WeePlay Wednesday - A play morning for kids and their grown ups.

WeePlay Wednesday begins from 10am. WeePlay sign-in will be available from 9:50am. We appreciate if families do not arrive earlier than 9:50am as we will be still setting up the mornings activities during this time.

WeePlay Wednesday


We would love for you and your little ones to join us for our casual morning session, WeePlay Wednesday. Designed for families with children under school age, WeePlay Wednesday is a fun, educational, sensory, creative, and explorative play session. Similar to a traditional playgroup, but with a Flying Fox Studios creative twist.

Our weekly WeePlay Wednesday session is scheduled from 10am to 11:30am each Wednesday morning during our term (week 2 to 9 of the regular state school term), and is facilitated by our wonderful educators Marnie, Christine, Justin and Marianne.

Each week our theme will change, and our educators will encourage children and adults to participate together in fun experiences.

Sessions are drop in, low cost, and use some of our fantastic non consumable resources, such as blocks, sand, water play, parachute play, ice, puppets and more.

WeePlay Wednesday Tips:

  • Wet Weather: WeePlay Wednesday is both an indoor and outdoor play session. During wet weather our activities are limited due to space consideration. Please do not arrive before the 10am start time if the weather is wet, as we have limited indoor waiting space before 10am. 
  • Hot Weather: WeePlay makes use of our outdoor play area, indoor playrooms and one air-conditioned class room. Some outside play equipment / surfaces may get hot in the sun and it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to check these surfaces before allowing play. We also request children wear shoes outside during the hot months between October to April. Much of our outdoor space is in shade, and activities will be placed under shade, however please bring a hat and sunscreen.
  • WeePlay sessions do not run during the first week of a new school term, or during school holidays.
  • Large groups: We love when local parents groups visit us on WeePlay Wednesday. If you have a group of over 10 people attending together, please let us know in advance.
  • Morning tea: We do not provide morning tea, however please feel free to bring your own along. Please keep any snacks nut free. Complimentary coffee, tea & water are available in our parents kitchen.
  • Please don't bring your own toys. We have plenty of resources to share with all the kids attending.
  • Adults are required to be within arms reach and actively supervising  their own children.

How is WeePlay Wednesday different to enrolling in a term program?

WeePlay Wednesday is very different to our Kindermusik, Art, and Fox Blocks classes for under school age kids. In our enrolled term programs, all classes are teacher led in every activity, with specific educational and learning outcomes in each and every lesson. A class environment is completely a different experience for children than a free play session.

In a WeePlay Wednesday session, activity stations will be set in various locations around our studio. Our lead educators will be in the background, and will set up and pack away each activity station. They will encourage you (as carer) as you take inspiration from our set up and enjoy a special time with your child.

Our teachers are simply there to inspire your play, and provide some wonderful resources for you to enjoy together. We use non consumable resources, and play time is open ended and unstructured. There is also a story time each week to close our session.


Why have we created this session?

We believe that strong, supportive, and creative communities make an ideal village in which to raise our kids. We also know how crucial social and unstructured play is in the cognitive development of a child.


Over the many years we have been working in the area of specialised extracurricular children's activities, our society has changed significantly. With the increasing availability of handheld technology, and screen entertainment, in our extremely busy lives it can be hard to stop and just play. We have been observers to a change in the way adults and very young children play together, and would like to offer an additional opportunity for a dedicated play time together.



What age is WeePlay Wednesday best suited for? WeePlay Wednesday is designed for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their grown ups. Differentiated age appropriate activity options will be available for different stages.




Can I book in advance? No, this activity is designed as both casual and drop drop in. For safety and comfort reasons, we do have a cap on the number of children who can attend each week, particularly in wet weather when our outdoor space is closed.




Do you offer this session any other day?
No. WeePlay Wednesday is a session we have chosen to include at our studio as our response to a need we see within our local area. This session is subsidised each and every week through funds from our small children's creative shop, as well as our core business of creative extracurricular children's education. Our teachers are professional educators, are not volunteers, and as such one session a week is all our funds allow for. By supporting our children's classes and creative store shopping small and local really does make a difference!

I am a family daycarer/ nanny, can I also attend?
We welcome carer's to come along and enjoy our WeePlay Wednesday sessions. If bringing several children along you will need to make sure all children are under your direct supervision and in your immediate eyesight at all times.


WeePlay Wednesday 2019


Term 3 2019

  • July 24th - Session 1
  • July 31st - Session 2
  • August 7th - Session 3
  • August 14th - Ekka Holiday - NO WEEPLAY
  • August 21st- Session 4
  • August 28th Session 5
  • September 4th - Session 6
  • September 11th - Session 7
  • September18th - Session 8 (Final session for Term 2)
Cost: $5.00 per family each week.




WeePlay Wednesday

WeePlay Wednesday

WeePlay Wednesday

WeePlay Wednesday

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WeePlay Wednesday


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