Workshop FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Flying Fox Studios School Holiday Workshops

  • Can I stay in the classroom with my child?

With consideration to the needs of all students attending our workshops, we require that parents and carers wait outside the classroom teaching space during our school holiday workshops. We have ample waiting space for adults just outside the doors of both our classrooms.

Sometimes it may be necessary for a carer to remain in the classroom for a time if a child is anxious about the new setting. This is completely understandable! If this is needed our teachers will allow an adult to stay inside the classroom for a short period, while a child is settled into the workshop. Any adults in the classroom will need to remain in the designated adult space, outside the main teaching space and at the back of the classroom.

Any concerns? no problem at all. Please just let us know at least 24 hours before you come along to your workshop and we can organise an individual transition plan.

  • Where is Flying Fox Studios located?
Flying Fox Studios is located at 751 South Pine Rd Everton Park. As there are many different South Pine Roads in the area, we recommend locating the corner of Barton St and South Pine Rd and you will find us easily.
  • How long does each workshop run for?
Each workshop runs for 90 minutes. Children must be supervised at all times by their adult in the time between any booked workshop sessions.
  • When do you require payment?
Payment for workshops is required at the time of booking. If booking online payment must be made within 20 minutes of workshop selection otherwise your booking will automatically expire and your place will not be reserved.
  • The workshops I would like is not showing 'booked out' but will not let me book all my children in.
Each workshop has limited places available, and our website will only show a workshop as booked out when all places are filled. You will not be able to book more places than are available. Eg. if you are trying to book a workshop and you can enrol your first child, but not your second then that means there is only one place left.
  • I can't see any workshops, when are they listed?
Workshop timetables and descriptions are available on our website the day bookings open, usually around 5 weeks or so before the scheduled workshop period.
  • Do parents stay during the workshop, or simply drop off and pick up?

Grown ups are welcome to wait on the premises in one of our lovely lounge rooms. We have a small selection puzzles and toys for little ones to play with, work desks with charging points if required, and a big backyard area to wait in.

Adults are not permitted into the teaching space while a workshop is in progress.

Carers are also welcome to leave the premises after the children have started their workshops. If a carer does leave the premises, they are expected to be contactable by phone, and return to our studio at least 5 minutes before the scheduled finish time for the workshop. Carers running late must contact Flying Fox Studios staff to notify them before the workshop has concluded.

  • Do you offer supervision between workshops?

No, we do not offer supervision of children between sessions. All children are required to be supervised by their adult while using our waiting areas before, during, and after a class. When arriving on our premises, students will need to be signed into their workshop. They must then be supervised by their adult until their workshop is called, and they enter a classroom. Although our teachers will call a workshop start in all our waiting spaces, it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to make sure children are brought to their classroom at the scheduled start time. Children are not permitted in any of our waiting areas without adult supervision.

  • My plans have changed, can I get a refund or credit?

We get it, plans change! For this reason Flying Fox Studios offers a workshop credit for any cancelled booking that has been requested with 7 or more days notice. For cancellations less than 7 days before the scheduled workshop, a credit will only be given if we have been able to re-book your spot at short notice. Refunds are available for extenuating circumstances only. For events outside the control of Flying Fox Studios (such as workshop cancellation due to teacher illness) a credit will be given for a future class.

  • Can I change to a different workshop?

If you would like to change to a workshop during the same week then simply phone us and we will transfer your booking. Workshops are very popular so any transfer is subject to availability. Workshop transfers must be within the same scheduled week, and cannot be held in credit until a future workshop period.

  • My child is outside the age range listed on the workshop , can they still come along?

Our booking system offers a 4 week age grace period for students close to the minimum and maximum age range for each class. For example if you child turns 4 the week following the workshop you will be able to register them. If your child is outside this grace period then they not be able to register for the class. Our age recommendations are set by experienced teachers and are designed with workshop content, length, and skills required in mind.

Flying Fox Studios offers the same age based enrolment policy across all programs, for students of all abilities. Every class we run has students with a wide range of abilities, our studio offers classes grouped by age. Our experienced educators will differentiate the content within a class for students will different abilities, however all students need to be within the set age limit for the class.

  • Is there pram / wheelchair access?
Yes, both classrooms can be accessed by a pram and wheelchair. 
  • I don't have a credit card, how can I book a workshop?

Simply phone us and we can supply direct deposit details, or visit our studio during our regular hours and pay via cash or eftpos.

  • I didn't receive an activation link for my account, what can I do?

Please check your junk mail folder, it's often found in there! If you still can't find us then simply phone or email us and we can activate your account for you.

  • Who teaches each workshop?
Our Workshops are taught by our regular Flying Fox Studios term educators including Janet Stone, Justin Gilfillan,  and Christine Wong. If you would like to know who is scheduled for a particular workshop, then please contact our office staff and we can let you know.
 Studio Address: 749-753 Southpine Rd Everton Park
(Crn Barton St & South Pine Rd)
Phone: 07 3855 1528