Winter 2024 Workshop Descriptions

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Winter 2024 Workshops

Workshop Title
Descriptions for Winter 2024 STEAMKids® School Holiday Workshops
A Painted City of Dreams 4 to 7 years In the city of dreams anything is possible. Draw, paint and craft your own city artwork inspired by the quirky artist Friedrich Hundertwasser. Full of bright colours, it’s sure to be fun. Take home a piece of art ready for framing.
A Winters Tale 6 to 12 years An art based workshop inspired by wonderful stories and pictures from frozen worlds. Use lots of whites, greys and silvers to make a wonderful 3D artwork, matted and ready for framing.
Acrylic Canvas: Turtle Art 8 to 14 years An art based workshop for those who like to draw and paint. We’ll learn to draw turtles from different angles, then choose your best. Paint up your canvas with cool ocean colours. We’ll paint our turtles using acrylic paints and a variety of brushes. Take home a beautiful restful canvas artwork full of swimming turtles.
Archaeology Rocks Egypt 5 to 10 years So much history contained in one location. Great Pyramids reaching to the sky with tunnels and treasures buried underneath. This is one workshop where archaeology, geology, and engineering collide in the shadow of a truly great, and lasting, ancient wonder. Are you ready to rock Egypt?
Can We Fix It? 4 to 7 years Yes we can! We'll need all the help we can, so after we finish our tool box we'll get-work fixing all the problems we can find! There will be malfunctioning machines and defective devices, so make sure you come with all your parts well oiled and your head screwed on straight. We can't let the tools have all the fun!
Drawn to Art: Enchanted Forest 6 to 12 years A story calls to be told. Enter the enchanted forest and get ready to draw. Your artwork will build layer by layer. Use of a variety of drawing tools; pens, pencils, markers, charcoal and graphite to build a dimensional artwork suitable for shadow box framing.
Fairy Caravan Cottage 4 to 7 years The fairies are planning a holiday and are decorating their tiny home. A classic small world workshop for crafty fairy fans. Inside our box caravan we’ll add all the comforts of home for our little friends including tiny beds, furniture, a rug and more. Take home your caravan and wait for the fairies to visit.
Glass Art: Winter Fox 10 to 15 years For fans of Anime style art. These artworks are amazing to display. Choose and draw up your winter fox then transfer your design to a glass panel. Choose your colours. This workshop will take you through the process and techniques of painting on glass. Take home your framed glass artwork.
Grand Designs: Minecraft 6 to 12 years Every grand endeavour begins by placing a block. In this crafty off-line workshop for the designers, builders, and minecrafters amongst us, we will lay out our grand plan and raise a roof fit for a villager. Architecture, modelling, and scale combine as we create the grandest minecraft-inspired designs we can imagine!
Hand-Building Clay Bowls 8 to 12 years This workshop is an introduction to hand building with clay. Learn 3 different methods for making a bowl shape - making coils, pinch pots and moulding over a bowl form. Add pattern with leaves. Note Students will use a variety of clays. This workshop does not include kiln firing or glazing.
Incredible Earth 6 to 12 years Do you want to to explore the wonders of our planet? Come to this workshop where where curiosity meets discovery! Volcanoes, minerals, mountains, waterfalls, and so much more that our incredible planet has to offer. From beauty and wonder, to destruction and devastation, we will experiment, craft, and dive deep into the heart of Earth's marvels.
Lego Challenge: On the Move 5 to 10 years Are you up for a challenge? This Lego workshop is is all about making planes, trains, automobiles, and anything that moves. Whether it's wings or wheels, you'll have to work within the challenge rules to make your mark. When we are done, we'll test our vehicles and see who has the fastest machine. Can you go the distance?
Lego Engineer: Lunar Outpost 6 to 12 years Take your brick building into uncharted territories with a Lego Engineering workshop that is out of this world. We'll begin by sculpting a lunar landscape, then develop our building technique to make our creations fit the environment. We'll need to make sure our outpost is air-tight, that we have a good source of food, somewhere to sleep, and a system to protect the Earth from invading aliens. Whether you are a beginner with Lego or a black-belt builder, you will surely leave with new ideas for use with your own Lego collections.
Lego Olympic Dreams 6 to 12 years It's time. Every 4 years the best in the world come together to compete for Gold. Whether it's track & field, cycling, gymnastics, swimming, or boating, it's electrifying, explosive, exciting, and often dramatic. In this workshop for the Lego loving Olympic fans amongst us, we will hunt for the perfect pieces to craft our own Olympic memories, venues, live sites and more. But will the stadium be finished in time for the Opening Ceremony?
Light up the Night: Wax & Paper 6 to 12 years Paper lanterns and candles will bring soft light to your winter nights. Make a colourful tie dye look paper lantern, a traditional sculptural paper lantern and your own scented candle. Be guided through these simple projects step by step. Fill your winter nights with light.
Moss Bowl Garden 8 to 14 years Make a miniature garden in a bowl and it will be green all year round. Prepare the soil, add rocks, maybe a bridge or seat and your soft green moss. This is a tiny garden you will be able to look after easily. Find a shady spot or bring it inside.
Pets of Paris 5 to 10 years Cats and dogs of all kinds go with their owners everywhere in Paris. This is a classic art and craft workshop for young artists with a Parisian twist. Choose your pet and we’ll paint their portraits out and about in Paris.
Pinball Science 8 to 14 years Normally, when you play a game of pinball, you have only a single ball to keep track of. That is, until you hear those magical words "Multi-Ball" and we find the point where Fun meets Physics. We'll play plenty of pinball with a surplus of science and a constant chance of collisions. So much we can learn from a simple pinball.
Planes to the Rescue 4 to 7 years When the alarm sounds, you know the rescue crew are on the case. Spring into action as only the brave know how and make sure you have the right plane for the rescue. We'll solve problems, build flying machines, learn about the brave people who fly into a rescue, and save the day.
Power House 6 to 12 years If you are interested in harnessing our natural resources and moving towards a more sustainable way of living? Well, that's what the Power House has in store for any who dare to dream. Construction materials and methods, energy sources, and a renewable future are all in your hands. Come and build a power house, then light it up.
Retro Design & Draw: Music Art 10 to 15 years For those who love to draw. Using pencils and markers and paint pens, this workshop has a retro theme featuring musical instruments set in the style of 60s and 70s album cover art. Explore a range of blending techniques for creating amazing multicoloured artworks. Learn about proportion and perspective when drawing objects. Classic.
Sandpit Science 4 to 7 years Today, we are bringing the sandpit inside to Engineer, Create, make, and discover the science of the sandpit. There is so much more to sand than meets the eye, and this workshop will begin to open your eyes to the truth. Sand art, sand moulding, and sand experiments are just the beginning of what is sure to be the start of something sand-a-riffic.
Sky High Science 6 to 12 years Join us as we unravel the mysteries of the air through exciting experiments, dizzying demonstrations, and interactive fun. Take to the sky as we float, spin, and blast off into space, discovering the wonders of flight. Get in quick because this workshop is your ticket to fly!
Stunt Park After Dark 6 to 12 years The sun has gone down and all is quiet…. but not for long! There will soon be sounds, lights, and squeals of delight as the stunt park comes alive. We’ll build tracks, loops, jumps, tricks, food stalls, minifigure seating, and more as we practice stunts that will thrill and excite. Hot Wheels cars and Lego have never had so much fun together!
Super Science Sleuths 5 to 10 years Do you think of yourself as a puzzle solver? Can you see through the layers of a story to a solution? Do I have a challenge for you! We will investigate evidence, understand how forensic scientists operate, and work together to solve a super mystery.
Teddy Bears Marching Band 4 to 7 years If you are looking for a bear-y good time these holidays, then come and join the marching band. You can expect music, craft, dancing, and a whole lot of marching as we tune up for the big parade. We'll investigate instruments, move with maracas, and bounce to the beat following Mr Bears' steady, musical feet.
The Shark Art Show 5 to 10 years These magnificent ocean creatures are fascinating subjects for our Art Show. We’ll create a variety of artworks including a drawing with water soluble graphites, painting on canvas and a small model with air drying clay.
The Unicorn's Garden Market 4 to 7 years Welcome to the Unicorns’ garden market which sells the most amazing things. Our unicorn friends are setting up their stalls. Flowers, gifts, jewellery, and more. This is a classic art and craft based workshop making things for our stalls. Come along, make and shop. Take home your homemade gifts.
Watercolour Birdlife 8 to 14 years Watercolour is perfect for painting birds. Choose from selection of birds, pre-drawn onto quality watercolour paper. Develop your painting skills using this interesting medium as you learn how to capture colour, light, texture and movement.
Winter Sparkle & Grow 4 to 7 years Art and craft for those makers who like sparkle. With a frosty wintery theme we'll create a sparkly canvas artwork and add glow in-in-the-dark paints. This will include open ended activities for those who like to use a wide variety of shiny and sparkly materials.
* Workshop contains a food ingredient (not necessarily for eating, but for experiments or artwork also) and may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


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