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Calling all Junior Builders Term 3, 2022
Unit: Moving on Through

Our ConStruct program is a busy class for boys and girls who are budding junior engineers (Prep to Grade 2). Kids at this age are just starting to develop the concept of teamwork, and although this is a major key learning area running throughout the Fox Blocks program, it is a specific focus in the ConStruct class.

How does a class work? In a ConStruct class, the kids will work in pairs or small groups to achieve a set task. The task will relate to the overall theme of the term, and the majority of projects will be completed in one lesson.

How many kids in a class? In this age group we will have up to 8 children in each class. This means there is lots of one on one time with our teacher, and plenty of help at hand to solve tricky problems.

What materials do you use? In ConStruct we use a wide variety of educational engineering and construction resources. We mix and match our materials and resources, and use all these tools to solve the problems at hand. Each theme will have a different core resource (primarily Lego or Duplo Education, K'Nex, or Fischertechnik), and then will add in resources such as LittleBits, Superstructs, Snap Circuits, Magformers, Quadrilla, Keva Planks, or Engio).

Itt's important to remember that all resources we use are simply tools to explore and demonstrate concepts. Usually larger pieces are better suited for exploring engineering and science concepts, as the entire project (design, build, construct, test, re-design and evaluate) can be completed within one class.

The more simplistic a resource, the better scope there is for challenge, invention, creative and divergent thinking, and overall a better educational outcome. This philosophy runs through our entire Fox Blocks program, you would be amazed at how much our Grade 7 kids love a lesson here and there that includes a bit of Duplo!

How long does the class go for? A ConStruct class runs for 45 minutes.

What do the kids take home each week? Each week the children will have a photo taken with their creation, which is then printed on a lesson information card. These build into a portfolio of work over the course of the term, with the kids able to look back and see all their creations they have build during their time in ConStruct.

What topics do you cover in ConStruct? Altogether there are 10 different ConStruct units, with a different unit run for each term of the year. The topics covered include space, aerodynamics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electricity, early physics, inventions, dinosaurs, and energy and motion.

Where did the Fox Blocks program come from? The Fox Blocks program has been designed and developed by our team of Flying Fox Studios teachers, right here in Brisbane. We have been running the program for almost 8 years from our Everton Park studio, and have seen thousands of children attend our classes over the years.

We are passionate about creating a curriculum that focus on all branches of the STEM tree, and not just one part. So throughout our entire Fox Block curriculum you will see all the elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths at play.

Who teaches the ConStruct classes? Currently all our construct classes are taught by Flying Fox Studios directer and Mechanical Engineer Justin Gilfillan.

Children must meet the minimum Grade requirement before enrolling in a class at Flying Fox Studios. This is our standard policy across all classes, programs, and age groups. This class is for children who are currently attending Prep, Grade 1 or Grade 2 (or home school equivalent).

Term 3, 2022 Unit: Moving on Through
We use technology everyday to move things from one place to another. Cars, wagons, trains and trolleys.

This term we’ll dive into this STEM unit by conducting Science experiments and understanding the Technology behind movement.
We'll Engineer mechanisms to help us move, and see how Maths can be useful for moving materials.

We'll build vehicles, paddle boats, wells, marble runs, and steering mechanisms in teams as we play with inclined planes, wheels, axles, chassis, and more.

Moving has never been this fun!

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A Guide to Enrolment

All classes at Flying Fox Studios are run on an opt-in basis for every new term or unit. All places are offered on a first come, first served basis, each term. Current students need to re-enrol to secure a spot for the following term. Due the popularity of certain age groups, some classes will fill very quickly when a new enrolment period opens.

Our enrolment policy enables students to change class days and times between terms if needs be, new students to join a class, students to move up an age group in between terms, as well as enabling students to take a term off, without losing their place for the year. 

We do offer a free trial class, however a free trial booking does not reserve a spot in a class for the term. We recommend students interested in this age group attend a trial class in the term prior to the one they wish to enrol into (i.e come along for a trial lesson in Term 3, with a view to enrolling early when bookings open for Term 4). Free trial classes must be booked through out office. In this age group parents are asked to wait outside the classroom while the lesson is in progress.

Children must meet the minimum age requirement before enrolling in a class at Flying Fox Studios. This is our standard policy across all classes, programs, and age groups. This class is for children who are currently attending Prep, Grade 1 or Grade 2 (or home school equivalent). Children starting Prep in 2021 will be able to join this class from Term 1 2021.


Fox Blocks is a program unique to Flying Fox Studios. Written by educators and engineers, it combines play based learning for the early childhood, instructional learning for the older kids, and lots of teamwork! You wont' find Fox Blocks in any other studio in Australia as it has been especially designed for Brisbane kids by our Flying Fox Studios educational team.

Con Struct

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