and experiment with balanced and unbalanced forces, friction, energy, motion, speed and pulling power. We will also begin to measure distance, displacement, time, speed, velocity, and weight as we experiment with student-led modifications to their stock models.

C-Zone: Grand Designs - Lego City Living

Imagine a city build from the ground up. Residential buildings, apartments, shops, and public spaces are just the beginning as we include LittleBits, electronics, and programming into our city to bring it to life. We will investigate the inner workings of traffic lights, lamp posts, and railway crossings to bring them into our model city. The perfect unit for anyone who loves building with Lego, anyone interested in tinkering with electronics, and anyone who sees a future in design, town planning, engineering, construction, and coding. Grand Designs, Lego style.

Term 2, 2019

B Blocks: Tool Time

If you have heard of Bob the Builder, or Handy Manny, you will already have an idea of what 'Tool Time' is all about. Building and constructing with tools, based on literature is how we will engage in STEM this term. We'll check out different professions and the tools they use, as we fill our toolbox full of understanding as we introduce our most junior Engineers to STEM through Literacy.

Ground Work: Awesome Animals

Dinosaurs, farm animals, pets, wild animals. Each week we will learn about different animals and their environments. One week we might solve the problem of how to reach a giraffe with a sore neck, another week we'll design a zoo to make sure that the crocodiles don’t eat the monkeys, and another we will work out how to rescue a lost baby dinosaur from the foot of a volcano. From prehistoric times to the jungles of Africa, this unit is suited both to the adventurous and the caring young engineers, and scientists among us.

ConStruct: Amazing Machines

Machines are big part of our everyday world. This term is all about becoming junior Mechanical Engineers as we investigate some amazing machines. We will learn about machine parts and build contraptions that highlight the various components. We'll begin by using larger scale models to get a handle on how the components integrate within machines, then finish by building smaller scale models to develop our fine motor skills. We’ll have lots of fun as we learn to work together and break down the complexity of machines into the right size chunks for understanding.

iBuild: Engineering Marvels

Join us as we build models of the Eiffel Tower, the Seattle Space Needle, and London's Big Ben. We will learn about the construction technologies of the time, identify strengths and weaknesses of the different structures, and consider the design process that went into creating each of these engineering marvels. Using K'Nex to build these models will develop modelling techniques and building skills that will permeate into free play time at home and school, as well as exposing the students to areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, design and problem solving.

C-Zone: Advanced Machines

Join us this term as we take machines to the next level. With models more intricate than ever before, we will explore the concepts of levers, pulleys, gear ratios, wheels & axles and inclined planes as we build model chain saws, semi-automatic garage doors, elevators, model gear boxes, and more! Taking the concepts we have learned in simple machine units, we will understand how these more complex machines are really just a combination of smaller simple machines!

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