Fox Blocks Curricular

Term 4, 2019

B Blocks: My Backyard

Description TBC

Ground Work: To The Rescue

HELP! Someone's in trouble. We'll need a crack team to help us solve rescue problems this term. We'll build helicopters, planes, and trucks, we'll visit lands far and near, If you're stuck up a tree or down a hole, you have nothing to fear! Plenty of construction, team building, and rescue science to keep your budding rescue engineer busy long after the class has finished.

ConStruct: Moving on Through

We use technology everyday to move things from one place to another. Cars, wagons, trains and trolleys. This term we’ll dive into this STEM unit by conducting Science experiments and understanding the Technology behind movement. We'll Engineer mechanisms to help us move, and see how Maths can be useful for moving materials. We'll build vehicles, paddle boats, wells, marble runs, and steering mechanisms in teams as we play with inclined planes, wheels, axles, chassis, and more. Moving has never been this fun!

iBuild: Technical Revolutions

Embarking on a trail of discovery, this term we will be walking in the footsteps of some great inventors. Samuel Morse, Michael Faraday, and James Watt are just some of the names you will hear as we construct models of some of the most innovative ideas in history! What are you waiting for? It's time to join the revolution!

C-Zone: Lighter than Air

The elusiveness of flight led to some of the funniest inventions known to man, but the desire was such that man's quest to fly like a bird would not be extinguished. Join us this term as we build models from the earliest days of flight, when kites were used in 400BC Chinese celebrations, through the middle ages, when Leonardo Da Vinci was alive in 1480, and into the modern days where great airbusses grace our skies. We'll discover fascinating facts about the most famous fliers and discover the art of flying from bird to machine, so get ready to be carried away!

Term 3, 2019

B Blocks: Where in the World?

The world is such a big place, but with modern technology the other side of our planet is just a click away. Join us this term as we explore different cultures, construction styles, and famous buildings that are renowned the world over. Each week, through literacy, we will investigate construction science, see how some ancient places have embraced new technology, Engineer some unique structures, and begin to understand distance and location on our earth. Where in the world will we visit? Come and find out!

Ground Work: Move It!

This term, we’ll be making things move. Learn about using technology to solve the problems of moving things up, down, and around corners. Whether we are building vehicles to move construction materials, or inspecting inclined planes to make our work easier, this term is sure to get you moving. Chassis, axles, wheels, rails, steering, pulleys, cranes, and so many more ways to build your own adventure.

ConStruct: Building History

From the Romans, who built the first roads, to modern towers that reach to the stars, we have a rich history when it comes to building some of the greatest structures ever known! There have been statues that soared above the townsfolk below and other ancient buildings, like the Pyramids in Egypt & the Great Wall of China, that are still around today! Join us this term as we dive into history, investigate these wonderful structures, and build our little piece of history.

iBuild: Town Planners

Join the fun this term as we put on our Civil Engineering hats to plan and build a town out of Lego. Each week, we will develop a different part of our town, whether it be residential buildings, offices, an airport, shops, or vehicles. As we construct our town, We will build and understand the issues related to town planning as well as the importance of transport, green space, public services, waste control, and entertainment. One week we may be designing something for fun, the next week may be related to waste disposal. Regardless of what we are creating, it will all be important for Fox Town.

C-Zone: Green City

Welcome to the dawning of a new age, where robotics and green energy will come together to form a green city. We will familiarise ourselves with the Lego NXT Robotics set, exploring and enhancing our programming and sensor knowledge before confronting the Green City Challenge. The Green City Challenge will comprise of a number of environmentally focused scenarios, each scenario has real-world implications which we will tackle in small groups. On completion of each scenario, we will collect a special energy brick. The more scenarios we complete, the more energy bricks we will have available to power our Green City!

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